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Igor Popov

The Nicolai Levashov Phenomenon

Part 1

What leads a person to experience intrapersonal conflict? First of all, it may develop as a consequence of change in a person’s comfortable condition in the time of coming across something new, unusual, contrary to his stereotype of the old knowledge, his experience and worldview. Gradually he overcomes the conflict, because one always has the right to choose to remain in the former position or to understand and accept new knowledge which undoubtedly will lead to evolvement for him as belief in something new is a great creative and driving force!

Russian citizen and patriot, scientist and writer Nicolai Levashov has made an outstanding contribution to further evolving of our understanding of the universe and developed an absolutely new scientific approach. As Copernicus in his time, 500 hundred years ago, "turned astronomical science upside down" (according to Luther), rejecting Ptolemy's postulate that the Earth is the centre of the universe, Nicolai Levashov has dramatically changed our idea of the structure of the universe and man’s place in it.

As Galileo Galilei, using a telescope for astronomical observations, discovered that the Aristotelian picture of the universe was incomplete and flawed; Nicolai Levashov has proved that the theory that postulates the isotropy (i.e., uniformity or homogeneity) of the universe and the constancy of the speed of light, which is the foundation of Einstein’s relativity theories (special and general) is in error, leading the development of human civilization down the wrong track which eventually ends in environmental disaster and death.

Nicolai Levashov’s theory consistently explains almost all things of both animate and inanimate nature. His theory of the anisotropy of the universe has been confirmed by the experiments of American physicist Dayton Miller, the data obtained from the Hubble telescope and many other studies. Considering the interaction of continuously varying, anisotropic (i.e., non-uniform or non-homogeneous) space and matter, which has specific properties and qualities, the author introduces the concept of "quantization (division) of space according to the quality of matter." This approach allows the arrangement of all natural phenomena in a harmonious, consistent system. The latter makes it possible to explain the nature of gravity, magnetic and electrical fields as a result of the interaction of anisotropic spaces with anisotropic matter within each space. These three kinds of fields have a common nature and common manifestation of each. Thus the unified field theory was created.

Using the principle of anisotropy, Nicolai shows the unity of the laws of nature from macro- to micro-cosmic levels. According to his theory, planet Earth is the result of successive syntheses of physically dense matter forms, a family of primary matters, and constitutes six spheres that are nestled into each other. This merging formed the celestial bodies in all universes: planets, stars and galaxies. Astrophysicists found, when studying the motion of celestial bodies, that they moved in their orbits in accordance with the laws of celestial mechanics and observed that the mass of matter in space must be 10 times greater than was then postulated. In other words the matter known to modern science that we can "touch with our hands" or rather perceive with our five senses is only 10% of the total mass of matter, and probably even less. The remaining 90% of hybrid and primary matters in the universe, as calculations show, we cannot see, hear, smell or touch. Modern orthodox science called this "dark matter." It is officially recognized. Russian Academician Velikhov has even repeatedly declared it openly, virtually admitting that academic science does not know anything about the "dark matter."

Nicolai Levashov does know! Based on the results of his research, he created a psi-field generator of so-called "dark matter" or in other words, primary matters, in his estate in France. The psi-field generator is a special device that combines a computer’s capabilities with specific abilities for the transformation of space and matter creating an instrument that has not used a single atom of so-called "physically dense" matter! However the psi-field generator does affect physically dense matter, both animate and inanimate, which we know and understand at the level of our five senses, and the result of its influence we can perfectly see, hear, touch and smell.

"We have spent eight years studying the effect of the psi-generator on the plants and living organisms in our domain" writes Nicolai in his series of articles The Source of Life. Climatic conditions in the estate’s park have been very varied; in winter temperatures fell to 18-20 degrees Celsius below zero and soared in summer to +45 C°. South-westerly winds blew continuously for six to eight months of the year and sometimes there was no precipitation when needed and then there was incessant rain for five or six months a year. The soil was limestone and red clay. One might say that nature has created an extreme testing ground for the psi-field generator which has proved very effective and up to the challenge!

Here are a few proven results caused only by the influence of the psi-field generator in the Levashov’s domain in France.

Non-freezing sap even during severe frosts, in trees and plants of all climatic zones including tropical and sub-tropical, which were planted in the park. The leaves and ripening fruits of all plants kept their vitality in the frost;

Synthesis of water by the plants, which in nature has never happened! This allowed the plants to survive in the absence of rain and irrigation, with incredible heat for a few months. It also made it possible for water lilies to escape to the land and settle on limestone!

– The plants' rate of growth has increased dramatically and now is 5-8 times higher than their rate of growth in the most optimal conditions;

Almost continuous flowering and fruiting of plants: 3-4 or more harvests per year;

The soil is not exhausted, but has become more fertile without any fertilizers or chemicals.

This is not fiction. It is objective reality that cannot be denied, but has been hushed up all these years by orthodox science and the media!

So, the question arises: what should be considered real science?

Knowledge based on initial information about 10% of matter of the universe or knowledge based on immeasurably deeper information about 100% of matter? The answer would seem obvious, but orthodox science continues to call knowledge based on the knowledge of 100% matter of the universe, pseudo-knowledge.

The experiment in France is just one of many examples of the creative genius of Nicolai Victorovich Levashov, just as his theory of the universe not only explains its nature and structure. His theory is much more powerful and universal than any concept ever offered to mankind; in fact it offers the solution of all the problems of our civilization: the ecological, food and health problems of people and their spiritual development!

In addition Nicolai Levashov’s concept indicates the correct path for the future development of mankind, assiduous adherence to which will certainly allow us to return to the high level of evolutionary development, for which our great Slav-Aryan ancestors, colonizing the planet more than 600 thousand years ago, were famous.

October 29, 2011

Part 2

Meeting Nicolay Levashov is meeting a universe or meeting the world of Creation. Millions of people already know him but it’s not enough. Millions upon millions of Earthmen should know him. On the other hand, he is well-known by other space civilizations, no matter how hard to comprehend that may sound. It is necessary to comprehend his experience of evolving and the heights in different areas of knowledge: astrophysics, biology, medicine, physiology, psychology etc. that he has achieved.

Here is how he explains what he has done: "The following makes sense of the "Picture of the world" which I have created: the universe is anisotropic (i.e. non-homogeneous), its properties and qualities change point-to-point. Matter is anisotropic too, even in the most usual to us forms. The interaction of anisotropic space with anisotropic matter gives rise to many phenomena which modern science is incapable of explaining, but can only describe or establish as fact.

Undoubtedly the Anisotropic Universe theory contradicts Einstein according to which the space is isotropic and has constant properties and qualities, and also contradicts the constants entered by Einstein such as the velocity of light being the highest speed in the universe. The experiments which scientists repeatedly carried out on measuring the speed of different particles refute Einstein’s theory and fully confirm my Anisotropic Universe theory. For example, the experiment in Florida where a laser ray was passed through an unstable gas medium and registered a speed exceeding the speed of light by 300 times!"

In order to understand and realize the scale of Nicolai’s activity I would like to mention briefly some episodes of his life. Here is what he says: "In 2003 a celestial body was to pass very close to Earth. Some called it "Nemesis", others – "The planet of death" and some – the second neutron star of our solar system. It had a diameter of only 3600 km and a mass of several Suns. This object is considered to pass close to Earth from time to time, causing devastating catastrophes on it.

It was predicted that this time the distance between the object and Earth would be so insignificant that its gravitation would make Earth lose its atmosphere. But the fact was that the object turned away from Earth at an angle of 90 degrees and left its own orbit having not reached the critical point. It is impossible from the point of view of any contemporary physical law. Moreover, any physical influence on it would result in the collapse of the solar system itself. Nevertheless it happened. NASA has perfectly documented the fact. But as you understand, no renowned scientists and astrophysicists will openly admit in the mass-media that this kind of thing could happen, let alone say that this event was possible within the rigid scope of physical laws; but somebody's force of mind made it happen."

Nicolai’s modesty and decency do not allow him to say: "Yes, it was me. I saved the civilization of Earth from death". In reality it was a feat accomplished by Nicolai Levashov on the Planetary and Space scale.

Some ancient sources, particularly Slavonic-Aryan Vedas, tell that our ancestors performed exploits on similar scale too. For example, in 109 806 B.C., one of the three moons of Midgard-Earth, Lelia, was destroyed. The second moon, Fatta, was destroyed in 11 008 B.C. that resulted in multiple world catastrophes.

Tarkh (Dajd-Bog) destroyed the bases of the Dark Forces on Lelia. The Dark were eliminated with the moon which split into pieces and its splinters fell down on our planet. These actions of White Hierarch Tarkh were necessary and inevitable to prevent the seizure of Earth from the bases of the Dark Forces which they secretly had built on Lelia.

When the Earth lost its closest moon, Lelia, the balance of the gravitational fields changed. As a result, the earth’s crust began to move and part of the dry land began to sink into the waters of the oceans, while other parts began to rise from the bosom of the sea. The Cold Snap came. Initially three moons created around Midgard-Earth a special spatial "oasis" which allowed Earthmen to evolve quicker without experiencing any negative factors, usually observed in natural conditions. The loss of Lelia was the first "breach" in the unique system of ascension along the Golden Path of evolutional development created by Light Forces on Earth. After this loss the civilization of the White Race on Midgard became vulnerable to the actions of Dark Forces, which we observe today.

It is necessary to underline that it was Dajd-Bog (Bog means God - E.L.) who accomplished the abovementioned exploit. However, it is paramount to mention that our ancestors gave another meaning to the word "God", quite different to that which we do now. Our ancestors understood "Gods" to be people who had come to the level of Creation as a result of their evolving.

In order to understand what a "level of Creation" is, we should observe how Nicolai explains this concept: "It is difficult to explain or even describe it. One has to experience something like this for oneself. I "unfold", or rather activate my brain and begin to transform space with its help, making brick by brick what I need. It is an internal state, when you feel that everything flows through you and your brain and you can see the whole picture."

When comparing the actions of Nicolai Levashov and Dajd-Bog Tarkh, one can say that although both accomplished exploits at the level of Creation, those levels were different, judging by the results. Namely, the actions of Tarkh were undoubtedly forced and played a certain positive role in the past. But it appears that his level of Creation was lower, because it resulted in a catastrophe on Earth. Nicolai Levashov accomplished his exploit without any negative consequences for our planet. It’s a pity that all this is hushed up by the parasitic system of World Government on our planet.

At the same time the performing of this exploit is evidence of Man having an incredibly high possibility to evolve to this level of Creation.

It is difficult to over-estimate everything that this Man did to maintain the Earth Civilization. Nevertheless, there will be people who will say that all this is a fiction. Some will do this out of envy, some – because, like doubting Thomas, they don’t believe in anything and the third – because they have mercenary predilections. But there is more in that. "You see", – Nicolai says. "My work does not imply anything supernatural, or miraculous. All this is just an understanding of how one or another natural process happens."

It seems that we know all these words that Nicolai says: I "unfold", "activate the brain", and "transform space." Our language was formed in the world of ordinary perceptible experience. Words are means of orientation in the surrounding reality. In Greek philosophy, since Socrates, the limited nature of linguistic means was an important subject of discussion. Socrates tirelessly fought for clarity of notions expressed by words and the ideas they represented.

The people of our time can get into inaccessible to our senses, areas of nature, which are quite few and only those which can yield to exploration indirectly, solely by means of sophisticated technical devices. As a result, we not only leave the field of direct perceptible experience but also the world where our ordinary language has been formed and for which it was intended. We have to study a new language which in many respects differs from the natural one. A new language is a new way of thinking.

Of course, the matter is not in words. The question is how to enter this "internal state" in order that the creative process would pass "through your brain" as Nicolai Levashov says. We ask: who is this Man? Who is this Man who has succeeded in knowing the alphabet and grammar of the universe, who possesses outstanding abilities of clairvoyance, telekinesis, telepathy and so on and calmly without any pretentiousness says: "There are no miracles. There is only knowledge"? Who is he, who bears New Knowledge which, regrettably, most of philosophers and scientists can not accept and sometimes even understand?

In order to get the comprehensive information about the world, he has acquired a thorough knowledge of medicine, physiology and other allied subjects. He is a person of particular mentality. He is an analyst. Nicolai Levashov has published several books: The Last Appeal to Mankind, Anisotropic Universe, Spirit and Mind and Russian History Viewed through Distorted Mirrors. He is a full member of the International Informative Academy, International Academy of Energy and Information Sciences and The International Academy of Complex Security.

But above all, Nicolai Levashov is a Creator! Because Creation consists of applying one’s efforts to change and transform the initial state of an object, which we witnessed in 2003 when he changed the orbit of Nemesis by 90 degrees and in 1990 when he purified the waters in the Archangel region. This "applying" was absolutely consciously realized and purposeful which presupposes the higher internal self-organization of a person-Creator.

A Creative Maker, as one successful in reaching the aim of changing the state of an object, is considered a carrier of the ability to undertake creative action. Creation, unlike making, has an additional characteristic – the importance of the result of creation for others, i.e. for us, Earthmen, who undoubtedly have a huge need for a different state of any object. Thus the creative work of a Maker is a supra-individual type of creativity in which supra-individual responsibility is manifested for procreating supra-individual necessities.

All this shows an extraordinary Scale of Man worthy of following his example for future generations. The outstanding and unbelievable scale of "object", "subject" and "action" – this is the Grandness and Significance of Nicolai Levashov’s Activity.

Nicolai’s level of development is so advanced that it allows him to grasp the reality of the invisible world, which, as we know, is 90% of matter of the universe. The complex and fine nature of his Spirit is difficult to describe. Regrettably, all our concepts fall within the limits of the physically dense world the matter of which makes up 10% of the matter of the universe. We are too material to understand that we also possess those fine centres which are as real as organs of our physical body.

The more Nicolai’s Levashov works are known in the world, the more people are interested in his Phenomenal Abilities! Millions of admirers of his talent and abilities want him to be the President of Russia. This will be the rise and development of not only our country but the whole civilization of Midgard-Earth!

December 22, 2011