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Svetlana de Rohan Levashov
Part 1. Childhood. Vol. 1. Awakening

39. Isidora-5. The Darkness

Caraffa stayed for a little while in "my" rooms without uttering a word, then rose to leave and very calmly pronounced:

– I’ll inform you when your daughter arrives here, Madonna. I think it’ll be very soon. – He bowed with the air of a man of the world and withdrew.

I gathered what was left of my strength, trying not to give way to black despair, took off my shawl with my trembling hand and sat on the nearest sofa.

What could I, exhausted and lonely, do? How could I protect my brave girl who fearlessly entered into the war with Caraffa? What kind of lies did they tell her to make her leave Meteora and came back to this Hell on Earth cursed by God and people?

I could not even imagine what Caraffa had prepared for Anna... She was his last hope and his last weapon which, I knew, he would try to use in the best way he could to make me surrender, which meant that Anna would have to suffer terribly.

I was unable to cope with such hurt alone; I tried to call my father. He appeared at once, as if he awaited my call.

– Father, I am so scared! He is taking Anna! I don’t know whether I will be able to protect her... Help me, father! At least give me some advice...

There was nothing in the world I would not agree to give to Caraffa in exchange for Anna. I would agree to anything... except for one – the gift of immortality, which, unfortunately, was the only thing the holy Pope wished for.

– I am so afraid for her, father! I saw a girl here. She was dying. I helped her to go... Will Anna have to undergo the same severe trials too?! Is it possible that we will not be able to save her?

Don’t let fear into your heart, daughter, no matter how painfuil it is for you. Don’t you remember what Girolamo taught his daughter? Fear can make what you’re afraid of, a reality. It opens doors. Don’t let fear weaken you before you even start fighting, my dear. Don’t let Caraffa win before you even begin resisting.

– What should I do, father? I have not found his weakness. I have not found what he is afraid of... and I have almost no time left. What should I do, tell me?

I understood that our, mine and Anna’s, short lives were coming to their sad end... And Caraffa still lived, and I did not know yet what I should begin with to destroy him...

– Go to Meteora, daughter. Only they can help you. Go there, my heart.

Father’s voice sounded very sad. Perhaps, just like me, he did not believe that Meteora would help us.

– But they said no to me, father, you know that. They believe too strongly in their old "truth" which they once suggested to themselves. They won’t help us.

– Listen to me, daughter... Go back there. I know you don’t believe... But they are the only ones who can help you. There is nobody else to ask. I must go now... I am sorry dear. But very soon I’ll come back to you. I will not leave you, Isidora.

My father’s spirit began to "sway" and melt, and totally disappeared in a second. I confusedly looked at the place where his transparent body had shone just a second ago and realized that I did not know at all what to begin with...

Caraffa declared too confidently that Anna very soon would be in his criminal hands, therefore I did not have much time left for fighting. I got up, shook off my distressing thoughts and decided to follow my father’s advice and visit Meteora again. Anyway, it could not be worse than it already was; therefore I tuned in to Sever and went...

This time there were neither mountains, nor wonderful flowers... I found myself in a spacious and very long stone hall, at the far end of which was something incredibly bright and appealing that sparkled like a dazzling emerald star. The air around it shone and pulsated, splashing out long tongues of green "flame" which flashed and brightly lit the enormous hall to the very ceiling. Sever stood near this extraordinary beauty, being deep in his sad thoughts.

– Peace to you, Isidora. I’m glad you came. – He warmly pronounced, turning around.

– Peace to you too, Sever. I came for a short while. – I answered, doing my best not to relax and yield to the charm of Meteora. – Tell me, Sever, how could you let Anna go? You knew where she was going! How could you let her go?! I hoped that Meteora would protect her, but it betrayed her so easily... Explain that to me please, if you can...

He looked at me with his sad and wise eyes without uttering a word, as if everything had been said and nothing could be changed... Then he negatively shook his head and softly replied.

– Meteora did not betray Anna, Isidora. It was her desision to leave. She is a not child anymore. She thinks and decides in her own way, and we have no right to keep her here by force, even if we are not in agreement with her decision. She was told that Caraffa would torture you, if she refused to come back. Therefore Anna decided to leave Meteora. Our rules are very strict and unchanging, Isidora. Should we break them, just once, the next time a reason to start quickly changing our life here would be found. This is unacceptable. We are not free to turn from our way.

– You know, Sever, I think exactly THIS is your principle error... You blindly locked yourself into your infallible laws, which, if one looks at them closely, will turn out to be empty and even naive. You deal here with outstanding people, each one is a treasure. Those extraordinary bright and strong people cannot be adjusted to one and the same law! They simply will not submit to it. Sever; you must be more flexible and understanding. Sometimes life becomes too unpredictable, just like the circumstances, and you can not judge identically the USUAL things and those beyond your archaic "limits" which you established a long time ago. Do you really believe that your laws are correct? Tell me honestly, Sever!

Perplexed, he scrutinized my face, as if he could not decide whether he should tell me the truth or leave everything as it was to protect his wise soul from regrets.

– Our laws, Isidora, were not created in one day... Centuries passed and volkhvs paid for their errors. Therefore if something does not sometimes seem quite correct to us, we prefer to see the all-embracing picture of life without switching to individuals, no matter how painful it is...

I would give a lot, if you agree to stay with us! Probably one fine day you could change our Earth, Isidora. You have a very rare Gift and you can truly THINK. But I know that you will not stay. You will not betray yourself. And I cannot help you in anything. I know that you will never forgive us as long as you live... like Magdalena never forgave us for the death of her beloved husband Jesus-Radomir... We begged her to come back, offering protection to her children, but she never came back to us... We have been living with this load for many long years, Isidora, and believe me, there is no heavier load in the world! But this is our fate, unfortunately, and it cannot be changed until the real day of "awakening" comes on Earth... when we will not need to hide anymore, when Earth, finally, will be truly pure and wise ... and lighter... Then we will be able to think about every gifted one, being not afraid that Earth will destroy us, that Faith and Knowledge and the KNOWING ones will disappear on Earth, if we disappear...

Sever drooped down, as if in his heart of hearts he disagreed with what he just told me... I felt with the whole of my heart that he rather believed in what I believed. But I also knew that he would not confide in me, thus keeping him from betraying Meteora and his great Teachers. Therefore I decided to leave him alone and torment him no more...

– Tell me, Sever, what became of Maria Magdalena? Do her descendants live somewhere on Earth?

– Of course, Isidora! – Sever answered enthusiastically. It seemed to me that he was sincerely happy about the change of subject...

The Descent from the Cross by Peter Paul Rubens
The Descent from the Cross by Peter Paul Rubens.
Magdalena and Jesus-Radomir's brother Radan (in red) are
holding His body. His mother Vedunia Maria is behind
Magdalena. John is on the very top and two Knights Templar
to his right and left. Other two figures are unknown. Could
they be the Israelites in whose house Radomir's family lived?..

– After Christ’s death Magdalena left the cruel and wicked land which had bereaved her of the dearest one in the world to her. She left taking her child-daughter who was only four years old then. And her eight year old son was secretly taken to Spain by the Knights Templar in order that he would survive and ensure the continuity of his father’s great line. If you wish I’ll tell the true story of their life, because what is given to people today is simply a story for the ignorant and blind...

Magdalena with her children – a daughter and son. (Church St. Nazare, Lemoux, Langedoc, France) Radomir with his children – a son Svetodar and a daughter Vesta.
These beautiful stained-glass windows shows Radomir and Magdalena with their
children – a son Svetodar and a daughter Vesta. There is another interesting detail.
A priest near Radomir wears Catholic vestments which could not be 2 000 years
ago. These only appeared in the 11th or 12th century which proves that
Jesus-Radomir was born in the 11th century.

I nodded.

Radomir foresees his forthcoming death and sends his nine year old son Svetodar to Spain... 
The picture  conveys deep sadness and despair.
Radomir foresees his forthcoming death
and sends his nine year old son Svetodar
to Spain... The picture conveys
deep sadness and despair.

– Please, tell me the truth... Tell me about them, Sever...

His thoughts flew far-far away, submerging into old, covered with the ashes of centuries, innermost recollections. And the surprising story began...

– As I have already told you before, Isidora, after the death of Jesus and Magdalena shameless lies were woven into their light but sad life, just as into the lives of the descendants of this outstanding and brave family... They were forced to "wear" a STRANGE FAITH. Their pure images were surrounded by the lives of STRANGE PEOPLE who had been long dead before they come into this world... WORDS they NEVER SAID were ascribed to them... They were made RESPONSIBLE FOR CRIMES which the STRANGE FAITH, the most lying and criminal one that ever existed on Earth, HAD COMMITTED AND IS STILL CONTINUING TO COMMIT...

* * *

Author’s remark: It’s been many many years since I met Isidora. And now, when I remember and re-live those remote years, I was able to find (being in France) quite interesting material which confirms Sever’s story about the life of Maria Magdalena and Jesus-Radomir. I think it will be of interest all who read Isidora’s story and could probably help to shed some light on the lies of "the mighty of this world". You will find the material in the Addendum after Isidora’s story.

* * *

I felt that this story did not come easy to Sever. Apparently his big open heart still refused to accept such a loss and still strongly ached, but he honestly continued to tell further, perfectly understanding that later I would not be able to ask him anything.

This stained-glass window shows Magdalena as a Teacher over kings, aristocrats, philosophers and scientists.
This stained-glass window
shows Magdalena as a Teacher
over kings, aristocrats,
philosophers and scientists.

– Do you remember, Isidora, I told you that Jesus-Radomir never had anything in common with those lying teachings about which the Christian Church shouts its head off? It is absolutely opposite to what Jesus, and later, Magdalena, taught. They taught people the real KNOWLEDGE. They taught what we taught them here, in Meteora... And Maria knew even more, because she could easily get knowledge from Big Space, after she left us. They lived being closely surrounded by Veduns and gifted ones, who people later renamed "apostles"... which in the notorious "Bible" appeared as old and distrustful israelites... who, I think, would betray Jesus a thousand times, if they could. In reality it was the Knights Templar who were his "apostles". This Temple was not built by human hands but created by Radomir’s highest thought. It was a Spiritual Temple of Truth and Knowledge. In the beginning there were just nine of those knights and they gathered together to protect Radomir and Magdalena in the strange and dangerous country into which their fate threw them so pitilessly. Another task of the Knights Templar was (if something terrible were to happen!) to save the TRUTH which these two wonderful and light human beings brought to the Israelites – "hopeless souls" – dedicating their Gift and pure Lives to peace on their dear but still very cruel planet...

– Does this mean that the "apostles" were completely different people too?! What were they? Can you tell me about them, Sever?

The story so captivated me that for a short moment I even succeeded in "lulling" my torments and fears and forgot the forthcoming pain! I brought down a squall of questions on Sever, being not sure whether there were answers to them. I was so eager to know the real story of these brave people, which would not be debased by the lies of the long five hundred years!!!

– Oh, they were truly wonderful people, those Knights Templar, Isidora! Together with Radomir and Magdalena they created a magnificent skeleton of COURAGE, HONOUR and FAITH on which the light TEACHINGS, which our ancestors once left to rescue our Earth, was built. Two of them were our disciples and also hereditary warriors from the ancient European aristocratic families. Here they became brave and gifted Veduns ready to do anything and everything to save Jesus and Magdalena. Four of them were descendants of the Ruses-Merovingians and also had a prodigious Gift, as did all their distant ancestors – the kings of Frankia... as well as Magdalena who descended from this amazing dynasty and proudly carried her family Gift. Two were our Volkvs who voluntarily left Meteora to protect their beloved Disciple, Jesus-Radomir, who went to meet his death. They could not betray Radomir in their hearts, and even knowing what awaited him, followed him without compunction. Well, the last, the ninth knight-defender, about who nobody knows and writes, was Christ’s brother, the White Volkhv’s son Radan (Ra-dan=given by Ra)... He managed to save Radomir’s son after his death, but on protecting him, he, unfortunately, died...

– Tell me, Sever, has it something to do with a legend about twins which says that Christ had a twin brother? I read about it in our library and always wanted to know whether it was true or just the next lie of the "holy fathers"?

A picture by Bartolome Murillo Holy Infants Embracing by Leonardo da Vinci
Radomir and Radan depicted by Bartolome Murillo and Leonardo da Vinci.

– No, Isidora. Radan was not Radomir’s twin. It would be an undesirable additional danger to the life of Christ and Magdalena which was difficult enough without it. Do you know that twins are bound too closely by the filament of their birth, and that a life-threatening danger for one can be a danger for the other? – I nodded. – Therefore the volkhvs could not make this kind of mistake.

– It means that not all in Meteora betrayed Jesus! – I happily exclaimed. – Not all looked calmly as he went to meet his death!

– Of course not, Isidora! We all would go to protect him, but not all managed to step over their Duty... I know you don’t believe me, but we all loved him very much... and, of course, Magdalena. It’s just that not all could forget their duties and give up everything for one man, no matter how special he was. You, in fact, give your life to save many, don’t you? Our volkhvs too stayed in Meteora to keep the Sacred Knowledge and teach other gifted ones. Such is life, Isidora... and everybody makes it better the best way he can.

– Tell me Sever, why do you call Frankish kings Ruses? Did these two peoples have anything in common? As far as I remember they were always called Franks? And later beautiful Frankia became France, did not it?

– No, Isidora. Do you know what the word "franks" means? – I negatively shook my head – "Franks" simply means free. And the Merovingi were north Ruses who came to teach free Franks the art of war, the ruling of the country, politics and science (just as they came to other countries, being born for teaching and the good of other people). Their correct name was Meravingly (We-Ra-in-Inglia; we are children of Ra, bearing Light in the native Primordial Inglia). But, of course, later this word, as well as a lot of others, was "simplified"... and it began to sound like "Merovingi". Thus a new "history" was created, saying that the name of the Merovingi had originated from the name of the king of the Franks, Merovech, although the name of the dynasty had nothing to do with King Merovech, especially taking into account that he was the thirteenth Merovingian king; would not it be more logical to call the dynasty by the the name of the first king? The same thing concerns another foolish legend about a "sea monster" which allegedly produced the dynasty of the Merovingi – this name, naturally, has nothing to do with it. Apparently the Thinking Dark ones aim was that people would not know the real meaning of the NAME of the ruling dynasty of the Franks. Therefore they renamed and converted them into "weak, unlucky and pitiful" kings, once again distorting the real world history.

One of the last Meravingly - Childeric II; unknown artist, a copy of an ancient original
One of the last Meravingly
- Childeric II; unknown artist,
a copy of an ancient original.
The then Europe...
The then Europe...

The Meravingly were a bright, clever and gifted dynasty of the north Ruses who voluntarily left their great motherland and mixed their blood with the higher European dynasties of that time in order to produce a new mighty Dynasty of magicians and warriors who would be able to govern countries and people, which then inhabited a semicivilized Europe, wisely. They were wonderful magicians and warriors. They could heal suffering and teach the desrving.

All Meravingly wore very long hair which they agreed never to cut under any circumstances, because they got the Life Force via it. Unfortunately, the Thinking Dark ones also knew about that. Therefore the forced "haircut" of the last Merovingian royal family became the most terrible punishment. It happened after the treachery of the Jewish royal treasurer, who, using lies, cunningly set brother against brother and son against father in this family, and then easily played on human pride and honour... This was the first time a former stronghold was shaken in the royal family of the Meravingly and the firm faith in the unity of the Kin showed the first deep crack... The many centuries war of the Meravingly with the opposing Kin began to come to a sad end... The last real king of this wonderful dynasty Dagobert II was treacherously killed, just like many before. A hired assasin killed him at the hunt with a poisoned spear in the back.

The hair of the last king of the Meravingly is cut off to prepare him for the monastery.
The hair of the last king of the Meravingly is
cut off to prepare him for the monastery.

This was how the most gifted European dynasty, which brought light and power to the unenlightened European people ended, more precisely, was exterminated.

As you see, Isidora, cowards and betrayers of all times did not dare to fight openly, perfectly knowing that they could never win fairly, but with the help of lies and baseness they defeated even the strongest ones, using the honour and conscience of the latter to their benefit... and did not worry about their "dying in lies" soul. Thus, on destroying "the enlightened that impeded", the Thinking Dark ones invented whatever "history" they wanted. And people for whom this kind of "history" was created easily accepted it, even without trying to think a little... It is our Earth, Isidora. And I am sincerely sad and feel bad that we failed to wake it up.

My heart suddenly began to ache bitterly and painfully... That means that at all times there were light and strong people who bravely but hopelessly fought for happiness and the future of humanity! And, as a rule, they all died... What was the reason for such a cruel injustice? What was the reason for this mortal end to happen over and over again?

– Tell me, Sever, why do the purest and strongest always die? I know that I have already asked this question... But I cannot understand it yet. Do people really not see how wonderful and happy their life would be, if they listened to at least one of those who fought for them so fervently?! Are you really right and Earth is so blind that it is still too early to fight for it?!

Sever sadly shook his head and affectionately smiled.

– You know the answer to this question, Isidora... But you won’t give up, even if this cruel truth frightenes you, will you? You are a Warrior and you always will be. Otherwise you would betray yourself and the sense of life would be lost for you forever. We are what we ARE. And no matter how strongly we change, our core (or our basis) will be what our ESSENCE truly is. In fact if a person is still "blind", there is a hope that one day he might "see the light", isn’t there? Or if his brain still sleeps, it might wake up one day. But if a person is "rotten" to the core, then no matter how hard he tries, one day his rotten soul will out... and kill any of his attempts to look better. To the contrary, if Man is truly honest and brave, the fear of pain or the most terrible threats cannot break Him, because his soul, His ESSENCE will remain brave and pure forever, no matter how cruelly he suffered. But at the same time this is His weakness and misfortune, because, being truly Pure, He is unable to see treachery and meanness before it is obvious and too late to undertake anything to remedy the situation... He cannot foresee these kinds of things, because He never knows these low feelings. They never are part of him. Therefore the lightest and bravest people on Earth will always die, Isidora. It will go on until EVERY earthly human being wakes up and understands that life is not a freebie, that one must fight to make it wonderful and that Earth will not be better until he fills it with his goodness and embellishes it with his labour, no matter how small or insignificant it is.

John, Vedunia Maria and her children–Radan and Radomir
John, Vedunia Maria and her
children–Radan and Radomir.

But as I have already told you, Isidora, it will not happen for a very long time, because today man is concerned exclusively with his personal well-being, without taking the trouble to think of why he came on Earth... Because every LIFE, no matter how insignificant it seems to be, comes on Earth with a certain aim, mostly to make our common HOME better, merrier, mightier and wiser.

– Do you think that an ordinary man will be interested in the common good some time? In fact many people are unaware of this concept. How can we teach them, Sever?

– It cannot be taught, Isidora. A necessity for Light and Good must emerge in people. They must wish to change of their own free will. Because man instinctively tries to reject everything that is forced upon him as quickly as possible, even without making a slightest attemt to understand anything. But we have digressed from the subject, Isidora. Do you wish me to continue the story of Radomir and Magdalena? I nodded an affirmative, being terribly sorry that I could not calmly converse with him, without worrying about the last minutes of my broken life which fate allotted to me or, horrified, thinking of Anna threatened with terrible danger...

– The Bible says a lot about John the Baptist. Was he truly with Radomir and the Knights Templar? His character is so surprisingly good that sometimes I doubted whether John was a real figure? Can you say something about it, Sever?

Sever warmly smiled, apparently remembering something very pleasant and dear to him...

– John was wise and kind like a big warm sun... He was a father for all who went with him. He was their teacher and friend... He was appreciated, obeyed and loved. But he never was that amazingly beautiful young man that we usually see in paintings. At that time John was a quite old, but still very strong and firm, Volkhv. Grey-haired and tall, he looked more like a mighty epic warrior than a handsome and tender youngster. He had a very long hair, just as did all who were with Radomir.

John the Baptist according to the Bible Radan–Radomir's (Jesus Christ) brother

It was Radan who was that young tender man. He was extraordinarily handsome indeed. Like Radomir, he lived in Meteora from his early years with his mother, Vedunia Maria. Do you remember, Isidora, how many pictures there are where Maria is painted with two children of almost the same age? For some reason all famous painters drew them. Most likely, they did not even understand WHO in reality they drew... It is of interest that in all these pictures Maria looks exactly at Radan. Probably, being whilst a baby, Radan was the same merry and appealing being that he remained for the rest of his short life….

Maria looks at Radan Maria looks at Radan
Maria looks at Radan Maria looks at Radan
Vedunia Maria and her children–Radan and Radomir

Maria looks at Radan Maria looks at Radan
Maria looks at Radan Maria looks at Radan
Vedunia Maria and her children–Radan and Radomir

And there is another thing... if it was exactly John in these pictures, then how could he manage to get old so rapidly by the time of his execution at Salome’s whim? According to the Bible it happened before Christ was crucified, which means that John could not be more than thirty four years! How then did a softly good-looking golden-haired young lad turned into an old and quite unattractive Jew?!

John the Baptist (RADAN). Lemoux, Langedoc, France
John the Baptist (RADAN). A church
in Lemoux, Langedoc, France

– Does this mean that the Volkhv John did not die, Sever? – I rejoiced. – Or did he die otherwise?

– Unfortunately, the real John was beheaded, Isidora, but the ill-will of a capricious spoilt woman had nothing to do with it. The reason for his death was the treachery of a Jewish "friend" who he trusted and in whose house he had lived for several years...

Salome by Titian
Salome by Titian.
Salome with the Head of John the baptist by Caravaggio
Salome with the Head of John
the baptist
by Caravaggio

– But how could it be that he did not feel? How could he not see what kind of a "friend" this was?! – I was indignant.

– Probably, because it is impossible to suspect everybody, Isidora... I think they found it difficult enough to trust at least somebody and, besides, they all had somehow to adapt and live in that unknown country, don’t forget that. It is why they had to choose the lesser of two evils. But it is impossible to foresee everything; as you perfectly know, Isidora... The Volkhv John’s death happened in reality after Radomir’s crucifixion. The Jew in whose house John lived with the late Jesus’s family poisoned him. One evening, when everybody in the house slept, the host conversed with John and treated him to his favourite tea with the strongest herbal poison... The next morning nobody could understand what had happened. According to the host, John just instantly fell asleep and never woke up... His body was found in the morning in his bloodstained bed with... his head chopped off... The host also said that the Israelites feared John very much, because they considered him a mighty and unsurpassed magician, and , they beheaded him. Later the Knights Templar bought (!!!) John’s head from them and managed to save and bring it to the Valley of Magicians, thus giving John this tiny but deserving respect and preventing the Israelites from desecrating him, carrying out their magic rituals. Since then John’s head had always been with them wherever they were. It was John’s head that was the reason for accusing the Knights Templar of Devil-worship two hundred years later... You remember the last "Knights Templar case", don’t you, Isidora? It was exactly then they were accused of worshipping the "speaking head" which enraged the clergy.

A troubadour shows John's head to the Occitan aristocrats
A troubadour shows John's head to
the Occitan aristocrats–the Cathars
who later helped to hide it
from the Catholic church's claws
Stained-glass window in
Lemoix, Langedoc, France.

– Forgive me, Sever, but why did the Knights Templar not bring John’s head here, to Meteora? As far as I understand, you all loved him very much! And how do you know all these details? You were not with them, right? Who told you all this?

– Vedunia Maria, the mother of Radan and Radomir, told us this sad story...

– Did Maria come back here after Jesus’s execution?! As far as I know, she was with her son during the crucifixion. When did she come back to you? Is it possible that she still lives? – I asked, holding my breath.

I wanted so much to see somebody from those honourable brave people! I wanted so much to "charge" myself with their self-control and force for my forthcoming last fight!

– No, Isidora. Regrettably, Maria died centuries ago. She did not wish to live long, although she could. I think her pain was too deep... She went with her sons to an unknown and far away country (many years before their death), and, on being unable to protect any of them, Maria did not return to Meteora, going with Magdalena instead. We thought then that she was gone forever... On getting tired from bitterness and losses after the death of her beloved granddaughter and Magdalena, Maria decided to leave the cruel and merciless life... But before "going away" forever, she came to Meteora to say goodbye and tell us the true story of the death of those who we all loved so much...

Radan and his mother, Vedunia Maria, after Radomir's death
Radan and his mother, Vedunia
Maria, after Radomir's death.

Also she came back to see the White Volkhv for the last time... her spouse and faithful friend who she was unable to forget. She forgave him in her heart, but to his great regret she could not bring Magdalena’s forgiveness... So, as you can see, Isidora, the great Christian fable about "universal forgivness" is simply a child's lie for naive believers to let them do any Evil, knowing that whatever they did, they will be always forgiven in the end. But one should forgive only that, which is truly worthy of forgiveness. Man must understand that he has to answer for any Evil he does... and not before some mysterious God, but before himself, making himself suffer cruelly. Magdalena did not forgive the White Volkhv, despite that she deeply respected and sincerely loved him, just as she could not forgive all of us for Radomir’s terrible death, becase it was precisely SHE who understood better than all that we could help him and save him from that cruel death... but we did not want to. Considering the White Volkhv’s guilt too heavy, she left him to live with this guilt and remember it every minute of his life... She did not want to grant easy forgiveness to him. We never saw her again, or her children. Via a Knight Templar, who also was our volkhv, Magdalena sent an answer to the White Volkhv after he had asked her to come back to us: "The Sun does not rise twice in one day... The joy of your world (Radomir) will never come back to you, just as I shall not come back to you... I found my FAITH and my TRUTH, they are LIVING, and yours is DEAD... Mourn your sons. They loved you. I will never forgive you their death as long as I live. Let your guilt be with you. Maybe some time it will bring you Light and Forgiveness... but not from me." The Volkhv John’s head was not brought to Meteora for the same reason. None of the Knights Templar wanted to come back to us... We lost them, just like many times we lost many others who did not want to understand and accept our sacrifice... who, like you, left, blaming us.

My head spun! Like a hungry traveller, I appeased my eternal hunger for knowledge and voraciously absorbed the stream of amazing information, generously given by Sever. I wanted much more! I wanted to know everything to the end. It was a mouthful of fresh water in a desert scorched by pain and anguish! I could not slake my thirst...

The Jewish prophet Joshua and his wife Maria
The Jewish prophet Joshua and his wife Maria
The Jewish prophet Joshua and his wife Maria.

– I have thousands of questions! But there is not time... What should I do, Sever?

– Ask, Isidora! Ask and I’ll try to answer you...

– Tell me, Sever, why does it seem to me that this story contains two life stories which are entwined with similar events, and they are presented as the life of one person? Or am I mistaken?

– You are absolutely right, Isidora. As I have already told you before, the "mighty of this world", who created the false history of humanity, "overlaid" Christ’s true life with the stranger life of the Jewish prophet Joshua, who lived one and a half thousand years ago (by the time Sever told this story), and also with the life of his family, relatives, friends and followers. In fact it was exactly the Prophet Joshua’s wife, the Jewish Maria who had a sister Martha and brother Lazarus. His mother had a sister Maria Jacobe. And there were others who never were together with Radomir and Magdalena. Just as well the stranger "apostles" – Paul, Matthew, Peter, Luke and others were never with them...

The Last Supper
The Jewish prophet Joshua with his
wife Maria and the apostles Peter,
Paul, Matthew... The Last Supper.
The Jewish prophet Joshua with his wife Maria
The Jewish prophet Joshua
with his wife Maria.

It was the prophet Joshua’s family that more than one and a half thousand years ago moved to Provence (which then was called Transalpine Gaul), into the Greek city of Massalia (now Marseille), because Massalia was a "gate" between Europe and Asia then, and it was the easiest solution for all "persecuted" to avoid pursuits and troubles. The real Magdalena moved to Languedoc a thousand years later than the Jew Maria was born, and she came back Home, instead of escaping from one lot of Israelites to another like the Jewish Maria who never was the Light and Pure Star which the real Magdalena was.

The Jewish Maria was a kind, but not bright woman who was given in marriage while still being very young. And she was never called Magdalena... They "hung" this name on her, wishing to unite these two incompatible women in one. In order to prove this ridiculous legend, they invented the false story about the city of Magdala which did not exsist in Galilee in the life-time of the Jewish Maria... This outrageous "story" of two Jesuses was intentionally entangled so much that an ordinary person found it too difficult to get to the truth, and only those who were truly able to think saw what terrible lies Christianity–the most cruel and blood-thirsty of all religions–brought. However, as I have already told you before, the overwhelming majority of people do not like to THINK independently. Therefore they accept and take everything, whatever the Roman Church teaches, on trust. It was so comfortable, and so it remained always. Man was not ready to accept Radomir and Magdalena’s real TEACHING which required labour and independent thinking. People always liked and approved everything that was extremely simple and told them what they should believe in, what they should accept and what they should deny.

It was the prophet Joshua’s family that more than a thousand years ago moved to Provence, now Marceille

For a fraction of a second I felt terribly scared – Sever’s words reminded me too much of what Caraffa had said! But my "rebellious" soul refused to agree that a blood-thirsty killer, the Pope, could be truly right in something...

– It was the Thinking Dark ones who needed this religion for slaves to strengthen their domination in our fragile and still incipient world... to prevent him from ever being born... – Sever calmly continued. – To be sure of success in enslaving our Earth, the Thinking Dark ones found this small, but very flexible and vain Jewish people, which only they could understand. By virtue of their "flexibility" and mobility, they easily yielded to the exterior influence and became a dangerous instrument in the hands of the Thinking Dark ones which found the Jewish prophet Joshua and slyly "interlaced" the story of his life with that of Radomir; thereby destroying his real biography and substituting a fake one designed to make naive human minds believe in this kind of "story". There is more. The Jewish prophet Joshua had nothing to do with the religion called Christianity... It was created by order of the Emperor Konstantin, who needed a new religion to give a new "bone" to the people who had slipped from his control. And they swallowed it without thinking twice... our Earth is still the same, Isidora. A lot of time needs to pass before anyone can change it. A lot of time will pass before people will want to THINK... unfortunately...

– All right, they are not ready yet, Sever... But you do see that people are easily open to new things! Does it not show that humanity (in its own way) is LOOKING for ways up to genuine things and that people aspire to TRUTH and there is simply nobody to show it to them?

It is possible to show the most valuable Book of Knowledge in the world a thousand times with zero result, if a person cannot read, isn’t it, Isidora?

– But you TEACH your students in fact! – I exclaimed with anguish. – They too did not know everything at once before they got to you! So, teach humanity!!! It is worthy of not being let disappear!

– Yes, Isidora, we teach our students. But the gifted ones who get here can do the most important thing – they are able to THINK... and the rest are still the "guided" ones. And we have neither time nor desire for them, until their time comes and they deserve some of us to teach them. Sever was absolutely convinced of his rightness and I knew that no arguments could persuade him otherwise. Therefore I decided not to insist more...

– Tell me, Sever, what facts from Jesus’s life are truly genuine? Can you tell me how he lived? And how could it happen that having such powerful and faithful support, he, nevertheless, lost? What happened to his children and Magdalena? How long did she live after his death?

He smiled his wonderful smile...

– You remind me of young Magdalena... She was the most curious of all and all the time asked questions to which even our volkhvs found it difficult to find answers sometimes!

Sever again submerged into his sad memory, meeting there those who he still deeply and sincerely missed.

– She was really an amazing woman, Isidora! She never gave up and did not spare herself, just like you... At any moment she was ready to give herself for those who she loved and who she considered more worthy, and simply – for LIFE... Fate did not spare her, bringing down the load of irrevocable losses on her fragile shoulders, but to the last moment of her life she furiously fought for her friends, her children and for all who continued to live on earth after Radomir’s death... People called her the Apostle of all Apostles. And she truly was ... only not in the sense in which the "scriptures" written in Hebrew, a language alien to her in its essence, presented her. Magdalena was the mightiest Vedunia... the golden Maria – this was what people, who met her at least once, called her. She carried the pure light of Love and Knowledge and was completely saturated with it. She gave everything to others, holding nothing back, not sparing herself. Her friends loved her very much and were ready to give their lives for her without thinking twice! They were ready to sacrifice themselves for her and the teachings which she continued to spread after the death of her beloved husband Jesus-Radomir.

– Forgive me my scant familiarity, Sever, but why do you call Christ Radomir all the time?

– It’s very simple, Isidora. His father and mother called him Radomir and this name was his real name, his Family name wich reflected his true essence. This name had a double meaning. It meant Joy of the World (Rado-mir = Joy-world) and Bearing the Light of Knowledge (the Light of Rà)to the world (Rà-do-mir = Ra-to-world). It was the Thinking Dark ones who called him Jesus Christ when they fully changed the story of his life. And as you see, it has "stuck" to him for centuries. Jews always had a lot of Jesuses. It was the most ordinary and widespread Jewish name. However, it is quite amusing that it came to them from Greece... Well, Christ (Õristos) is not even a name at all. It means "messiah" or "enlightened" in Greek... I wonder; if the Bible says that Christ is a Christian, then how is it possible to explain the pagan Greek names with which the Thinking Dark ones labelled him? Interesting isn’t it? And this is the smallest of numerous discrepancies which a person does not want (or is not able) to see.

– But how can he see them, if he blindly believes in what he is given? We must show that to people! They must know all of it, Sever! – I could not contain myself again.

– We owe people nothing, Isidora... – Sever answered sharply. – They are fully satisfied with what they believe in. And they want to change nothing. Do you wish me to continue?

He again shut himself off from me with a wall of "iron" confidence in his rightness, and I had no choice but to nod in reply, hardly hiding the tears of disappointment... It was senseless even to try to prove anything to him. He lived in his "correct" world unwilling to be distracted by some insignificant "earthly faults"...

The Valley of Magicians
The Valley of Magicians.

– After Radomir’s cruel death Magdalena decided to come back to her real Home, where she was born a long time ago. Perhaps, the yearning for our roots is inherent in all of us, especially when, for one or another reason, we feel bad... So she, broken-hearted, deeply-grieved, wounded and lonely, decided to come back HOME at last... It was in enigmatic Occitania (today France’s, Languedoc) called the Valley of Magicians (or also the Valley of Gods), famous in its severe and mystic stateliness and beauty. Nobody who visited it once failed to fall in love with the Valley of Magicians for the rest of his life...

– Forgive me, Sever for interrupting you, but Magdalena’s name... could it be that it came from the Valley of Magicians? – I exclaimed, shocked by the unexpected discovery.

– You are absolutely right, Isidora. – Sever smiled. – See – you think! The Real Magdalena was born about five hundred years ago in the Occitan Valley of Magicians and was named Maria – the Magician of the Valley (Mag-Doliny).

– So, what kind of valley is the Valley of Magicians, Sever? And why did I never hear about something like that? Why did my father never mention this name or any of my teachers ever tell me about it?

– Oh, it is a very ancient and powerful place, Isidora! It was a time when Earth had extraordinary force there... It was called "The Land of Sun" or "Pure Land". It was specially created many thousands of years ago... Two of those, who people called Gods, lived there once. They guarded the Pure Land from "black forces", because it had the Star Gates (or Gates between Worlds. Slavs-Aryans called planets Worlds – E.L.) which today do not exist, but a long time ago it was a place where people and news arrived from other Worlds. It was one of seven "bridges" on Earth, which, regrettably, was destroyed by Man’s foolish mistake. Many centuries later gifted children began to be born in this valley. And we created a new "Meteora" for them there – strong but ignorant... It was called Raveda (Ra-veda=Ra-know). It was a sort of younger sister to our Meteora, where people were taught Knowledge, only much simpler than we were taught, because Raveda was open for all gifted ones without any exception. The Secret Knowledge was not imparted there but only that, which could help them to live with their burden and could teach them to get to know and control their amazing Gift. Gradually very different gifted people from the farthest lands of Earth, thirsty to study, began to come to Raveda. As Raveda was open to all, sometimes the "grey" gifted ones came there. They were also taught Knowledge in the hope that one fine day their lost Light Soul would come back to them. So, over time this Valley was called the Valley of Magicians, thus warning the uninitiated ones of the possibility of witnessing unexpected and surprising wonders – the fruit of thought and heart of the gifted ones... Six Knights Templar came there with Magdalena and Vedunia Maria. The friends of the Knights offered them to settle down in their unusual castle-fortresses which were situated on the live "Force points" which granted natural power and protection to the dwellers.

The fortress of Peypertuse
The fortress of Peypertuse
The fortress of Montsegur
The fortress of Montsegur
The fortress of Puilaurens
The fortress of Puilaurens
The fortress of Puivert
The fortress of Puivert
The fortress of Queribus
The fortress of Queribus
The fortress of Lastours
The fortress of Lastours

Magdalena with her very young daughter withdrew to the caves, looking for peace for her wounded heart.

Grieving Magdalena in caves
Grieving Magdalena in caves

– Show me, Sever! – I could not help asking. – Show me Magdalena, please...

To my greatest surprise I saw a tender, blue sea instead of severe stone caves and a woman who stood on the sandy shore. I knew her at once. It was Maria Magdalena – Radomir’s only love, his wife, mother of his wonderful children... and his widow.

Magdalena by El Greco
Magdalena by El Greco

She stood straight and proud, unbending and strong... Burning grief lived on her pure thin face... She still looked like the marvellous light girl who Sever showed me once. Only now, real "adult" sorrow darkened her cheerful beautiful face... Magdalena had that warm and tender female beauty which impressed both young and old, making them honour her, stay with her, serve her and love her, like one loves a dream which suddenly was incarnated in a human being...

She stood very calmly, intently looking somewhere far away, as if expecting something. A tiny girl – the second little Magdalena – pressed close to her knees. She looked shockingly like her mother – the same long golden hair... the same radiant blue eyes... and the same amusing and merry dimples on her tender smiling cheeks. The girl was surprisingly good looking and very cheerful. Only her mother seemed so sad that the little girl did not dare disturb her and was quiet and snuggled up to her, as if she waited for this strange and incomprehensible mother’s sorrow to pass... The tender breeze idly played in the golden locks of Magdalena’s long hair, sometimes touching her tender cheeks, carefully stroking them with its warm puff of sea air... She was immovable like a statue; but tense expectation was obvious in her sad eyes... Suddenly a white and fluffy point which slowly grew into distant sails appeared on the horizon. Magdalena revived at once, hugged her little daughter and said, as merrily as possible:

– Well, here they are, my treasure! You wanted to see where your mummy came from to this country, didn’t you?Well then, you and I will sail far, far away until we reach the farthest shore where our HOME is... You will love it as strongly as I did. I promise you. Magdalena bent over and embraced her tiny daughter, as if wishing to protect her from the troubles which her refined tender soul saw in their future.

– Mummy, tell me, will daddy sail with us too? We cannot leave him here, right? – She suddenly asked in surprise. – Why has he not been with us for so long? It’s been almost two months since we last saw him... Mummy, where is daddy?

Magdalena’s eyes became severe and aloof... I understood that her little daughter did not know yet that her father would never sail with them anywhere, because two months ago he died on the cross... and it was obvious that poor Magdalena could not dare to tell this pure little human being about this terrible inhuman misfortune. How could she tell her – so tiny and defenceless – about it? How could she explain that there were people who hated her kind and light father, that they hungered for his death and that none of the Knights Templar, his friends, were able to save him? And she answered the way she always did – affectionately and confidently, trying to calm down her alarmed little daughter.

– Daddy will not sail with us, my angel, just as your beloved brother, Svetodar will not. They have a duty to fulfill. Do you remember I told you what a duty is? You do you remember, don’t you? We will sail with our friends, you and me... I know you love them. You will feel fine with them, my dear. And I shall always be with you. I promise.

The little one calmed down and asked, now a bit merrier:

– Mummy, are there many little girls in your country? Will I have a friend there? I am always with grown ups here... and they are not interesting to be with... and they cannot play.

– Why, dear? What about your uncle, Radan? – Magdalena asked, smiling. – You always have fun with him, don’t you? And he tells you interesting fairy tales, right?

The little girl thought for a second and then declared very much in earnest:

– Well, maybe it’s not too bad to be with them, with adults. Only I miss my friends anyway... I am small, right? So, I think my friends must be small too. And the adults should be at times.

Magdalena looked at her in surprise then lifted her daughter up and kissed her on both cheeks.

– You are right, sweetheart! Adults should not play with you always, just sometimes. I promise we will find you a best friend there! You will have to wait a little. But you can do that, right? You are the most patient girl in the world, aren’t you?

This simple warm conversation of two lonely loving creatures became ingrained in my heart! I wanted to believe that everything would turn out well for them and wicked fate would avoid them; that their life would be light and kind! Regrettably, I knew that this would not happen, just as in my case...

Why did we pay such a price?! Why were our fates so pitiless and cruel?

Before I had time to turn around to ask Sever the next question, a new vision, which took my breath away, appeared...

Four persons sat on funny low benches in the cool shade of an enormous old sycamore. Two of them were quite young and very alike. The third was a grey-headed old man, tall and strong like a solidly protective rock. He held a boy of 8 or 9 years old on his knees. Of course, Sever need not explain to me who these people were...

Radomir looks here very much the way Isidora saw him
Radomir looks here very
much the way Isidora saw him.

I knew Radomir at once, because he still preserved a lot of the wonderful light young lad who I saw in my first visit to Meteora. Only now he looked notably grown up, more severe and more mature. His blue piercing eyes looked at the world attentively and hard, as if saying: "If you don’t believe me, listen to me once again; and if you still don’t believe then, leave. Life is too precious to give it to unworthy ones".

He was already not the "ever-loving" naive boy who thought that he could change any human being... that he could change the whole world... Now Radomir was a Warrior. His look said it very explicitly – his internal concentration, his ascetic and thin, but very strong body, the stubborn wrinkle in the corner of his tightly compressed lips, the piercing look of his bright blue eyes, which sometimes flashed steel... The unbelievable force that seethed in him made friends respect him (and enemies take him into consideration very seriously!) obviously showed the real Warrior, and not the helpless and softhearted God which the Christian church, which he hated so much, tried to make out of him so persistently. And there is more... He had an amazing smile, which very seldom appeared on his tired face, emaciated by severe thoughts. But when it did, the whole world around became kinder, warmed by his wonderful boundless warmth, which filled any lonely bereaved soul with happiness! It was this warmth through which Radomir’s true essence and his true loving Soul was revealed.

Unlike him Radan (and it obviously was him) looked slightly younger and merrier (although he was a year older than Radomir). He looked at the world happily and fearlessly, as if no misfortune could touch him, as if any grief must pass him over... There was no doubt that he always was the life and soul of any party, lighting it with his merry and light presence wherever he was. It seemed that the young man sparkled with happy internal light which disarmed both young and old alike, making all love him unconditionally and guard him like the most valuable treasure which comes to make Earth happy once in a thousand years. He was smiling and bright like a summer sun, with a face framed by soft gold curls, and one wished to look at him admiringly, forgetting about the cruelty and spite of the surrounding world.

The third participant of the small gathering differed very much from the two brothers... First, he was much older and wiser. It seemed that he carried the whole of Earth’s heavy load on his shoulders, somehow managing to live with it and not break, at the same time, preserving goodness and love in his big heart toward people around him. Compared to him, the adults seemed silly children who came for advice to the wise Father...

Radomir's son Svetodar. Bearing Light. St. John Church, Cartajena
Radomir's son Svetodar.
Bearing Light.
St. John Church, Cartajena

He was very tall and powerful, like a big unshakable fortress; tested by years of severe wars and troubles.... the look of his attentive grey eyes was prickly, but very kind, and the colour of his eyes amazed. It was incredibly light and bright, which happens only in youth, when the black clouds of bitterness and tears have not darkened it yet. This mighty and warm man was the Volkhv John, of course...

The boy calmly settled down on the old man’s mighty knees and very intently reflected upon something, paying no attention to the people around him. Despite his young age, he seemed very clever and calm, filled with internal force and light. His face was concentrated and serious, as if the little one solved a very important and difficult task at that moment. Just like his father, he was fair-headed and blue-eyed. Only the features of his face were, to my surprise, soft and tender and looked more like his mother – the Light Maria Magdalena.

The midday air was dry and hot like a red-hot stove. The flies tired by the intense heat flew to the tree and, on idly creeping on its boundless barrel, buzzed annoyingly, disturbing the four interlocutors who were taking a rest in the wide shade of the old sycamore. It was pleasantly cool and green under the kind hospitable branches and the frisky and playful narrow brook which ran straight from under the roots of this mighty tree was the reason for it. It jumped on every pebble and hummock and merrily splashed brilliant transparent drops and hurried further, pleasantly refreshing the surroundings, making them pure and easily breathed. The people protected from the midday intense heat rested, enjoying cool and precious moisture... It smelled of earth and herbs. The world seemed quiet, kind and safe.

Radomir tried to save the Israelites.
Radomir tried to save the Israelites.

– I don’t understand them, Teacher... – Radomir pronounced thoughtfully. – They are soft in the day-time, affectionate in the evening and predatory and insidious at night... They are changeable and unforeseeable. How can I understand them, tell me! I cannot save people without understanding ... What should I do, Teacher?

John looked at him very affectionately like the father looks at his beloved son, and finally pronounced in a deep voice:

– You know their language. Try to open it, if you can, because speech is a mirror of their soul. Once our Gods damned this people, because they came here to ruin Earth... We tried to help them, sending you here. And your Duty is to do everything to change their essence; otherwise they will destroy you... and then the rest of the living. Not because they are strong, but only because they are lying and sly, and hit us like a plague.

– They are far from me, Teacher... even friends. I cannot feel them. I cannot open their cold souls.

– Why do we need them then, dad? – The little "participant" of the party suddenly joined the conversation of the adults.

– We came to them to save them, Svetodar... to drag a splinter out of their sick hearts.

– But you say that they don’t want it. Is it really possible to treat a patient, if he refuses?

– Truth Radomir, out of the mouths of babes! – Radan, who for the time being had limited himself to listening, exclaimed. – Think; if they don’t want it, can you force these people to change, moreover the whole nation!? Their faith is alien to us and their concept of Honour, which in my opinion; they don’t even have, is too. Leave, my brother! They will destroy you. They are not worth even a day of your Life! Think about your children... about Magdalena! Think about those who love you!

Radomir only sadly shook his head, affectionately stroking his elder brother’s golden-haired head.

– I cannot leave, Radan. I don’t have the right... Even if I fail to help them, I cannot go away. It will look like I ran away. I cannot betray Father. I cannot betray myself...

– It is impossible to force people to change, if they don’t wish it. It will be just a lie. They don’t need your help, Radomir. They will not accept your teachings. Think, brother...

John sadly observed the dispute of his favourite students, knowing that they were both right and that neither would give up, each protecting his truth... They both were young and strong, and they both wanted to live, love, watch their children grow and fight for the peace, happiness and safety of other worthy people. But fate decided otherwise. They were both ready to suffer and even die for others, but in this case it was for unworthy people who hated them and their Teachings and unscrupulously betrayed them. It seemed a farce; an absurd dream... and John refused to forgive their father, the wise White Volkhv, who gave his wonderful, extremely gifted children so easily for the mocking delectation of the Israelites in order to rescue their lying and cruel souls.

– I am getting older... I am getting older too quickly... – John pronounced aloud, being lost in reverie.

All three stared at him in surprise and then sincerely laughed... He by all means was the last who could be called "old" with his force and might, enviable even for them, the young ones.

The vision disappeared. But I wanted to hold it so much! Emptiness and lonliness settled in my heart. I did not want to part with these brave people. I did not want to come back to reality...

– Show me more, Sever!!! – I voraciously begged. – They will help me to withstand to the end. Show me more of Magdalena...

– What do you want to see, Isidora?

Sever was patient and soft, like an elder brother, seeing off his beloved sister. The difference was that he saw me off forever...

– Tell me, Sever, how did it happen that Magdalena had two children and it was not mentioned anywhere? It should have been somewhere.

– Of course, it was mentioned, Isidora! Moreover, the best artists drew Magdalena proudly waiting for the heir. Regrettably, little is left of it. The church could not permitt such a "scandal", because it did not fit the "story" it had created... Nevertheless, some dribs and drabs remained until now, perhaps by an oversight or carelessness of the mighty of this world – the Thinking Dark ones.

Magdalena expects her firstborn Magdalena expects her firstborn by Sandro Botticelli
Magdalena expects her firstborn Magdalena expects her firstborn Magdalena expects her firstborn
Magdalena expects her firstborn. A stained-glass window in the church of Kilmore (Scotland) Magdalena expects her firstborn
The best painters depicted Magdalena proudly expecting her firstborn

– How could they permit this kind of thing? I always thought that the Thinking Dark ones are quite clever and careful? It in fact could help people to see the lies which the "holy" fathers fed them. Am I right?

Has anyone seen it, Isidora? – I sadly shook my head. – See... People don’t give them too much trouble...

– Can you show me how she taught, Sever?

Like a child, I hurried to ask questions, jumping from subject to subject; wishing to see and know as much as possible for the time provided which was rapidly coming to an end...

I saw Magdalena again... People were sitting around her. They were of different ages – young and old, all long-haired, dressed in simple navy blue clothes. Magdalena was in white with loose hair which covered her like a beautiful golden cloak. The room where they all were resembled the work of a mad architect who had embodied his most shocking dream in the stone...

As I knew later this cave was called the Cathedral and still exists. 
The Longrives caves, Languedoc
The Longrives caves, Languedoc

It was a cave which looked like a majestic cathedral, which nature built there on a strange whim. The height of the "cathedral" was enormous; amazing "whining" stone icicles sped away straight "into the sky", merged into a wonderful pattern and then fell downward, hanging over the heads of the sitting people... Certainly, there was no natural illumination in the cave. The candles did not burn either, and the weak daylight failed to leak through the cracks. Nevertheless, the unusual "hall" was evenly lit with a pleasant golden shine which came from no one knew where and allowed everyone to see each other without any problem and even read...

The people who sat around Magdalena were concentrating very hard and attentively watched her stretched forward hands. Suddenly bright gold luminescence began to appear between them. It gradually became more compact and then began to thicken into an enormous bluish ball until it came to look like... our planet!

– Sever, what is it? – I whispered in surprise. – It’s our Earth, isn’t it?

But he just gave me a friendly smile, answering and explaining nothing. Completely charmed, I continued to look at the extraordnary woman whose hands "created" planets so easily! I never saw the Earth from the outside, only in pictures, but for some reason I was absolutely sure that it was it. Meanwhile a second planet appeared then another one... and another... They spun around Magdalena, as if they were magic, but she explained something to the audience with a calm smile, as if it came effortlessly to her, and paid no attention to the surprised faces, as if she spoke about something very ordinary. I got it – she taught them astronomy! The subject which even in my time was not in favour at all and one could be easily sent straight to the fire for it... And Magdalena taught it already then – five hundred long years ago!!!

The vision disappeared. I was so stunned that I almost could not come to my senses and ask Sever the next question...

– Who were these people, Sever? They look identical and strange... as if they are united by a common power wave. And they wear identical clothes, like monks have. Who are they?

– Oh, they are the famous Cathars, Isidora, another name – the pure ones. It was people who gave them this name for their strict temperance, pure views and honest thoughts. Cathars called themself "Magdalena’s children or Knights"... which they were in reality. She truly CREATED them to carry Light and Knowledge to people after she was gone, in opposition to the false teachings of the "holy" church. They were Magdalena’s most faithful and talented students. They were amazing and pure people. They carried HER teachings to the world, dedicating their lives to that. They became magicians and alchemists, sorcerers and scientists, doctors and philosophers... The secrets of the Universe submitted to them. They became the keepers of Radomir’s wisdom – the secret Knowledge of our distant ancestors, our Gods...

Also they all carried in their hearts an ever-burning love for their "Fair Lady"... the golden Maria... their Light and enigmatic Magdalena... Cathars piously kept the true story of Radomir’s interrupted life in their hearts and swore to save his wife and children whatever the cost, for which they all paid with their life two centuries later. It is a truly great and very sad story, Isidora. I am not sure whether you need to hear it.

– But I want to know about them, Sever! Tell me, where all gifted ones came from? Can it be the Valley of Magicians?

– Of course they can, Isidora. In fact it was their home! It was exactly the place to which Magdalena came back. But it would be wrong to do justice only to the gifted ones. In fact the Cathars taught even ordinary peasants to read and write. Many of them knew poetry by heart, no matter how unbelievable it may sound to you. It was the real Dream Country – the Country of Light, Knowledge and Verity created by Magdalena, which spread surprisingly quickly, involving thousands of new "cathars" who also were ready to protect faithfully the Knowledge they were given, as well as their Golden Maria – the source of it...

Magdalena’s teaching swept over countries like a hurricane, leaving no thinking person indifferent. Aristocrats and scientists, artists and shepherds, tillers and kings joined the Cathars. The rich ones easily gave their riches and lands to the Cathar "church" in order to make its great power stronger and to spread the Light of its Heart over Earth.

– Forgive me for interrupting, Sever, but did the Cathars really have their church too? Were their teachings a religion?

– The concept of "church" is very different, Isidora. That one was not a church as we understand it. Magdalena and her Spiritual Temple was the Cathars’ church, that being the Temple of Light and Knowledge, just as Radomir’s Temple, the knights of which were the Templars in the beginning (It was the King of Jerusalem Baldwin II who called the Knights of the Temple Templars.) They did not have a fixed building where people would come to pray. The church of the Cathars was in their souls. But it did have its apostles (or as they were called – the Perfect ones); of course, Magdalena was the first of them. The Perfect ones were people who had reached the higher stages of Knowledge and devoted their lives to serving it. They perfected their Spirit continuously, almost renouncing physical food and physical love. The Perfect ones served people, teaching them their knowledge, healing and protecting their ward from the tenacious and dangerous claws of the Catholic Church. They were amazing and selfless people ready to protect the Knowledge, Faith and Magdalena, who gave all this to them, to the end. It’s a pity that almost all diaries of the Cathars were destroyed. The only thing we have is the notes of Radomir and Magdalena, but they don’t contain the exact events of the last tragic days of the brave and light Cathars, because it happened two hundred years after the death of Jesus and Magdalena.

– Tell me, Sever, how did the Golden Maria die? Who had so black a spirit as to lift his dirty hand against this wonderful woman?

– It was the church, Isidora... Regrettably, it was the same church! It went mad, on seeing its most dangerous enemy in the Cathars which gradually and very confidently occupied its "holy" place. It became aware of its quick collapse and its objective was to kill Magdalena by all means, justly considering her the main "culprit" of the "criminal" teachings and hoping that the Cathars would disappear without their Guiding Star, having neither leader, nor Faith. They knew no rest until they achieved their black aim, but the church did not understand how strong and deep the Cathar’s Knowledge and Teachings were. They did not understand that it was not a blind "faith", but their way of life, the essence of what they lived for. Therefore, no matter how hard the "holy" fathers tried to win the Cathars over to their side, the lying and criminal Christian church could not claim a single inch in the Pure Land of Occitania.

– It turns out that Caraffa is not the only one who did this kind of thing! Was it always like this, Sever?

I was horrified when I imagined the whole picture of treachery, lies and murder which the "holy" and "universally forgiving" religion commited in order to survive!

– How is this kind of thing possible?! How could you watch it and not interfere? How could you live with it and not go crazy because of it, Sever?!!

He did not answer, understanding very well that it was just a "cry from the heart" of an indignant person. Besides, I perfectly knew his answer... Therefore we were silent for some time, like lonely souls lost in the darkness...

– So, how did the Golden Maria die? Can you tell me about it? – I asked, interrupting the long-drawn-out pause.

Sever sadly nodded, showing that he understood...

– After that Magdalena’s teachings had occupied the greater half of Europe, Pope Urban II decided that further delay would be lethal for his beloved "holiest" church. He had thoroughly thought through his devilish plan, and without delay sent two faithful "fosterlings" of Rome who Magdalena knew as being the Cathars’ "friends" to Occitania. As it happens all too often, the outstanding and light people became victims of their own purity and honour... Magdalena opened her friendly arms to them, generously giving them food and a roof. Although her bitter fate taught her not to be too trustful, it was impossible to suspect everybody, otherwise her life and her Teachings would lose any sense. She still believed in GOOD, despite everything...

I saw them again...

Magdalena and her golden-haired little daughter now eleven or twelve years old stood at the entrance of the cave. They stood, hugging each other, still beautiful and looking so like each other, watching the last breathtaking instant of the amazing Occitan sunset. The cave entrance at which they stood was situated very high in the mountains and opened onto a steep precipice. In the very far distance the stately mountains showed blue, wrapped in the haze of the evening fog. Proudly frozen like giant monuments of eternity and nature, they remembered Man’s wisdom and courage... Only not the one who now killed and betrayed, ruled and destroyed. They remembered a strong and creative, loving and proud Man who created the wonderful reign of Mind and Light on this small but wonderful plot of land...

Magdalena's favourite castle–the fortress of Montsegur
Magdalena's favourite castle–
the fortress of Montsegur

Right in front of Magdalena there was her favourite castle – the fortress of Montsegur which towered on the apex of the man-made hill... This friendly and unapproachable fortress was her real home for more than eight long years, just as it was the home of her beloved little daughter, the refuge of her friends and the Temple of her love. Her recollections – the dearest relicts of her life, her teachings and those of her family – were kept in Montsegur. All her Perfect ones came there to purify their Souls and get the Vivifying Force. There she spent her most precious and most quiet hours away from the vanity of the world...

– Let’s go, sweetheart. The sun has already set. We shall rejoice at it tomorrow and now we should greet our guests. You like to socialize with people, don’t you? Then you will entertain them until I am free.

– I don’t like them. Their eyes are wicked... and their hands are restless all the time, as if they cannot find any place for them. They are bad people, mummy. Would you ask them to leave?

Magdalena laughed, gently hugging her daughter.

– Ah you, my suspicious little thing! How can we turn out our guests? "Guests" are meant to bother us with their presence! You know that, don’t you? So, be patient, dear, until they go home. And maybe they will never come back and you will not have to entertain them.

Mother and daughter came back into the cave which now looked like a little chapel with a funny stone "altar" in the corner.

Maria Magdalena's last refuge
Maria Magdalena's last refuge

Suddenly the complete silence was disturbed by the sound of pebbles which loudly crunched to the right and two men appeared at the entrance. It was obvious that they did their best to step noiselessly and seemed to me very unpleasant for some reason, I just could not figure out why. For some reason I understood at once that they were Magdalena’s uninvited guests... She gave a start but also a friendly smile and, addressing the senior, asked:

– How did you find me, Ramon? Who showed you the entrance to this cave?

The person called Ramon coldly smiled and, trying to seem pleasant, answered in a falsely affectionate way:

– Oh, please, don’t be angry, light Maria! You know that I have many friends here... I was just looking for you to talk about something very important.

– This place is sacred for me, Ramon. It is not meant for secular meetings and conversations. And nobody could bring you over here except my daughter, and she, as you see, is with me now. You spied on us... Why?

I suddenly felt an icy cold running along my back. Something was very wrong. Something terrible had to happen right now... I wildly wanted to cry out! I wanted to warn somehow... But I understood that I could not help them. I could not offer my hand through centuries. I could not interfere... I don’t have this right. The events which were unfolding before my eyes had taken place a very long time ago, and even if I could help, it would be interfering in history; and if I saved Magdalena, many fates would change, and maybe the subsequent Earthly history would be completely different... Only two people on Earth had the right to do that and, unfortunately, I was not one of them...

Further events happened so quickly that they did not seem real...

Coldly smiling, the man called Ramon unexpectedly grasped Magdalena’s hair from the back and with lightning speed stuck a narrow long dagger in her open neck... A crunch was heard. Magdalena hung on his hand, dead, without even having time to understand what happened. Scarlet blood streamed like a brook on her snow white dress... Her daughter uttered a shrill cry, trying to break free from the hands of the second monster which grasped her fragile shoulders. But her scream was cut off – he broke her neck very easily, like a rabbit and the girl fell down next to the body of her poor mother who the fiend continued to stab – the bloodstained dagger pierced her heart again and again, and again... It seemed that he had lost his mind and could not stop... or could it be that his hatred which manipulated his criminal hand was so huge?

Finally everything was over. Without looking at what they had done, two heartless killers disappeared in the cave without a trace.

Only several short minutes had flashed by from the moment they unexpectedly appeared in the cave. The evening was still wonderful and quiet, but the darkness was slowly slipping down from the tops of the blue-hazed mountains. The woman and girl peacefully lay on the stone floor of the little "chapel". The heavy strands of their long golden hair mixed together and turned into a wide golden covering. It seemed that the killed ones slept... Only Magdalena’s heart, still pulsating, splashed scarlet blood out of her frightful wounds. There were oceans of blood... It flooded the floor, making an enormous red puddle.

I was so horrified and indignant that I felt weak at the knees... I wanted to howl like a wolf, refusing to accept the terrible occurence! I could not believe that everything happened so simply and unnoticed... so easily. Somebody must see it! Somebody must warn them! But nobody noticed or warned. There was nobody around in that moment... And two Light and Pure Lives broken by somebody's dirty hand flew away like doves into another unknown World where nobody could do them any harm.

The Golden Maria ceased to exist on our wicked and ungrateful Earth... She went to Radomir... or rather, her Soul flew to him.

Maria Magdalena's Spirit went to Radomir...
Maria Magdalena's Spirit went to Radomir...

I felt desperate pain and sadness for them, for me and for all who fought, still believing that they could change something... Could they really? Was there any sense in this kind of war, if all who fought died?

Suddenly another picture appeared right in front of me...

It was the same stone "chapel" and Magdalena’s bloodstained body still lay on the floor. Knights Templar stood around her genuflecting... They all were unusually dressed in snow-white long gowns. They stood around Magdalena, dropping their proud heads and brooks of bitter tears rolled down their severe stony faces... The volkhv whose friend once was the Volkhv John was the first to rise. Carefully, as if fearing to hurt, he put his fingers into a wound and painted on his chest something which looked like a cross with his bloodstained hand...

The second volkhv did the same. So they rose one by one, reverentially immersed their hands in the holy blood and drew red crosses on their snow-white garments... I felt my hair beginning to stand on end. It looked like a terrible religious rite which I could not understand yet…

– Why do they do that, Sever? – I asked in a whisper, as if being afraid that they would hear me.

– It’s an oath, Isidora. It’s an oath of eternal revenge... They swore by Magdalena’s blood – the most sacred blood for them – to avenge her death. It was exactly then that the Knights Templar began to wear white tabards with red crosses. Nobody outside their fraternity knew their true significance... For some reason all "forgot" very quickly that before Magdalena’s death the Knights Templar wore simple brown loose overalls which were not "decorated" with any crosses at all. Just like the Cathars, the Knights Templar hated the cross in the sense in which the Christian church "honours" it. They considered it a mean and wicked instrument of murder and death. That, which they drew on their chest with Magdalena’s blood, had a completely different meaning. It’s just the church totally "reshaped" who the Knights Templar were in reality "adjusting" them to its needs, just as it did everything concerning Radomir and Magdalena.

The church publicly declared Magdalena a prostittue after her death, just as:

– It denied the fact that Christ had children and was married to Magdalena...

– It killed them both in the "name of Christian faith" with which they both restlessly fought all their life...

– It totally wiped out the Cathars, using Christ’s name – the name of the man whose Faith and Knowledge they taught...

– It eliminated all the Knights Templar, declaring them the Devil’s henchmen, slandering and vilifying their deeds, and disgracing the Grandmaster who was Radomir and Magdalena’s direct descendant.

When it got rid of all who could point at the baseness and meanness of the "holiest" devils of Rome, the Christian church created a legend which was reliably confirmed by "undeniable proofs" and which for some reason nobody ever checked, or it occured to nobody even to think about what was going on.

– Why has nobody ever said anything about it, Sever? Why does nobody tell about this kind of thing now?!

He did not answer me, probably considering that everyhting was absolutely clear without it, and there is nothing here to talk about. Bitter human offense rose in my heart for those who were gone so undeservedly... and for those who would be gone... and for him, for Sever, who lived and did not understand that people had to know all of it! They must know it to change and not to kill those who came to help them and to understand finally how precious and wonderful our LIFE is. And I knew that I would never stop fighting whatever it cost me, even for those like Sever!

– Unfortunately it’s time for me to leave. I thank you for your story. I think you helped me to hold out, Sever... May I ask you another question which is not related to religion? – He nodded. – What is this beautiful thing that I see next to you? It looks like the one I saw on my first visit to Meteora, but at the same time it’s different.

– It’s a Crystal of Life, Isidora – one of seven on Earth. Usually nobody is able to see it. It defends itself from people... Strangely enough, it showed itself to you. Probably you are ready for greater things, Isidora. That is why I asked you to stay with us. You would achieve a lot, if you wanted. Think until it’s not too late. I will not be able to help you otherwise. Think, Isidora...

– I thank you, Sever, but you know my answer perfectly well. Therefore let’s not start everything again. Perhaps I shall come back to you... But if I don’t, may you and your wards be happy! Maybe they will manage to change our Earth for the better... Good luck to you, Sever.

– Peace be with you, Isidora... I hope I shall see you in this life once again, and if I don’t, I beg you, don’t bear ill will to us there, in another world... Maybe some time you will understand our truth... Maybe it won’t seem so wicked to you... Farewell, child of Light and may peace be in your Soul.

I sadly smiled at him, closed my eyes and came back "home"...

On coming straight back into "my" Venetian room, I was astounded by the scene I found there! The infuriated Anna, bristling like a trapped young animal, stood before Caraffa. Her eyes were flashing threats and it seemed that a little bit more and my bellicose daughter would lose control over herself. My heart almost stopped, unable to believe in the reality of what was going on! It seemed that my anguish which had been accumulating for several long months would break forth and drown my dear girl! Only now, on seeing her before me, I understood at last how infinitely and painfully I missed her.

Anna had grown up very much and looked even more beautiful than I remembered her. The severe imprint of loss was now imposed on the soft child's features of her sweet face, which made it more attractive and exquisite. But there was another thing that staggered me most of all – Anna was not afraid of Caraffa at all! Why? Has she succeeded in finding something that could save us from him?!

– Aha! Madonna Isidora! Very opportune! Please, explain to your stubborn daughter that nothing threatens you for the moment. She is truly impossible! I think Meteora spoiled her gentle disposition. But we will correct it. She will not have to return there anymore.

– What do you mean by saying this, Your Holiness? You wished to make a "heaven-born" witch out of her, or have your plans changed?

I was extremely excited and in dread for Anna, but I knew that I must not let Caraffa see that. Should he understand that his plan was successful then Hell would seem to us a pleasant place in comparison with Caraffa’s basements. Therefore I tried to look calm with what was left of my strength and at the same time did not take my eyes off my dear girl. Anna behaved so confidently that I wondered, what did they teach her in Meteora?

Anna rushed to me with open arms; paying no attention whatsoever to Caraffa’s dissatisfaction. Her enormous eyes shone like two bright stars in the Italian night sky!

– Mother, dear! I am so glad that they lied!!! Everything is all right with you, isn’t it? They have not tortured you. They have not harmed you, have they?

She grasped my hands, quickly touched my shoulders, attentively scrutinizing my face, as if wishing to be sure that I was truly alright, at least for the time being...

– Mother, I was so afraid for you! I was so afraid that I wouldn’t find you alive!

– But I called you! I wanted to warn you not to come. Why did not you talk to me, dear? – I whispered, hugging my brave girl. – He deceived you, my joy!

But Anna just smiled happily, hugging me very strongly, and I had no choice but to do the same. She obviously was not going to listen to me, being absolutely sure that she was right.

– Well, I think that’s enough hugs for today! – Caraffa discontentedly croaked. – Does not it seem to you, Isidora, that now you should be a little more compliant? Anna became a wonderful girl who any mother would be proud of. Her life should be very dear to you, shouldn’t it? – He sustained a pause and then added: – It now depends only on you, my dearest Isidora... From this moment everything depends only on you.

On rubbing his hands complacently, Caraffa got up to withdraw.

– I have spoken to my father, Your Holiness... He told me about that other, distant life. I think you would be terrified, if you heard what awaits those like you there... criminals. Think, Holiness, perhaps you still have time to begin to repent... Perhaps you still can save your foul and useless life somehow!

It seemed that Caraffa became numb... He looked at me so surprised, as if he suddenly saw the ghost of my father instead of me.

– Are you saying that you spoke to your dead father, Isidora? – He whispered.

– Oh, yes, Your Holiness. He comes to me almost every day. You made a huge mistake if you thought that you could separate us. I am a Witch, you know, and he is a Vedun. So on killing him, you did us a tremendous service. Now I can hear him wherever I wish and talk to him... And you cannot wound him anymore. He is unattainable for your crafty designs.

– What did he tell you, Isidora? – Caraffa asked with some sickly interest.

– Oh, he told me a lot of things, Holiness. I’ll tell you one day, if you wish. And now I would like to talk to my daughter, if you don’t mind, of course... She has changed very much over these two years and I would like to get to know her...

– You’ll have time for that, Isidora! A lot will depend on your behaviour this time, my dearest. Meanwhile your daughter will come with me. Soon I’ll come back to you and I hope very much that you will talk in different way to me...

Icy horror of death sneaked into my tired Soul...

– Where do you take Anna?! What do you want from her, Your Holiness? – Fearing to hear an answer, I asked.

– Oh, calm down, my dearest. Anna is not going to the basements yet, if this is what you thought. Before I come to a final desicion, I should hear your answer... As I said, everything depends on you, Isidora. Have pleasant dreams!

On letting Anna go before him mad Caraffa withdrew...

I waited for some very long minutes and tried to call Anna mentally. Nothing happened. My girl did not answer! I tried again and again. The result was the same. Anna did not answer. It could not be! I was absolutely sure that she would be eager to talk to me. We should know what we could do further. But Anna did not answer.

Hours passed in terrible alarm. I ran my legs off, trying to call my dear girl. Suddenly Sever appeared...

– You try in vain, Isidora. He put his protection on Anna. I don’t know how to help you. I don’t know how it works. As I told you before, Caraffa got it from the "guest" which came to Meteora. I am sorry I cannot help you with it...

– Well, thank you for warning and for coming, Sever.

He softly put his hand on my head...

– Rest, Isidora. Today you will change nothing. And tomorrow you may need a lot of strength. Rest, Child of Light... my thoughts will be with you...

I almost did not hear Sever’s final words, easily slipping into the ghostly world of dreams... where everything was tender and quiet... where my father and Girolamo lived... and where almost always everything was right and well... almost...

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