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Part 1. Childhood. Vol. 1. Awakening

42. Isidora-8. The Key of Gods

Anna rapturously fixed her glittering eyes on Sever as if he could bring us salvation... But gradually the sparkles of hope in them began to fade away as the expression on his face told her: no matter how strongly he wished it, for some reason there would be no help.

– You do want to help us, don’t you? Tell me, you do wish to help us, Sever.

Anna peered into our eyes, as if wishing to be certain that we get her right. It was beyond her comprehension. Her pure and honest heart was unable to understand the fact that someone could but did not want to save us from a hideous death...

– I am sorry, Anna. I can not help you. – Sever pronounced sadly.

– But, why?!! Don’t you really feel sorry that we are going to die? Why, Sever?!

– Because I DON’T KNOW how to help you. I don’t know how to kill Caraffa. I don’t have the necessary "weapon" to get rid of him.

Still not wishing to believe, Anna insistently continued to ask.

– And who does know how to beat him? Someone has to know! In fact he is not the strongest one! Even grandad Isten is much stronger than he is! Right, Sever?

It was amusing to hear how matter-of-factly she called a human being such as Volkhv Isten "grandad". Anna took them as a faithful and kind family, in which all take care of each other and value each other’s precious life.

Regrettably they were not this kind of family. Volkhvs led their own different and isolated life. Anna just did not understand it yet.

– Only White Volkhv knows it, dear. Only he can help you.

– If that is so, then why has not he helped us yet?! Mother was there, right? Why did he not help?

– I am sorry, Anna. I can not answer this question. I don’t know...

Here I could not keep silence anymore!

– But you explained that to me Sever! What has changed since then?

– Probably me, my friend. I think you’ve changed something in me. Go to White Volkhv, Isidora. He is your only hope. Go, before it is too late.

I did not answer. Besides, what could I say? That I don’t believe that White Volkhv would help? That I don’t believe that he would make an exception for us? It was true, he would not! That was why I did not want to go begging. Maybe it was selfish or unreasonable, but I could not do anything about myself. I did not want to ask for help from a father who had betrayed his beloved son once... I did not understand him and was in total disagreement with him. In fact he COULD have saved Radomir but he did not want to... I would give a lot for a chance to save my dear brave girl, but unfortunately, I did not have it.

Even keeping their most precious treasure (KNOWLEDGE), Volkhvs had no right to harden their hearts to the extent where they forgot about simple human mercy and destroyed any compassion they may once have had in their hearts! They converted themselves into cold and soulless "librarians" who piously protected their library. But the following question arises: did they remember, when immuring themselves in their proud silence, just WHO this library was intended FOR? Did they remember that our Great Ancestors left their KNOWLEDGE to help their grandchildren save our wonderful Earth? Who gave the White Volkhv the right to decide on his own when it would be exactly the time to open the doors?

It always seemed to me that those who our ancestors called Gods would not allow their best sons and daughters to die only because the "correct" time had not came yet! If the black forces slaughter all the enlightened, there will be nobody to understand the content of the library...

Anna watched me attentively, probably hearing my sad thoughts. Adult and severe understanding lived in her kind radiant eyes.

– We will not go to him, mother. We will try on our own. – Tenderly smiling, my brave girl pronounced. – In fact we still have some time left, right?

Sever looked at Anna with surprise but, on seeing her resolution, did not utter a word.

But Anna had already switched her attention and admiringly observed the riches that surrounded us in Caraffa’s divine treasure-house.

– Wow, what is it?! Is it really the Pope’s famous library? Have you often visited it, mother?

– No, dear. I’ve been here just several times. I wanted to know about some wonderful people and, for some reason; the Pope let me do it.

– Do you mean the Cathars? – Anna asked calmly. – They did know a lot, didn’t they? However, they failed to survive. Earth was always very cruel... Why is it so, mother?

– It was not Earth that was cruel, my sun. It was people. But how do you know about the Cathars? I never taught you about them.

Anna’s pale cheeks blazed with "pink" embarrassment.

– Oh, forgive me, please! I "heard" what you were talking about and was interested very, very much! Therefore I listened. Please, forgive me. In fact there was nothing personal in it, so I thought that you would not be offended...

– Of course! Only why do you need such pain? We’ve had enough of what the Pope does to us, have we not?

– I want to be strong, mother! I don’t want to be afraid of him, like the Cathars were not afraid of their killers. I want you to be proud of me! – Anna said, lifting her head with dignity.

The strength of my daughter’s spirit surprised me every day! Where did she get so much courage to resist Caraffa? What moved her proud passionate heart?

– Do you want to see anything else? – Sever softly asked. – Or it will be better that I leave you alone for some time?

– Oh, please Sever, tell us more about Magdalena! And tell us how Radomir died. – Anna asked enthusiastically and then quickly turned to me and added: – if you don’t mind, mother, dear.

Of course, I did not! On the contrary, I was ready for everything, if only to distract her from thoughts about our nearest future.

– Please, tell us, Sever! It’ll give us strength to stand to the end. Tell us what you know, my friend...

Sever nodded and we again found ourselves in somebody's strange unknown life... in somebody's long time ago lived and abandoned past. We found ourselves in a quiet spring evening saturated with southern smells. In the distance the sunset still blazed with the last specks of light, although the tired sun had already set a long time ago to rest till tomorrow, when it will begin its daily circular journey again.

Unusually enormous stars were gradually kindling in the quickly darkening velvet sky. The surrounding world was calmly preparing to sleep, being interrupted now and then by the offended cry of a lonely restless bird or by the sleepy bark of the local dogs showing their tireless vigilance. As for the rest, the night seemed still, tender and quiet... And only two persons stayed awake, sitting in the garden behind a high clay wall. They were Jesus Radomir and his wife Mary Magdalena... It was their last night... before the crucifixion.

Maria was silent, nestling to her husband and putting her tired head onto his chest. She wanted to say so many things to him! She wanted to say so many important things while there was still time! But she could not find the words. All words have been already said. And they all seemed senseless, unworthy of these last precious moments.

In vain she tried to persuade Radomir to leave the alien land. He refused. It was so inhumanly painful! The world was quiet and protected, but she knew – it would not be like this when Radomir went away... Everything will be empty and cold without him... She asked him to reconsider... She asked him to come back to his far away Northern country or at least the Valley of Magicians to start everything from the beginning.

She knew that wonderful people were waiting for them in the Valley of Magicians. They all were gifted. There they could build a new and light world, just as Volkhv John had assured her. But Radomir did not want to... He did not agree. He wished to sacrifice himself in order that the blind could see the light... It was exactly the task which his Father, White Volkhv, placed on his strong shoulders... And Radomir did not wish to retreat... He wanted to be understood... by the Israelites, even at the price of his own life.

None of his nine friends, the faithful knights of his Spiritual Temple, agreed with him. None wished to give him into the hands of the executioners. They did not want to lose him. They loved him too much...

But the day came when, submitting to Radomir’s adamant will, his friends and his wife (against her will) swore not to interfere in what would be going on... not to try to save him no matter what would happen. Radomir hoped that, on seeing the inevitability of his death, people would at last understand, would see the light and would manifest their own wish to save him, despite the distinctions of their faith or lack of understanding.

But Magdalena knew that it would not happen. She knew that this evening would be the last for them.

Her heart broke to pieces, hearing his even breathing, feeling the warmth of his hands, seeing his concentrated face unshadowed by the slightest doubt. He was unconditionally confident in his rightness. And she could do nothing, no matter how strongly she loved him, how furiously she tried to convince him that those, for whose sake he was going to die a terrible death, were absolutely not worthy of him and his sacrifice.

– Promise me one thing, my light one. If they manage to destroy me, you will go Home. – Suddenly Radomir demanded very insistently. – You’ll be safe there and you’ll be able to teach. The Knights Templar will come with you, they swore to me. You’ll take Vesta. You’ll be together. I shall visit you, you know that. You do you know that, don’t you?

And here Magdalene finally exploded... She could not bear it anymore... Yes, she was the most powerful Magician. But in this frightful moment she was just a fragile loving woman who was about to lose her most beloved human being in the world.

Her faithful pure heart did not understand HOW Earth could to give its most gifted son to be brutally tortured and then killed? Was there any sense in this sacrifice? She was absolutely certain that there was none whatsoever. She was accustomed to the endless (sometimes hopeless!) fight since she was a child, but now Magdalene was unable to understand this absurd and wild sacrifice! Neither her heart nor her mind could accept blind obedience to fate, just in the vain hope of somebody's possible "awakening"! These people (the Israelites) lived in their isolated world, dead shut for others. The fate of a "stranger" did not bother them. And Maria knew – they would not help, just as she knew that Radomir’s death would be senseless and in vain. And nobody could bring him back, even if he wanted. It would be too late to change anything...

– Why don’t you understand me? – Radomir suddenly askd, eavesdropping on her sad thoughts. – If I don’t try to awaken them, they will destroy the future. Do you remember what Father told us? I must help them! Or at least I have to try.

– Tell me, you failed to understand them, right? – Magdalena whispered, tenderly stroking his hand. – Just as they failed to understand you. How can you help people, if you don’t understand them?! They think by way of different Runes... if these are Runes at all. It is that they are different people, Radomir! Their mind and heart are unknown to us. No matter how hard you try, they will not hear you! They don’t need your Faith, just as they don’t need you. Look around, my Joy. It is an alien home! Your land calls you! Leave, Radomir!

But he did not want to countenance defeat. He wished to prove to himself and others that he did everything he could. So no matter how hard she tried, she could not save Radomir. Regrettably she perfectly knew it…

It was already the middle of the night... The old garden, buried in the world of smells and dreams, was cosily silent, enjoying the time of freshness and coolness. The world around Radomir and Magdalene slept carefree, having no presentiment of anything dangerous or bad. Only Magdalene felt that somebody pitiless and indifferent stood right behind her and chuckled gloatingly... It was Fate... inexorable and threatening … It gloomily looked at a fragile tender woman who it still failed to break by troubles or pain...

In order to protect hersef from all this, Magdalene clung with all her might and main to the old recollections, as if she knew that only they could keep her fevered brain from complete and irretrievable "black-out".

The darling years she spent with Radomir still lived in her tenacious memory... It seemed to her that it was such a long time ago! Or was it yesterday? It did not matter now – tomorrow he would cease to exist and their life together would indeed be just a recollection…

HOW could she accept it?! HOW could she do nothing, when her only love and dearest human being on Earth was going to die?!!

– I want to show you something, Maria, – Radomir whispered.

He moved his hand to his chest and took out ... a miracle!

A bright pulsating emerald light shone through his long thin fingers! The light seemed to be alive. It became stronger, filling the dark night space…

Radomir opened his palm. An amazingly beautiful green crystal reposed on it...

– What is it??? – Magdalene also whispered, as if being afraid to frighten it off.

– This is the Key of Gods – Radomir answered calmly. – Look, I’ll show you...

I was granted a permission to tell about the Key of Gods by the Wanderers. I had the honour of meeting them twice in June and August, 2009 in the Valley of Magicians. The information about the Key of Gods has never been given openly before.

The crystal was material and at the same time truly magic. It was cut out of a very beautiful stone which looked like an unusually transparent emerald. But Magdalena felt that it was something much more sophisticated than a simple jewel, be it the purest one. It was diamond-shaped, elongated and the size of Radomir’s palm. Every facet was fully covered by unknown Runes, apparently more ancient than those which Magdalena knew...

– What does it "say", my joy? And why I don’t know these Runes? They slightly differ from those which the Volkhvs taught us. Where did you get it?

– Once it was brought to Earth by our wise Ancestors, our Gods to create the Temple of Eternal Knowledge here. – Thoughtfully looking at the crystal, Radomir began. – It was brought to help the worthy Children of Earth to find Light and Truth. It was this crystal that engendered on Earth the caste of Volkvs, Veduns, Vedunias, Darinias and other enlightened beings. It was a source of KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING for them and a pattern for creating Meteora. Later, when leaving forever, Gods entrusted this Temple to people, bequeathing it to them to keep and protect it, as they would protect the very Earth. And the Key of the Temple was given to Volkhvs to prevent it from getting to the "Thinking Dark" and their destroying of Earth.

Since then Volkhvs have kept this miracle for centuries. From time to time they pass it to the worthiest one to prevent the order and faith of our Gods from betrayal by a casual "keeper".

The prophet Joshua's last supper ...
The prophet Joshua's last supper
The Institution of the Euxarist, USA

– Is it the Grail, Sever? – I could not help asking.

– No, Isidora. The Grail was never what this amazing Clever Crystal is. It was people who ascribed to Radomir what they wished be his... and a lot of what was not. Radomir was a Keeper of the Key of Gods all his life. But, of course, people, could not know that and therefore did not know rest until they found something of "his". At first they looked for a Bowl which allegedly "belonged" to Radomir. Sometimes they called his children or Magdalena the Grail. All this happened only because the "true believers" wished very much to have proof of the verity of what they believe in – something material, something "holy" which could be touched... (Regrettably, it happens even now, many centuries since). So "the Dark" ones invented a beautiful story for them to kindle sensible "believing" hearts…

Regrettably people will always need relics, Isidora, and if they don’t exist, somebody will invent them. Radomir never had this kind of bowl because he never had the "last supper"... where he allegedly drank from it. It was the prophet Joshua who had the bowl of the "last supper", not Radomir.

Joseph of Arimathea indeed gathered a few drops of the prophet’s blood. But this famous "Grail Bowl" was just the plainest clay cup, which the Jews usually used then, and which was not so simple to find afterwards. A golden or silver bowl decorated with precious stones (as the priests depict it) never existed either in the time of the Judaic prophet Joshua, or the more so in Radomir’s time.

But this is another, although very interesting, story.

«Last Supper». Valentin de Boulogne
«Last Supper». Valentin de Boulogne (1591-1632).
Galeria Nazionale d'Arte Antica, Roma

You don’t have too much time, Isidora. I think you want to know something quite different which is much closer to your heart and maybe will help to find more strength within you to stand to the end. "The Dark" ones interlaced too tightly the tangle of two so incredibly different lives (Radomir and Joshua) and one has to have a lot of time to untwine it. As I said before, you will not have it, my friend. I am sorry...

I just nodded in reply, trying not to show how strongly this real true History interested me and how much I wanted to tell, even being on the threshold of death, truth from the unbelievable quantity of lies which the church rained down on our trustful earthly heads... But I left to Sever to choose what exactly he wanted to tell me. It depended on his free will – to tell or not to tell me this or that thing. I was unspeakably grateful for his precious time and his sincere desire to cheer up our sad last days.

We again appeared in the dark night garden, "eavesdropping" on Radomir and Magdalena’s last hours...

– Where is this Great Temple, Radomir? – Magdalena asked with surprise.

– It is in a divine far away country... on "the top" of the world... (At the North Pole, former Hyperborea – DaArya), – Radomir whispered very quietly, as if he went into an infinitely distant past. – There is a holy man made mountain which nothing could destroy, be it nature, time or man, because it is eternal... This is the Temple of Eternal Knowledge, the Temple of our old Gods, Maria...

Long long time ago their Key sparkled on the top of the holy mountain – this green crystal gave protection to Earth, opened human souls and taught the worthy ones. But our Gods left and the Earth plunged into a darkness which man is, as yet, unable to defeat. He still has too much envy and spite in him… and laziness too...

A supposed prophet Joshua's bowl. Judea, I century A.D.
A supposed prophet Joshua's bowl. Judea, I century A.D.

– People must awaken and see the light, Maria. – Radomir said after a minute of silence. – And exactly YOU will help them! – He calmly went on, as if he did not notice her her protesting gesture. – YOU will teach them KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING. You will give them real FAITH. You will become their Guiding Star no matter what happens to me. Promise me! I have no one with whom to entrust what I should have done myself. Promise me, my light one.

Radomir carefully took her face in his hands, peering in with his radiant blue eyes and unexpectedly smiled... The love that shone in these marvelous familiar eyes was endless and… the the pain was deep... He knew how frightened and lonely she was. He knew how desperately she wanted to save him! Despite all that Radomir could not help smiling. Even now, in this frightful time for her, Magdalena remained surprisingly light and beautiful, as she always was, but even more beautiful! Like a pure spring of life-giving crystal-clear water...

Shaking himself, he continued as calmly as possible.

– Look, I will show you how to open this ancient Key.

Emerald flame blazed on Radomir’s palm... Every Rune began to open up in the layer of unknown spaces, broadening and displaying millions of images which fluidly passed through each other. A marvellous transparent "structure" grew and spun, revealing newer and newer levels of the Knowledge which today's man has never seen. It was stunning and boundless! Magdalena, being unable to take her eyes off this magic, submerged into the depth of the unexplored, experiencing burning incinerating thirst with every fibre of her soul! She absorbed the wisdom of centuries, feeling how the unknown Ancient Magic filled every cell of her body like a powerful wave and then flowed into her! The Knowledge of the Ancestors flooded her. It was truly boundless. It carried her from the life of the smallest insect to the life of universes, comprised of millions of years in the life of strange planets and returned to Earth like a powerful avalanche…

Her eyes wide open, Magdalena heeded the outstanding Knowledge of the Ancient world... Her light body, free of earthly "shackles", bathed like a grain of sand in the ocean of distant stars, revelling in the grandeur and silence of universal peace...

Suddenly a fairy-tale Star Bridge unfolded right in front of her. It seemed that it stretched out into infinity, sparkling with the endless accumulations of big and small stars, lying like a silver road at her feet. A Human Being with shining golden aureola, which enveloped his body, waited for Magdalena in the middle of the bridge... He was very tall and looked very strong.

Magdalene came nearer and saw that not everything was "human" in this extraordinary creature... His eyes impressed her most of all. They were enormous and sparkling, as if carved out of a precious stone. They sparkled with cold facets like a real diamond and were insensible and aloof, just like a diamond itself.

The stately lines of the stranger’s face were surprising in their sharpness and immobility, as if a statue stood before Magdalena... Very long and magnificent hair shimmered with silver, as if someone had accidentally spilled stars on it... The "Man" was very unusual indeed... But with all his "icy" coldness, Magdalene felt the wonderful peace and warm and sincere goodness which enveloped her heart coming from the stranger. But for some reason she knew that this goodness was not the same always or directed toward all.

The "Man" lifted his hand in welcoming gesture, his palm toward her, and affectionately pronounced:

– Stop, Star one... Your Way is not completed yet. You cannot go Home. Return to Midgard, Maria... And guard the Key of Gods. May Eternity save you.

Then the mighty figure of the stranger began to vibrate slowly, becoming transparent, being about to disappear.

– Who are you? I beg you, tell me, who are you?! – Magdalena cried pleadingly.

– I am Wanderer... we will meet again. Farewell, Star one...

Suddenly the marvellous crystal sharply closed... The miracle ended as unexpectedly as it began. It became cold and empty around, as if it was winter.

– What was that, Radomir?! It is in fact far more than we were taught! – The astonished Magdalena asked without taking her eyes from the green "stone".

– I just opened it slightly for you to see. But it is just a grain of sand of what it can do. Therefore you must save it no matter what will happen to me… at any cost... including your life, and even the life of Vesta and Svetodar.

Radomir insistingly waited for an answer, fixing his piercing-blue eyes on her. Magdalena nodded slowly.

– He bade the same thing... Wanderer...

Radomir nodded, obviously knowing who she meant.

– For millennia people have been trying to find the Key of Gods. However, nobody knows what it truly looks like. And they also don’t know its essence, – Radomir continued in a much softer way. – Many of the most unbelievable legends grew around it, some were very beautiful, others – almost crazy

Emeralds Emeralds Emeralds
Emeralds     Emeralds

(Many different legends abounded about the Key of Gods. People even tried to cover the greatest and biggest emeralds with writings in different languages – in Arabic, Hebrew, Hindu and even Latin... Regrettably nobody cared to understand for some reason that the stones did not become magic because of it, no matter how strongly one wished... On the photos you can see: the Iranian pseudo Mani, the Great Mogul, the catholic "talisman" of God, Hermes Emerald tablet and even the famous Indian Cave of Apollonius from Tyana which, as the Hindus assert, was once visited by Jesus Christ. More of that will be in my next book The Holy country DaArya. Part 1. This is what the Gods knew about.)

– Probably, somebody’s generic memory awoke one day and a person remembered that something unspeakably great, given by Gods, existed somewhere. But WHAT it was, he could not figure out... Since then "seekers" have saught what they vaguely knew for centuries, going round and round, as if somebody had said to them: "go there, I don’t know where, bring that, I don’t know what"... They only knew that unbelievable force and extraordinary knowledge is hidden in it. Well, the clever always chase after knowledge and "the dark", as usual, try to find it to rule the others...

I think it is the most enigmatic and most desirable (for everybody in its own way) relict ever existent on Earth. Now everything will depend only on you, my light one. If I have to pass away, don’t loose it ever! Promise me, Maria.

Magdalena nodded again. She understood – it was a sacrifice that Radomir asked her to make. And she promised him... She promised to keep the amazing Key of Gods at the cost of her own life... and the lives of her children, if necessary.

Radomir carefully put the green miracle into her palm. The crystal was living and warm...

The night was passing too quickly. It was already dawn in the east... Magdalena sighed deeply. She knew that soon they would come after him to give Radomir into the hands of jealous and lying judges... who hated this, as they called him, "alien envoy" with the whole of their stale souls...

Magdalena was silent, curling up in Radomir’s strong hands. She simply wanted to feel his warmth... as long as possible…

It seemed that life left her, drop by drop, converting her broken heart into a cold stone. She could not breathe without him... without the man she loved so much! He was half of her self, without which her life was impossible. She did not know how she would exist without him. She did not know how she could be strong. But Radomir believed in her and trusted her. He left a DUTY to her which prevented her from surrendering. And she honestly tried to survive...

Despite being superhumanly concentrated, Magdalena did not almost remember further events...

There were alien people filled with incomprehensible spite...

There was pain and horror, watching Radomir suffering...

There was a tiny hope vanishing in an instant...

And there was a CROSS... inhuman and frightful instrument of death.

Radomir's crucifixion on Bald Hill Radomir's crucifixion on Bald Hill
Radomir's crucifixion on Bald Hill, 1086, Constantinople. Procession to Calvary by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

She knelt beneath the cross and looked right into Radomir’s eyes to the very last moment... till his pure and strong soul left the, already unnecessary, dead body.

Magdalene at the crucifixion... A church window in Dorset Village, UK
Magdalene at the crucifixion...
A church window in Dorset Village, UK

A hot drop of blood fell on Magdalena’s mournful face. It merged with a tear and rolled down onto the soil. Then the second one fell... So she stood without moving a muscle, motionless in her innermost grief... mourning her pain with bloody tears... Suddenly a wild beastly cry, even more frightful than that of a beast, shook the surroundings... The cry was shrill and drawling. It made the soul freeze. It squeezed the heart in an icy vicelike grip. It was Magdalena... Earth answered her, its old mighty body shuddering. Then the darkness came...

People were running around in horror like headless chickens, having no idea where their disobedient feet carried them. Like the blind, they ran against each other, jumping aside in different directions, and again stumbled and fell, oblivious to their surroundings... Screams sounded everywhere. Crying and confusion reigned at the Bald Hill and people who watched the execution there, only now began to understand truly what they had done.

Magdalena got up. And again a wild inhuman scream pierced the tired Earth. Drowning in the roar of thunder, the scream wound around wicked lightnings, frightening the stale souls... On freeing the Ancient Magic, Magdalena called the old Gods for help... She called the Great Ancestors.

Wind disheveled her beautiful gold hair in the darkness, surrounding the fragile body with a halo of Light. Frightful bloody tears still reddened her pale cheeks, making her almost unrecognisable... They made her look like a fearsome Priestess...

Magdalena called... With her arms pulled behind her hands, she called Gods over and over again. She called Fathers who just lost their wonderful Son... She could not surrender so simply... She wanted Radomir back at any cost; even, if she were fated to never talk to him again. She wanted him alive despite everything.

The Lamentation of Christ by Sandro Botticelli
The Lamentation of Christ by Sandro Botticelli

But Gods did not answer... Magdalena could not believe it! She did not want him to die. She did not want to lose him... Her pain was blinding... it was simply inhuman.

Her friends, the Knights Templar, came closer... Unable to tear Magdalena off the dead body, they respectfully waited. Her grief was so deep and hopeless that it touched even the most severe and hard-tempered ones...

Then numbness came. She did not feel as she was taken aside and seated. She did not see who washed Radomir for the last time... She knew the only thing: HE must rise! And she had to help him in that...

Parting with Radomir
Parting with Radomir. Radomir and Maria's
clothing is very similar to what Wanderers and
Volkhvs usually wear

But the night passed and nothing changed. His spirit talked to her, but she stood, numb and deaf to anything, only endlessly calling Fathers... She still refused to surrender.

Finally at dawn the room was suddenly lit with the bright golden light, as if thousand suns were simultaneously switched on! And in this light a tall human figure, much taller than an ordinary man, appeared on the threshold... Magdalena understood at once – it was who she so fervently and persistently had called the whole night...

– Get up, Joyful one! – The visitor pronounced in a deep voice. – It is not your world already. You have lived your life in it. I’ll show your new way. Get up, Radomir!

– I thank you, Father... – Magdalene whispered. – I Thank you that you heard me!

The old man long and attentively looked at the fragile woman standing before him. Then he unexpectedly smiled a radiant smile and very affectionately said.

Radomir leaves for a new life
Radomir leaves for a new life

– It is painful for you, Sorrowful one! And you are frightened. I am sorry, daughter. I’ll take your Radomir away. He is not fated to be here anymore. He’ll have another fate now. You wished that...

Magdalena only nodded, showing to him that she understood. She was unable to talk. She had so little strength left. Somehow she must endure these last, severest for her moments... And then she would have enough time to grieve over her loss. The most important was that HE lived and the rest did not matter.

An exclamation full of surprise was heard. Radomir stood, looking around, not understanding what was going on. He did not know yet that he had another fate, UNEARTHLY one... He also did not understand why he still lived. He perfectly remembered that the executioners had done their job very well...

Radomir leaves for a new life
Radomir leaves for a new life

– Farewell, my Joy... – Magdalena whispered. – Farewell, my tender one. I will keep my promise and do all according to your will. You live... and I’ll always be with you.

Again the golden light blazed up brightly, but now it was outside. Following it, Radomir slowly left the room...

Everything around was so familiar! But feeling alive again, Radomir knew for some reason that already it was not his world... There was only one thing in this old world that still was real for him – his wife... his beloved Magdalena....

– I’ll come back to you... I’ll come back to you, come what may... – Radomir whispered to himself. A vitmana hung above his head like an enormous "umbrella"…

Bathing in the rays of golden refulgency, Radomir slowly but confidently followed the shining Old man. Suddenly he turned around to see her for the last time... to take her amazing image with him. Magdalena felt terrific warmth. It seemed that Radomir’s last look sent all the love they had accumulated for long years! He sent it to her to remember him too.

She closed her eyes to withstand... She wanted him to see her calm. And when she opened them, everything was over...

Radomir was gone...

Earth lost him, being unworthy of him.

He stepped into his new, still unknown life, leaving the Duty and children to Maria... He left her soul wounded and lonely, but still loving and firm.

Magdalena brokenly sighed and got up. She simply did not have time to grieve. She knew that the Knights Templar soon would come to take Radomir’s dead body to Holy Flames, thus seeing off his pure Spirit into Eternity.

Departure by Raphael
Departure by an unknown painter
This painting was created by Raphael
and was believed to be destroyed
Two superimposed paintings of Raphael
Two superimposed paintings of Raphael
Transfiguration by Raphael
Transfiguration by Raphael

You see two almost identical pictures by the great Italian artist Raphael Sanzio (Santi). There is an impression that someone intentionally "moved" the second picture downward to cut off the top with the "dangerous" object – a splendidly painted "flying saucer"... which existed in reality. Raphael was a very unusual person who often acted contrary to the church. As the famous Giorgio Vasari said, he was an "atheist with luxuriant imagination"... The picture on the left was painted in 1520, the last year of his life, and called "Departure". On causing a real storm of indignation in the church, the magnificent work was sentenced to elimination. Then the painter decided to play a joke on the Pope and painted the second picture, as if moving the whole composition downward and cutting the top (main) part of the picture where Christ was painted, which was prohibited by the strict canons of painting of that time. He called it "Transfiguration"... Regrettably, the artist died having not finished the second picture. His best students finished it and (at the will of the teacher) gave to the Vatican as a present. The Pope was enormously pleased with the picture and called it "one of the best" of Raphael’s pictures...

A fresco of XI century «Saucer at the Tomb of Jesus» with a Vitmana
A fresco of XI century «Saucer at the Tomb of Jesus»,
Museo Soccero Vaticano, Roma

The first to appear was, certainly, John... His countenance was calm and merry, but Magdalena read sincere sumpathy in his deep grey eyes.

– Great gratitude to you, Maria... I know how hard it was for you to let him go. Forgive us all, dear...

– No, Father... You don’t know... Nobody knows... – Magdalena whispered choking back tears. – But thank you for your sympathy... Please, tell Mother Maria that HE left... that he is alive... I’ll come to her, as soon as the pain abates a little. Tell everybody that HE LIVES...

Crying Maria Magdalena
Crying Maria Magdalena

Magdalena could not stand it anymore. She did not have any human forces left. She fell to the ground and burst into tears.

I looked at Anna. She stood petrified and the brooks of hot tears rolled down her severe young face.

– How could they permit this to happen?! Why did not they all make him change his mind? It’s so wrong, mother! – Anna exclaimed with indignation looking at us.

She still childishly and uncompromisingly required answers for every question. But to tell the truth, I also thought that they should have prevented Radomir’s death. His friends... The Knights Templar... Magdalena; but could we really judge from so far away what was the right thing to do for everybody at that time? I just wanted very much to see HIM, just as I desperately wanted to see the living Magdalena…

Probably this was the reason that I never liked to submerge into the past. Because the past cannot be changed (at least I could not do it) and nobody can be warned about the coming trouble or danger. The past was simply the PAST, when all good or bad things happened to some one long ago and I have no choice but to observe somebody's last good or bad life.

I saw Magdalena again. She sat alone on the night shore of the quiet south sea. Shallow light waves washed her bare feet affectionately and quietly whispering something about the past... Magdalena intently looked at the enormous green stone that peacefully lay on her palm, and very earnestly reflected about something. A man came unheard from behind. Magdalena sharply turned and then smiled:

– When will you stop startling me, Radanushka? And you are still sad! You’ve promised me! Why be sad, if HE lives?

– I don’t believe you, sister! – Affectionately smiling, Radan sadly pronounced.

It was exactly he, the same as ever, handsome and strong. Only instead of joy and happiness black ineradicable anguish nested in his now lifeless blue eyes...

– I don’t believe that you humbly resign yourself to it, Maria! We should have saved him despite his wish! Later he would have understood how terribly wrong he was! I cannot forgive it to myself! – Radan exclaimed in a fit of temper.

Apparently the pain from the loss of his brother sat fast in his kind loving heart, poisoning his days with irreplaceable sorrow.

– Please, stop it, Radanushka. Don’t re-open the wound... – Magdalena whispered quietly. – Here! You’d better look what your brother gave me... what Radomir asked all of us to guard.

Maria stretched her hand and showed him the Key of Gods... It again began to open slowly and kingly, striking Radan’s imagination. He like a child looked at it dumbfounded, unable to unglue his eyes from the beauty and utter a word.

– Radomir bade us guard it at the cost of our lives... even at the cost of the lives of his children. It is the Key of our Gods, Radanushka… a Treasure of Mind... It has no equal on Earth. And I think beyond it too... – Magdalena sadly said. – We all shall go to the Valley of Magicians. We shall teach there... We shall build a new world, Radanushka. We shall build a Light and Kind World... – She was silent for a few seconds and then added. – Do you think we can manage?

– I don’t know, sister. I never tried. – Radan shook his head. – I was endowed with another duty. I must save Svetodar. And then we’ll see... Maybe we succeed in building your Kind World...

Radan sat next to Magdalena and forgot his sorrow for a moment, rapturously looking at how the wonderful treasure sparkled and "built" its amazing levels. Time stopped, as if pitying these two people lost in their sadness... And they, lonely, sat ashore, closely snuggling to each other, watching the sea, which sparkled with emerald wider and brighter, and the amazing Key of Gods – the incredible "clever" crystal left by Radomir, burning on Magdalena’s hand...

Several long months passed from that sad evening, bringing another severe loss to the Knights Templar and Magdalena. Unexpectedly Volkhv John, their dearest friend, Teacher, faithful and mighty support, died a terrible death... Knights Templar sincerely and deeply mourned over him. When Radomir’s death left their hearts injured and indignant, the loss of John made their world cold and incredibly alien... They were not even allowed to perform a funeral rite according to their custom (to burn John’s distorted body). The Israelites just buried him in earth, which horrified all Knights Templar. But Magdalena succeeded at least in buying (!) his severed head, which the Israelites were very reluctant to give back, because they thought John’s head too dangerous. They considered John to be a great Sorcerer.

Magdalena mourns John's death A Knight Templar with Bogobor
Magdalena mourns John's death. There is a strange «cross» in front of her.
It has a three leafed plant on its ends. A «cross» is in reality a sword which was usually placed
on the graves of the fallen heroes - Ruses-warriors - on a battle field when it was impossible to
make a funeral fire for them. The sword was called Bogobor. The second church window
shows a Knight Templar holding Bogobor, depicted much more correctly.

So, with the sad load of terrible losses, Magdalena and her little daughter Vesta guarded by six Templars at last decided to start a distant and hard journey to the marvellous country Occitania, for the time being known only to Magdalena...

Then there was a ship... There was a long tiresome trip... Despite her deep grief, Magdalena treated the Knights with unchanged friendliness, composure and calmness during the whole of the endless trip. The Templars cherished her light and sad smile and adored her for the peace they felt being next to her... And she gave her whole heart to them, knowing how dreadfully the cruel pain burned their tired souls and tortured them over what had happened to Radomir and John...

Maria Magdalena
Maria Magdalena

When they finally reached the Valley of Magicians, they all dreamed of only one thing – rest from troubles and pain, insofar as that was possible…

Too much was lost... The price was too high.

Magdalena left the Valley of Magicians when she was just a ten year old girl and now she again "got to know" her proud and beloved Occitania, where every flower, stone and tree seemed familiar to her! She terribly missed her past and now she voraciously breathed in the Occitan air saturated with "kind magic" and could not believe that at last she came Home...

It was her native land, her future Light World which she promised Radomir to build. And it was the land to which she brought her grief, like a lost child looking for prtotection, sympathy and peace in his Mother...

Magdalena knew that in order to fulfill her promise to Radomir, she must be sure, composed and strong. But at that time she lived locked in her deepest sorrow and was dreadfully lonely…

Without Radomir, her life became empty, useless and bitter... He dwelt now somewhere far away, in the unknown and marvellous World, which her soul could not reach... But she missed him so much, in both human and womanly ways! Regrettably, nobody could help her here.

We saw her again... Magdalena was sitting alone on a high precipice covered by a carpet of wild flowers, her knees clasped to her chest... As had already become usual for her, she saw off the sunset – another day spent without Radomir... She knew that there would be very many of these days. And she also knew that she would have to get used to it. Despite the infinite bitterness and emptiness, Magdalena was very well aware of a long and complicated life waiting for her which she had to live alone... without Radomir. She still failed to imagine that, because he lived everywhere – in every cell of her body, in her dreams and vigils, in every object he had touched. It seemed that the whole of the surrounding space was saturated with Radomir’s presence... And there was no escape from that, even if she wished it…

The evening was still, soft and warm. Nature came back to life after the daily heat and vigorously spread the smells of heated flowering meadows and pines... Magdalena listened to the monotonous sounds of the forest world. It was surprisingly simple and calm! Bees, worn out by the summer heat, buzzed loudly in nearby bushes. Even those industrious creatures chose to retire from the burning daily rays as far as possible and now joyfully absorbed the life-giving evening coolness. Feeling the human goodness, a tiny coloured bird fearlessly sat down on Magalena’s warm shoulder and expressed its gratitude with sonorous silvery warble...

But Magdalena did not notice it. She again sped away into the usual world of her dreams where Radomir still lived...

Radomir is telling his truth to the Eastern sages
13-year-old Radomir is telling his truth to the Eastern sages.
On the top – young Radan and Magdalina who
always accompanied him

She again recalled him... His unbelievable kindness... His exuberant thirst for Life... His light and tender smile and the piercing gaze of his blue eyes... And his iron confidence in the rightness of the way he had chosen. She remembered a wonderful, strong man who controlled the crowds whilst being a child!

She remembered his caress and the warm loyalty of his big heart... All of this lived now only in her memory, not yielding to time or going into oblivion. All of this was alive and aching…. Sometimes it seemed to her that a little bit more and she would stop breathing... But days passed and life went on too. The DUTY that Radomir had left was incumbent upon her. Therefore she did her best to ignore her feelings and wishes.

Her son, Svetodar, who she terribly missed, was in far away Spain together with Radan. Magdalena knew that it was harder for him to bear it... He was still too young to accept such a loss. But she also knew that he would never show weakness to a stranger, even while terribly suffering and grieving. He was Radomir’s son... And this obliged him to be strong.

Several more months passed. Gadually, as always happens in the case of even the most frightful loss, Magdalena started coming back to life. Probably it was the right time to return to the living...

Magdalena in Occitania after suffering a terrible pain
Magdalena in Occitania
after suffering a terrible pain

Choosing the tiny Montsegur which was the most magic castle in the Valley (because it was constructed on the "transition point" to other worlds), Magdalena and her daughter moved there and began to settle in their new, still unknown, Home...

Finally, keeping in mind Radomir’s persistent desire, Magdalena gradually began to get her first disciples...

It was probably the easiest of tasks, because everybody in this amazing plot of land was more or less gifted, and almost everybody longed for knowledge. Therefore very soon Magdalena had several hundred very assiduous pupils. Very soon there were a thousand of them... and in a short while the whole Valley of Magicians was embraced by her teachings. And she took as many as of them as possible to distract herself from bitter thoughts and was unspeakably glad watching how voraciously the Occitans strived for Knowledge! She knew that Radomir would rejoice at it too... and accepted more pupils.

The first Montsegur where Magdalena spent the last eight years of her life
The first Montsegur where Magdalena
spent the last eight years of her life

– Forgive me, Sever, but how could White Volkhv agree to it?! In fact they so carefully guard their Knowledge from everybody! How did he allow this kind of thing? In fact Magdalena taught everybody, not just the initiated.

– He did not. The White Volkhv never agreed to it, Isidora... Magdalena and Radomir went against his will, opening this knowledge to people. Even now I don’t know who was truly right...

– But you saw how eagerly the Occitans absorbed this Knowledge! And the rest of Europe too! – I exclaimed with surprise.

– Yes, they did... But I also saw another thing – how easily they were destroyed... And this means they were not ready for it.

– But when do you think people will be "ready"? – I was indignant. – Or it will never happen?!

– It will happen, my friend... I think. But only when people understand at last that they are able to protect this very Knowledge... – Sever unexpectedly smiled like a child. – Magdalena and Radomir lived for the Future, you see... They dreamed of a wonderful United World where there would be one Faith, one ruler, one language... And despite everything, they taught... resisting the Volkhvs... not submitting to White Volkhv... And for all that, they understood very well that even their distant great-grandchildren would probably not see anything of this wonderful united world. They simply fought... for light, for knowledge and for Earth. It was their Life... And they lived it faithfully sticking to it to the end.

I again dipped into the past where this outstanding, surprising and singular story lived…

There was only one sad cloud which cast a shade on Magdalena’s gradually brightening mood. Vesta took Radomir’s loss very hard and suffered deeply. No "joys" could distract her from it. When she finally knew about what had happened to her father, she shut her little heart from the surrounding world and lived her loss alone, even keeping her beloved mother, the light Magdalena at arms length. She rambled aimlessly for days, not knowing what to do with this frightful grief. Also her brother with whom Vesta used to share her joys and sorrows was very far away from her. She was too small to be able to cope with this severe grief which unexpectedly fell on her fragile child's shoulders.

She wildly missed her darling dad, the best in the whole world, and could not understand where those cruel people that had hated him and killed him came from?

She did not hear his merry laughter anymore. They did not go for their wonderful walks... There was nothing at all which would remind her of their warm and always joyful communication. Vesta’s suffering was very deep and almost adult... She had only her memory of her father, but she wanted him back in flesh and blood! She still was too little to be content with recollections! Yes, she remembered very well how she used to curl up in his strong hands and listen to amazing stories, holding her breath and catching every word in order not to skip anything very important... And now her wounded little heart required all that back! Her dad was her fairy-tale idol... He was her surprising world, closed to others, where only the two of them lived... and now this world ceased to exist. Wicked people took it away, leaving a deep wound which she could not heal.

Radomir taking his children for a walk
Radomir taking his children for a walk.
Be Not Afraid by Gregory Olsen

All Vesta’s adult friends did their best to dispel her sad thoughts, but the child refused to open her grieving heart to anybody. The only one who could help was Radan, but he was far away taking care of Svetodar. However, there was one close to Vesta who tried as hard as he could to replace her uncle Radan. It was Red Simon. Friends gave him this nick-name because of the unusual colour of his hair – very bright red, but Simon was not offended at all. He was easily amused and merry and always ready to help, thus truly reminiscent of Radan. He was sincerely loved for that by the Templars. He was their "safety-valve" letting them endure the troubles, of which they had more than enough, with much more ease.

The Red Knight patiently came to Vesta every day and took her on thrilling long walks, gradually becoming a real trusted friend for a little girl. Soon everybody got used to his presence even in small Montsegur. He became a welcome guest and everybody valued him for his easy temper and consistently good mood. Only Magdalena was on the alert with Simon, although she could not explain the reason for her watchfulness... She was extremely glad, more than all, on seeing Vesta happier with every passing day, but at the same time she was unable to get rid of an incomprehensible feeling of danger coming from Knight Simon. She knew that she should feel only gratitude toward him, but the presentiment remained. Magdalena sincerely tried to pay no attention to her feelings and just be glad that Vesta’s mood was improving, hoping very much that her daughter’s pain would gradually abate over the course of time, just as her pain was dulling, and only deep light sadness about her kind dad would remain in her exhausted little heart... and recollections... They would be pure and bitter, as bitter as the purest and lightest LIFE sometimes can be...

Knight Simon talks to Maria Magdalena
After a long search I finally found the
only available image of Red Simon.
Knight Simon talks to Maria Magdalena

Svetodar frequently wrote to his mother and a Knight Templar, who was with Radan to guard him in Spain, brought these letters to the Valley of Magicians and took the reply letters which contained the latest news. So they lived, without seeing each other. The only thing they had was hope that the happy day would come some time when they would finally meet each other... They did not know that this happy day would never come...

All these years after the death of Radomir, Magdalena cherished a dream in her heart. She wanted to visit the far North Country to see the land of her ancestors and to bow low to Radomir’s home... She wanted to thank the land which brought up the dearest human being in her life. Also she wanted to take the Key of Gods there, because she knew that it would be the right thing to do... The native land would guard IT for people much better than she would do that.

But, as usual, life flew by too quickly, and Magdalena did not have time to fulfill her plan. And eight years later, after Radomir’s death, a tragedy occurred... Sharply feeling it approaching, Magdalena suffered unable to understand the reason. Even being the strongest Vedunia, she could not see her Fate, no matter how strongly she wished it. Her Fate was hidden from her, because she must live her life fully, no matter how difficult or cruel it might be...

– Why, mother! Why can’t all Veduns and Vedunias see their Fate? Why is it closed to them? – Anna was indignant.

– I think it is so in order that we don’t try to change what is destined for us, dear. – I answered without much confidence in my voice.

As far as I could remember, this injustice always revolted me! Why do we, the Knowing ones, need this test? Why could not we avoid it, when we were perfectly able to do that? But it was obvious that nobody was going to answer those questions. This was our Life, and we had to live it the way it was written by somebody for us. But we could make it so happy so easily, if those "at the top" let us see our Fate! But neither I, nor any of us (even Magdalena!) had any chance to do that.

– Also Magdalena was more and more worried about some weird rumors... – Sever continued. – Strange "Cathars" suddenly began to appear among her pupils. They quietly called upon the others to profess a "bloodless" and "kind" doctrine. They called for them to live without fighting and resistance. It was very strange and by no means reflected Magdalena and Radomir’s teachings. She felt this was a dirty trick and a danger, and for some reason she always failed to meet at least one of the "new" Cathars... The alarm grew in Magdalena’s heart. Someone wanted very much to make the Cathars helpless! Somebody wanted to breed doubt in their brave hearts. But who needed it? Could it be the Church? She knew and remembered how quickly even the strongest and most advanced states died, if they gave up fighting, relying on alien friendliness! The world was still too imperfect... and one should fight for home, beliefs, children and even for love. That is why Magdalena’s Cathars were warriors from the very beginning, and that fully corresponded to her teachings. In fact she never created an assemblage of humble and helpless "lambs"; on the contrary, Magdalena created a mighty society of Battle Magicians destined to KNOW and to protect their land and all living on it. Therefore the real Cathars, her Cathars, the Knights Templar were brave and strong people proudly carrying the Great Knowledge of the Immortal.

The Cathar-warriors. A united army of the Count of Toulouse defends Toulouse from the Papal mercenaries. The Cathar-warriors. A united army of the Count of Toulouse defends Toulouse from the Papal mercenaries.
The Cathar-warriors. A united army of the Count of Toulouse
defends Toulouse from the Papal mercenaries.

The Cathar-warriors. A united army of the Count of Toulouse defends Toulouse from the Papal mercenaries.
The Cathar-warriors. A united army of the Count of Toulouse defends Toulouse
from the Papal mercenaries.

On seeing my protesting gesture, Sever smiled.

– Don’t be surprised, my friend. As you know, it is the same old story here on Earth – over the course of time the real History is re-written and the lightest people are reshaped... So it always was and, I think, ever will be... Therefore only the helpless Teachings of Love built on renunciation was left of the bellicose and proud first (and real) Cathars; and of Radomir too.

– But it is true that they did not resist, Sever! They had no right to kill! I read about it in Esclarmonde’s diary! And you told me about it too.

«I came not to send peace, but a sword!» A fresco of XIV century. Radomir with a knight's sword
I came not to send peace, but a sword!
A fresco of XIV century from Visoki
Decani Monastery, Kosovo.
Radomir with a knight's sword.

– No, my friend. Esclarmonde was already a "new" Cathar. I shall explain it to you... Forgive me. I have not told you the true reason why this outstanding people were eliminated. But I never opened it to anybody. Probably the "truth" of old Meteora still prevails...It is too deeply embedded in me… P>Yes, Isidora, Magdalena taught Faith in Good. She taught Love and Light. But also she taught it is right to FIGHT for this good and light! Just like Radomir, she taught firmness and courage. It was she to whom knights from the whole of Europe aspired after Radomir’s death, because exactly in her they felt the brave heart of Radomir. Do you remember, Isidora, that from the very beginning of his life, Radomir called on all to fight? He called for fighting for the future, for children and for Life! P>Therefore, fulfilling Magdalena’s will, the first Knights Templars got faithful and reliable help. They recruited the Occitan knights-warriors, who in turn helped them to teach simple peasants the art of war in case of special necessity or unexpected misfortune. P>The ranks of the Templars quickly grew, being replenished with interested and deserving people. Soon almost all men from the Occitanian aristocratic families belonged to the Temple of Radomir. Those who left for other countries returned at their families request to join the fraternity of the Templars.

A Knight kneels before the statue of Maria Magdalena
A Knight kneels before
the statue of Maria Magdalena

Despite their perpetual involvment in this activity, the first six Knights Templar who had arrived with Magdalena remained her most favourite and faithful disciples; may be it happened because they knew Radomir or for the simple reason that they lived for so many years together and became a united mighty force, but exactly these Templars were the closest to Magdalena’s heart. She shared with them the Knowledge which she trusted to nobody else. They were the real Warriors of Radomir... And they became the first Perfecti of Mag Doliny (the Magician of the Valley).

The Perfecti were outstanding warriors and powerful magicians, Isidora, which made them much stronger than all the living (except for some Volkhvs, of course). Maria entrusted her children’s lives to them. She entrusted her life too. One day, feeling that something bad was coming, she decided to entrust the secret of the Key of Gods to them... which, as appeared later, was a terrible and irreparable mistake that in a hundred years destroyed the Great Empire of Knowledge and Light...the pure and wonderful Cathar Empire.

The hideous treachery (with the help of the church, surely) of one of the closest friends after Magdalena’s cruel death, gradually transformed the Cathars, converting strong and proud warriors into defenceless and helpless people, making the Empire’s Sun and Light vulnerable and easily attainable. As for the church, as usually happened then, it quietly and calmly continued its black job, sending dozens of "new" Cathars to Occitania who "confidently" whispered to others, how wonderful their life would be without murders and how pure their light souls would be without the shedding of blood. The Cathars listened to the beautiful sounding words, forgetting what Golden Maria had taught them.

In fact the quiet and loving people, like the Occitans, accepted the teaching which advocated staying away from blood and violence with much pleasure and readiness, therefore, some time later they were sure that it was exactly that which Magdalena had taught and that it was absolutely correct. For some reason nobody reflected on the following thing, even for a minute: WHY such "correctness" was openly taught only after Golden Maria’s cruel death?

This was how over the years Radomir and Magdalena’s teachings were transformed into a helpless Great Knowledge and there was nobody left to save and protect it... And the "new" Cathars surrendered themselves, their children and their wives to the mercy of fire and church... And thousands of Magdalena’s Children burned without resisting or cursing their executioners. They burned, dreaming about a high star world where they would meet their Maria.

– How did that happen, Sever?! Tell me, if I have the right to know it...

Sever sadly nodded and continued.

– Oh, it happened in an incredibly foolish way, Isidora. It was so foolish that sometimes I cannot believe that it happened...

Do you remember I told you that once Magdalena let the nearest Knights Templar into a secret of the Key of Gods? – I nodded. – Unfortunately, none of the Knights Templars knew that one of them was a protege of the "Dark" from the very beginning... To tell the truth even he was completely unaware of that.

– But how is this kind of thing possible at all, Sever?! – I was sincerely indignant. – Does a person really not feel that he does evil?

– Well, you cannot fight what you don’t see or understand, can you, Isidora? – Sever calmly continued, paying no attention to my indignation. – That was exactly the case – he did not see and feel what the "Dark" had inculcated in his brain, choosing exactly him as the helpless "victim". And when the right time came for the "Dark" the "order" worked without a hitch, despite what the person they had seized felt or believed in.

– But the Templars were so strong! How somebody could inculcate anything in them?

– You see, Isidora, it’s not always enough to be strong and clever. Sometimes the "Thinking Dark" can find something that the targeted victim just does not have. And then this victim lives an honest life until the introduced thing snaps into action and the person becomes an obedient marionette in their hands. And even when the implantation begins to act, the poor "victim" does not have the least idea of what is happening... It is a terrible end, Isidora. I would not wish an end like this even upon my worst enemy...

– Do you mean that this knight did not know what terrible harm he did to others?

Sever nodded.

– No, my friend, he did not know to the last moment of his life. He died piously believing that he had lived a good and worthy life. He never understood why his friends turned their backs on him and outcast him from Occitania, no matter how hard they tried to explain it to him... Do you wish to hear how this treachery happened, my friend?

I nodded and Sever patiently continued the breathtaking story...

– When the church knew through the same knight that Magdalena was also the Keeper of the Clever Crystal, the "holy fathers" had an insuperable desire to get this amazing force in their hands. And, naturally, their desire to eliminate Golden Maria increased by thousands of times.

According to the plan perfectly designed by the "holy fathers", on the day when Magdalena must die an envoy of the church handed a letter allegedly written by Magdalena to the knight-betrayer. In this ill-fated "message" Magdalena "adjured" the first Knights Templar (her nearest friends) never more to use a weapon (even in defence!), as well as other methods known to them that would take away somebody's life. Otherwise, – the letter stated, – the Knights Templar will lose the Key of Gods... because they will be unworthy of it..

The Cathar fortress Queribus. A sad Knight Templar and Magdalena's Spirit bringing a sword
The Cathar fortress Queribus.
A sad Knight Templar and
Magdalena's Spirit bringing a sword.

It was absurd!!! It was the most lying message they ever heard! But Magdalena was not with them... and nobody could ask her about anything anymore.

– But could not they talk to her after her death, Sever? – I was surprised. – As far as I know many Magicians can talk to the dead?

– Not many, Isidora... Many can see the spirits of the dead, but not many can hear them accurately. Only one of Magdalena’s friends could freely communicate with her. But exactly he died within a few days of her death. She came to them in her spirit, hoping that they would see her and understand... She brought a sword to them, trying to show that they must fight.

The Perfecti were at a loss, adhering to one and then to another opinion. Their number now grew considerably, and although the new Perfecti never heard about the Key of Gods, the "letter of Magdalena" was announced to them to, except for lines not intended for their ears. Some of the new Perfecti wanted to lead a calmer life and preferred to believe the "letter". Those who were devoted to her and Radomir with their heart and soul could not believe that wild lie... But they also were afraid that should they make a mistake in their decision the Key of Gods, about which they knew very little, could disappear. The weight of the Duty lay heavy on their opinion and heart, creating shaky uncertainty and doubts…

The Knights Templar sincerely, but very reluctantly, tried somehow to accept this strange "message", especially because it allegedly was the last message and the last request of their Golden Maria. And no matter how strange this request seemed to them, they felt they probably should submit to it, at least those Templars closest to her... just like they submitted once to the last request of Radomir. The Key of Gods now remained with them and they were responsible for its safety with their lives... But it was exactly they, the first Knights Templar, who found it most difficult. They knew and remembered too well that Radomir was a Warrior, just as Maria was, and nothing in the world could make them to turn back to their primordial Vera. Nothing could make them forget the commandments of the real Cathars.

A Templar-Warrior by Angelfire</I>
A Templar-Warrior by Angelfire

And the first Knights Templar decided not to give up together with many of the new Templars.

Assuming that, maybe, they were going against Golden Maria’s last will, they could not lay down arms so simply when some fifteen years after Magdalena’s death, the army of the church sent its faithful servants to "pacify" the Cathars for good... to wipe them off the face of Occitania in order that new shoots of their light Faith would never appear and that their Ancient and Pure Knowledge would never be remembered on Earth...

But the number of the Knights Templar was too little compared to the "army of devil" and hundreds of them died fighting thousands...

They sincerely believed in their devoted hearts that they did not betray Maria. They believed that they were right, despite the orders of friends and pressure from the "new" Cathars. But soon there were almost no Knights Templar or real Cathars left in Occitania...

Much later almost nobody remembered that once, when Golden Maria lived, these Teachings were completely different – strong, bellicose and proud.

I was sick at heart. Could somebody who was with Maria for so many years really betray her so terribly?

– Could you tell me, Sever, more details about the moment of treachery? I cannot understand it neither with my heart nor my soul, and even my brain does not accept it...

Hundreds of the Knights Templar died fighting thousands...
Hundreds of the Knights Templar died fighting thousands...

– I think it will be better, if I show it to you, Isidora, – Sever answered thoughtfully.

I saw a lonely, enormous, round and very old stone table in the middle of a small stone hall. It occupied almost the whole of the room. Its external circle was noticeably worn by the frequent pressure of human hands. Many fates were decided at this table; it "heard" many human thoughts during its long life...

Seven persons sat around the table. They were Magdalena and Radomir’s old friends, the first Knights Templar. Radan was the seventh... On hearing through a messenger how cruelly Magdalena and his young niece Vesta died, Radan could not stay away. Leaving Svetodar (who also longed to go) in the charge of the Spanish friends, he came to Montsegur, but despite driving several horses to exhaustion, regrettably could not say a last farewell to Maria. The friends made a funeral fire for her and Vesta and the free spirits of Golden Maria and her beloved daughter flew to their new Home…

It was only in 2009, when I visited Occitania, I found out that Magdalena’s Spirit was still on our Midgard-Earth, that she guarded here something very valuable and important for us all these long hundreds of years – she guarded the Key of Gods for people... And no matter how eagerly numerous "seekers" tried to get it, Magdalena remembered Radomir’s request and kept it with her life, even after she had left it.

The Knights were sullenly quiet. Truly, what could be said to abate their sorrow? Their Golden Maria passed away... They were ready to give their lives for her. But it was SHE who died... And nothing could be changed; nothing could be done. This happened in 1094 according to the chronology of the life of an unknown Jewish prophet, of whom the holy church made a greatly suffering "son of God"... Magdalena was only twenty nine years old...

Finally, Radan somehow managed to pull himself together and pronounced:

– Tell us, Simon, how did it turn out that it was exactly you who appeared twice next to Magdalena on one and the same day? How did it turn out that it was exactly you to whom she gave the message? She never wrote messages, except to me and Svetodar. You perfectly know that Magdalena always preferred to talk to us. And she never decided the important things alone! She respected and loved us and would never agree to that kind of thing.

One of the knights was very nervous and higly displeased. To my greatest horror, it was the ever merry and pleasant Vesta’s "friend", Red Simon... Magdalena was right. He brought a misfortune... without realizing it. Simon bristled and looked at others, apparently not knowing how to withstand this verbal attack; what to say that they would understand?

– So, how can you explain this "letter", Simon? – Radan repeated insistently.

– I told you, I don’t know! – The knight offendedly exclaimed. – I, what a fool, tried to find you as quickly as possible and got mistrust in gratitude! I think jealousy blinds you; otherwise you would not offend me so wrongly!

The indignant Simon pulled out a tiny white sheet completely covered with neat large Runes – Magdalena’s supposed "letter"... All the rest in the room were obviously confused. They had known each other for such a long time that it was truly impossible to believe treachery of any one of them... But then why did that kind of thing happen?! In fact Maria never distinguished between any of them when discussing something truly important! They always acted all together in everything. And this "letter" turned the whole of the Cathar doctrine upside down and dramatically changed the sense of what Magdalena had taught for so long. Was it not really incomprehensible or, at least, very strange?

– Forgive us, Simon, we don’t want to accuse you. But the circumstances are very unclear. – A Knight Templar pronounced very reservedly. – How did you find yourself next to Maria exactly at the moment when she wrote this ill-fated message? And how did you appear in the holy cave exactly when they were killed?! – And, on calming down, he added: – Did she say anything?

– No, she said nothing... She only asked it be read to you. – Simon pronounced with indignation. – If she had not died, would it really have seemed so strange!? Is it my guilt that I happened to be near? If I did not find THEM, maybe you would not know until now what happened to them!

It was very hard to blame him without knowing the whole truth. All of them were Knights of Radomir. They were closest battle friends who had gone a dangerous and long way together... But no matter how hard the Templars tried to think positively, the event aroused suspicions – everything coincided in a very unusual way…

The Templars ask pardon from the spirits of people killed in the battle...
The Templars ask pardon from the spirits of people killed in the battle...

I stood punch-drunk, refusing to believe that the most outstanding Empire on Earth was destroyed in so terribly simple a way! Again, this was another time. And it was difficult for me to judge how strong people were then. But the Cathars had the purest, invincible and proud hearts which allowed them to go to frightful human fires without breaking and betraying. How could they believe that Golden Maria would permit that?

Frankly speaking the plan of the church was a work of devilish genius... On the face of it, it even would seem that it brought only good and love to the "new" Cathars, prohibiting taking somebody's life, but it was only on the face of it... It reality this "bloodless" teaching totally disarmed the Cathars, making them helpless against the cruel and blood-thirsty army of the Pope. In fact, as far as I understood, the church did not attack while the Cathars remained warriors. But after Golden Maria’s death and fulfillment of the genius plan of the church, the "holy" fathers had just to wait a little until the Cathars became helpless of their own free will, and then they would attack... when there would be nobody to resist, when there would be just a small handful of the Knights Templar left and when it would be very easy to defeat the Cathars, without even staining their delicate, well-groomed hands with Cathar blood.

These thoughts made me sick... Everything was too easy and simple and very scary. I desperately needed to avoid these sad thoughts and asked:

– Have you ever seen the Key of Gods, Sever?

– No, my friend. I have not. I saw it only through Magdalena, like you saw it today. But I can tell you Isidora that it must not get into "dark" hands, no matter how many human sacrifices it costs, otherwise Midgard-Earth will cease to exist... It is too powerful a force. Should it get into the hands of the Thinking Dark, nothing will stop their victorious march on the rest of the Earths (Planets)... I know how hard it is for your heart to understand that, Isidora. But sometimes we must think of the whole. We must think for all coming here... and see that they will have somewhere to come...

– Where is the Key of Gods now? Does anybody know that, Sever? – Anna asked unexpectedly in earnest, having been quiet until now.

– Yes, Annushka, partly I know. But I cannot tell you about it, unfortunately... I am sure about one thing though; a day will come when people will finally be worthy and the Key of Gods will shine again on the top of the Northern Country. Only long hundreds of years will have to pass before it happens...

– But we shall die soon. What is it that you’re afraid of, Sever? – Anna asked severely. – Tell us, please!

He looked at her in surprise and, on waiting a little, slowly answered.

– You are right, dear. I think you deserve to know that... After the cruel death of Golden Maria, Radan took the Key of Gods to Spain to give it to Svetodar. He considered that, even being so young, Svetodar would save the treasure entrusted to him, even at the cost of his precious life if necessary. Later, when Svetodar left for the search for Wanderer, he took the marvellous treasure with him. And when he found him, spent sixty long and difficult years with him, before coming back home, he decided that it would be more safe and correct to leave the Key of Gods there, in the Northern Country, in case of something bad happening in his native Occitania. He did not know what waited for him at home and refused to risk the Key of Gods.

– So, that means that the Key of Gods was in the Northern Country all this time? – Anna asked in earnest, as if affirming what she just heard.

– Unfortunately, I don’t know, dear. I have not heard about it since then.

– Tell me, Sever. Wouldn’t you really like to see the new future? Would you not really like to see the new Earth with your own eyes? – I could not help asking.

– I have no right to that, Isidora. I have already had my days here and must go Home. It is time for me already. I saw too much grief here, too many losses. But I shall wait for you, my friend. As I told you, my distant world is your world too. I shall help you to come back Home… I felt perplexed; understanding nothing of what was going on, unable to comprehend my beloved Earth or the people living on it. They were given wonderful KNOWLEDGE and instead of studying it they fought for power, destroyed each other and died... Thousands of them died before they had time to live their precious lives... and took away the lives of other good people.

– Tell me, Sever. Not all of the Knights Templar died, did they? Otherwise their Order could not spread out so widely later?

– No, my friend, some of them had to remain alive in order to save the Order of the Templars of Radomir. When the church attacked Occitania, they went to their friends from the nearby castles, taking John’s head and the treasure of the Templars with the help of which they were going to create a real army which would act independently of Kings and Popes’ wishes. They again hoped to recreate the world Radomir had dreamed about, but this time they wanted it to be free, mighty and strong.

You can read about the remaining Occitan Cathar-Warriors (Templars) in my book "The children of Sun" where you will find extracts of the original letters of Count Miropoix, a Warrior-Perfecti, who protected the fortress of Montsegur in 1244 and witnessed of the death of the Montsegur Cathars. There also will be some extracts from the real records of the Carcassonne Inquisition and secret archives of the Vatican..

– Is it so that the Cathars were divided after Golden Maria’s death into "new" Cathars and old warriors of Magdalena?

– You are right, Isidora. Unfortunately all the "new" ones died in the terrible Papal fires... and that was what the "holy" church aimed for.

– Why did not the Templars come back? Why did not they win Occitania back? – I bitterly exclaimed.

– Because there was nobody to win back, Isidora, – Sever whispered quietly. – There were just a few of the Templars who left Occitania. Other Templars died, protecting the "new" Cathars. Do you remember I told you that just a hundred Knights protected every Occitan castle or town? A hundred fought against tens of thousands of the Papal Crusaders. It was too much even for the strongest...

The new "Perfecti" did not fight, giving themselves and others for extermination. But if they had helped, the empire of Light would have flourished until now and you would have met living Cathars... Hundreds of the Perfecti burned (400 of them burned only in Besier!). Together with the Templars, they would smash any army! But they did not want to. And the Templars died for them, even understanding that they would lose, they could not calmly watch old men, women and children die... They could not watch the best burn... burn because of the most foolish lies.

– Tell me, Sever. Has Golden Maria ever succeded in visiting the Northern Country? – I asked, again wishing to change the subject of the conversation. Sever attentively scrutinized my face, as if wishing to get down to my soul. Then he sadly smiled and quietly pronounced:

– You are very shrewd, Isidora... But I cannot tell you all of that. I can only answer – yes. She visited the holy Land of her ancestors... the Land of Radomir. Wanderer helped her. But I have no right to tell you more... Forgive me.

It was unexpected and strange. On telling me about the events which, in my understanding, were far more serious and more important, Sever suddenly refused to tell me such a "trifle"! Certainly, my interest became much stronger, allowing me to cherish hopes that somehow I would know it before I die. Somehow I will have time for that…

Unexpectedly the door swung open and we saw Caraffa on the threshold. To my surprise he looked fresh and satisfied.

– Well, well... Madonna Isidora receives guests! Very interesting. From the very Meteora, if I am not mistaken? The great Sever in person! Will you introduce me, Isidora? I think it will be very useful for all of us!

And complacently laughing, Caraffa sat himself on a chair with an air of importance.

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