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The Last Night of Svarog

Before dwelling on the last Night of Svarog, I would like to make some observations. Unfortunately, certain groups of scientists have been imposing, even on the Russian people, the idea that the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas as well as the Book of Veles are a fake.

Also, and this is very unpleasant, modern "science" denies fervently everything related to the Book of Veles, even the photograph of a small plank done by Mirolyubov in 1942 (there were no computers with their unbelievable possibilities then, and it was simply impossible to create a fake of this level). The most staggering thing is that this "denial" is observed mostly in Russia. Moreover, precisely in Russia a lot of "scientists" attack the Book of Veles the most aggressive way. Abroad the existence of this document is simply hushed up.

What is the reason for this concealment?

The answer is rather simple. The Book of Veles reflects the past of the Slavs for a period of more than 20,000 years! A volkhv-keeper made the last record in it in 6496 according to the Slavonic-Aryan chronology or in end of the 10th century (988 A.D). At this time the obtrusion of a new religion, which in the 12th century came to be called Christianity, began with unbelievable cruelty in Kievan Rus, which unexpectedly turned out to be the Slavonic-Aryan Empire’s westernmost province (after the revolt and separation of its western provinces).

The last records in the Book of Veles coincide with the time of the Kievan Rus’s violent christening. I every corner of the country, to where the werewolves of Vladimir the "Saint", who baptized Kievan Rus, were able to extend their hands, all adults and adolescents, who renounced to accept a religion alien and opposite to the Russian spirit were physically destroyed; and the priests of this religion hammered into the heads of frightened seven-to eight-year-old children the concepts of spiritual and physical slavery.

It turns out quite an interesting coincidence, if it can be called a coincidence at all, whether some hisTORical "scientist" like it or not. Both the last record in the Book of Veles and christening of Kievan Rus fall at the same time—the end of the 10th century according to contemporary chronology. According to the Slavonic-Aryan, or vedic, conceptions this was the time of the beginning of the last and the hardest Night of Svarog, which wrapped Midgard-Earth (1) with it gloomy and bloody veil for Seven Circles of Life (2) —1008 years—from 6496 (988 A.D.) to 7504 (1995-1996 A.D.).

What are these Days and Nights of Svarog (3)?

Before explaining it, I would like to relate some moments that I experienced in search of the events of the past. When I found the information about the Book of Veles, I knew with great surprise that Uri Petrovich Mirolyubov (1892-1970), who made this famous photo of a small plank in Belgium in 1942 and copied the other planks, lived and worked in San Francisco.

I went to the Russian museum of San Francisco, but there were no U.P. Mirolyubov archives there. They were accessible only in the Hoover Institution Archives, where my friend and I went. There I succeeded in finding the necessary materials. While I was waiting for microfilms of Mirolyubov’s files, an American student asked whether I really trusted the information concerning the book of Veles. I was surprised and revolted by this question. The photograph of the real small plank made in 1942 is not enough to prove the authenticity of the Book Veles, while the absence of any proofs of the authenticity of the contemporary version of “history” bothers almost no one.

All "ancient" books, on which contemporary history is grounded, are printed books of the 15th century. According to the "official version" of history they are "replicas" of ancient manuscripts, almost all of which simultaneously burned along with all antique libraries all over the world; however, all their copies made so "opportunely" were saved intact. It turns out that for some reason nobody doubts this forgery, but the authentic photograph of 1942 is called into question.

The existence of double standards is an old trick, but why most of those whose spiritual and cultural heritage is robbed by these double standards constantly keep silent humbly? This especially concerns the Slavs, mainly the Russians! After all, we have been hypnotized by the false idea of the Russian’s primitiveness for so long; foreigners "taught" us to speak our native language, which they "improved" by throwing "unnecessary" letters out of the Russian alphabet, changing the pronunciation and writing of Russian words, replacing true meaning of words by meaning convenient for them, etc. We can go on enumerating pretty long. However, the most frightful thing is that most people do not even notice it and accept it as something quite natural. But, is it really so?

An insult and desire to humiliate is embedded even in the name of the people. It is so habitual for everyone (including me) that this direct insult passes unnoticed. Let us take, for instance, the word "Russians". Someone may ask: "What is so insulting in calling Russians "Russians"?" Let us not hurry with conclusions about paranoia or anything similar, but meditate on a little, as my wife Svetlana did and brought my attention to the word "Russians". At first I did not understand where the rub was, but after she pronounced a few words, everything became clear to me.

In the Russian language, when mentioning any other people, it is said, for instance: a person is an Englishman and his language is English; or a person is a Frenchman and his language is French, etc. When asking the question "who?" the answer is always a noun. When asking which language this man speaks, the answer is always an adjective. This is quite logical: a language, which one speaks, is attached to him, not the other way.

There is only one "exception" made for Russians. To answer the question "who?" it is used an adjective. A noun was replaced by an adjective. This shows that the idea of the Russians as a sort of "attachment" to the rest of the people, the idea of our primitiveness, uselessness and insignificance has been inculcated even at linguistic level, i.e. at the level of subconsciousness.

The war has been waging for thousands of years on all fronts, including psychological, linguistic and genetic. Correct words wake up the genetic memory, false or distorted words make this memory sleep forever. Who is interested in distorting of the people’s self-name, and why? We just have to think a little about this and the answer will come at once.

We are Ruses, not Russians. The correct answer to the question "who" is a person, a Rus, and his language is Russian. And then everything falls into place. Someone may say that it all comes to the same thing. Is it really necessary to make a fuss about it? It is…and there are several reasons for it.

First, it is necessary to open our genetic memory. I offer any genetically Russian person to pronounce: "I am a Rus" and listen to himself. A genetically Russian person will feel an internal vibration, perhaps not at once; while pronouncing "I am Russian" there will be no vibration, but only emptiness in feelings.

Every word creates a certain qualitative resonance with the body and the spirit of a speaker. One word can wake up the dormant genetics; another, similar in sounding but with a different meaning, will leave this genetics "asleep". It turns out that someone "behind the scenes" understood this perfectly and began his subversive activity distorting the people’s self-name.

Even in the distorted variant of history, which was hammered into our heads from our childhood, Kievan Rus was called "Rus," as it was with Moscow Rus. The land of the Ruses was called Rus. It doesn’t matter, what kind of Rus it was. Only when the pro-western dynasty of the Romanovs came to power, was the self-name Rus changed into neutral Russia. However it didn’t happened at once, only when Peter the "Great" came to power. But why were Western European countries and those behind their back so eager to change the self-name of the people and the country?!

Everything appears to be very simple. Quite recently almost all European countries (and not only European) were outlying provinces of the Slavonic-Aryan Vedic Empire governed by the dynasties of the Ruses. From the middle of the 5th century revolutions organized by Dark Forces happened in these provinces, and a new elite came to power. Any mention of tsar's kin of the Ruses reminded them of the illegality of their power. They did not even understand that they were just marionettes in the hands of those behind them.

Because the past of the civilization on Midgard-Earth was the past the Slavonic-Aryan Vedic Empire, the new European aristocracy—to be more precise, the forces behind them—craved for destroying the evidences of the past of the Great Vedic State of the Ruses. That is why ancient libraries were burned; for this reason the Romanovs, especially pseudo-Peter the "Great," destroyed all traces of the truly Great Vedic Culture of the Slavs-Aries and, above all, Ruses.

Another moment. I had to hear an opinion by “competent” linguists about a Slavonic-Aryan runic letter. When they saw the likeness of the Slavonic-Aryan runes to Chinese and Egyptian hieroglyphs, these "experts" immediately declared the falsification of Slavonic-Aryan runes.

The like of this "deductions" is very strange at the very least. The similarity of the Slavonic-Aryan runes does not necessarily speak to their falseness. It also can be stated that the Chinese and Egyptian hieroglyphs are altered, distorted Slavonic-Aryan runes. However, this version even is not even considered. In addition, some resemblance of both the Chinese and Egyptian hieroglyphs to the Slavonic-Aryan runes serves quite logically as evidence of the precedence of the latter.

The Slavonic-Aryan runes contain several levels of information; each level can be "opened", depending on the order of runes. Therefore, during translation into spoken language the sense of a text changes depending on the position of a rune in a manuscript.

Because of this it is simply impossible to pull out the Chinese and Egyptian hieroglyphs and make a Slavonic runic alphabet from this "vinaigrette." The meaning of the Slavonic-Aryan runes strongly differs from that of the Chinese and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Moreover, it is necessary to consider three "revisions" of the Chinese hieroglyphs, when all books written with the "old" hieroglyphs were completely destroyed, and the cultural past of China was written with new hieroglyphs. And the like of this took place three times!

The following questions emerge in this connection: who "rubbed out" the past of China, and why? Why was it necessary to destroy the old books? What did they contain to do this three times, moving farther and farther away from the primary form of hieroglyphs? Probably, the primary Chinese hieroglyphs were the Slavonic-Aryan runes. Maybe, these runes were the basis for the Chinese hieroglyphs; that is why even after the Chinese hieroglyphs have been change three times, they still resemble the Slavonic-Aryan runes.

The fact that old books were completely destroyed three times and everything was rewritten and redacted using changed hieroglyphs, only confirms the precedence of the Slavonic-Aryan runes and the secondary nature of the Chinese hieroglyphs. A similar case is the Egyptian hieroglyphs. This will be examined in my next book .

I would advise those in a hurry to accuse me of far-fetched arguments to study the history of Ancient China. According to Chinese legend, the Chinese civilization began when a White God called Huang Di arrived from the North in a celestial chariot (a Vaitman). He taught them everything—from rice cultivation and construction of river dams to a hieroglyphic writing. This shows that the Chinese hieroglyphs were not invented by the Chinese, but were given to them by a white man of highly developed civilization lying north of Ancient China.

There is some explanation below.

Huang is an old Aryan name, which even now is pretty wide spread in Spanish speaking countries (in the form of Juan). Di is a name of tribes of the white race that lived north of Ancient China. The tribes of Di—the Dinlins—were well known to the inhabitants of Ancient China. They experienced difficulty with pronunciation of the word "dinlin" and accepted its brief form—Di.

There are a great deal of records about the tribes of Di in the old Chinese chronics. The Chinese tried hard to get rid of the Di, to drive Di away from their land (probably, from the Di’s own land also). As early as in the third millennium B.C. the tribes of the Di were registered in the Chinese chronicles as native inhabitants of the country.

Over a period of three thousand years, some Dinlins were exterminated by the Chinese, some ran away, and some mixed with the Chinese. Isn’t it a strange "coincidence" that the last style of the Chinese script—kaishu, used nowadays without any serious changes—was completed in the period of Three Kingdoms (220-280 A.D.), when the Chinese "solved the problem" with the Di tribes on their territory once and for all?

This looks like the manifestation of the deepest "gratitude" to the people who brought them the light of knowledge and culture. For three thousand years there was a war between the tribes of the Chinese, representing the yellow race, and the Dinlins, tribes of the white race, considerably fewer in number. This three-millennial war, built on the genocide of the Dinlins, had several stages. Every stage of this conflict of the white and yellow races was marked by a change in the Chinese letter style.

The so-called jinwen script got its further graphic "development" in the form of a zhuanwen script which was used in the initial period of the Zhou Dynasty (1066-771 B.C.). The written language in the epoch of the Shang Dynasty was called dazhuan —the large or great seal script. After the Emperor Qin Shi Huang (260-210 B.C) had united separate realms into one Empire, he ordered his first minister Li Si to "standardize" the Chinese script. New script was called xiaozhuan (Hsiao-chuan), Li Si’s small seal script.

The destruction of the books written in the "old" style and rewriting of everything in the "new" style accompanied every "modernization." These "global" cultural changes in styles of scripts for "some" reason took place while destroying the presence of the Dinlins in Chinese culture. It gives the right to assume that initially the tribes of the Dinlins formed the rulings castes in Ancient China as it was in Dravidia (Ancient India). There was a civil war between different castes, which were formed by the representatives of different races—white and yellow—of the Ancient China society.

The castes of the yellow race excited rebellion against the ruling caste of the white race. Everything that white people taught the tribes of the yellow race, the latter turned against their tutors, doing their best both to destroy their benefactors both physically and in the very memory of them. Quite an interesting kind of "gratitude" in my opinion (more details about these and preceding events will be in my book Russian History Viewed Through Distorted Mirrors).

Another irrefutable proof of the precedence of the Slavonic-Aryan runes appeared quite recently. It has a "stone" foundation in both the literal and figurative senses.

In July 1999 A.N. Chuvyrov, a professor at Bashkirsky state university, found a stone plate in the southern part of the Urals near Chandar village. This plate proved to be a relief map of an extremely highly developed civilization (considerably higher than ours). There were some written signs on it in the form of hieroglyphic-syllabic letters of unknown origin.

There were a lot of inscriptions and at first it was considered to be the Old Chinese language; however, after professor A.N. Chuvyrov studied some rare books of the Pekinese Emperor's library and met some colleagues from the Hunan University, the version of the "Chinese trace" was buried for good. The examination of the plate by Chinese scientists also showed that the porcelain that formed part of the plate has never been used in China. All attempts to decode the inscriptions on the plate proved to be unsuccessful. So, probably in the opinion of the "great" linguists the inscriptions on the stone plate, executed with the Slavonic-Aryan runes, are also a falsification of the Chinese and Egyptian written scripts?

Let us now return to the Day and Night of Svarog. These words are mentioned quite often in the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas. It is time to understand what these concepts mean.

There are several types of star accumulations, such as spiral and spherical galaxies, star nebulas, etc., in our Universe Our Sun is located in one of four sleeves of our spiral galaxy, in the "backyard" of this sleeve. Every spiral galaxy rotates around its nucleus while traveling on the star roads of our Universe.

Seven primary matters form our Universe. The so-called physically solid matter, which everybody is used to see as galaxies, nebulas, stars, planets, etc., appeared as a result of the merging of these primary matters in the areas of space where necessary terms for this merging were observed .

As proved by "scientists," physically solid matter makes only 10% of the whole matter of the Universe, and the rest (90%) is so-called "dark matter". However, they do not specify what this "dark matter," which can not be registered by any known modern scientific tool, is; we will forgive them this “insignificant misunderstanding” and will move on to business.

Free primary matters, which make up these 90% of the matter of the Universe, fill the space of our Universe, being in permanent motion almost without influence on each other. In the physically solid matter of the Universe they are distributed in the exact proportion to each other. However, while moving freely in the rest of space, a hard proportional correlation between them is not created.

Although all seven primary matters are present in any point of the Universe, the proportional correlation between them changes within very wide limits. In other words, free primary matters are distributed in the Universe extremely non-uniformly.

The Universe is anisotropic in the distribution of primary matters. As a result, the quantity of free primary matters is different in different areas of space of our Universe.

It is of fundamental importance, what kind of free primary matter(s) prevails in a given area of space of the Universe. An excess presence of a certain free primary matter in an area of space of the Universe can strongly influence the life of stars, tectonic and other types of activity of planets, and evolutional development of living creatures.

Seven primary matters, as it was mentioned before, form our Universe. Let us denote them by letters—A, B, C, D, E, F, G. A great number of factors depend on what kind of free primary matter(s) prevails excessively in the given area of space of the Universe, including people’s behavior and the manifestation of certain emotions and qualities.

Each primary matter has its inherent specific properties and qualities. That is why, when space anisotropy changes from one area of space to another, the properties and qualities of this space change; and free primary matters react to it differently.

When properties and qualities of a certain area of space change, the permeability of this area for a particular free primary matter also changes. As a result, this primary matter is held in this area of space. In the course of time an accumulation of this primary matter occurs, which causes a change of correlation of free primary matters in this area of space of the Universe. Thus, the excess of a certain free primary matter appears in a certain area of space of the Universe.

Because other free primary matters react to the space anisotropy of the Universe too, they also are held in the area of this spatial anisotropy, but to a different degree. The reaction of different free primary matters to one and the same anisotropy is different. Therefore, the amounts of free primary matters that are held-up in the same area of heterogeneity also will be different.

As a result of all this, the proportional correlation of primary matters changes in every area of heterogeneity of the Universe. Thus, a primary matter will prevail over the rest of matters in the given area of heterogeneity. Thus, this predominance will effect different free primary matters differently. As a result of this, a unique distribution of primary matters is observed in every area of heterogeneity of the Universe. However, there is a distinctive feature.

Our Space-Universe, formed by seven primary matters, is located between two other Spaces-Universes, formed by six and eight primary matters respectively. Because of their influence, the areas of heterogeneity in our Space-Universe are created. Therefore there are two types of heterogeneity in our Space-Universe.

One type of heterogeneity is created by the influence of the Space-Universe formed by eight primary matters; that results in E-primary matter predominance there. Another type of heterogeneity is created by the influence of the Space-Universe formed by six primary matters t hat results in G-primary matter predominance in this area of heterogeneity.

The influence of the areas of heterogeneity on other primary matters of our Space-Universe—A, B, C, D, F—is stronger the closer a given primary matter to G-primary matter or E-primary matter to in terms of its properties and qualities.

This point is very important for understanding the phenomenon of the Days and Nights of Svarog. The point is that G-primary matter or E-primary matter predominance in the areas of heterogeneity has a considerable influence on evolutional development of both an individual and a civilization.

When E-primary matter prevails, optimal conditions for the development of the complete third and fourth human bodies appear. This shows up in the development of high spiritual and moral qualities, consciousness and conscience. The areas of space heterogeneity with such quality structure are called Days of Svarog (Fig.1, Fig.2).

Fig. 1. The Day of Svarog

Fig. 1. The Day of Svarog

Fig. 2. The Day of Svarog

Fig. 2. The Day of Svarog

When G-primary matter prevails, optimal conditions for hypertrophied development of the second and incomplete third human bodies appear. This shows up in the strengthening of low properties and qualities in human beings. This results in the appearance of an evolutional warp, especially on the initial stages of evolutional development of both an individual and a civilization.

The danger of an evolutional warp at the initial stages of human being’s development shows up in the following: when an individual lacks the fourth and higher bodies, the disproportional development of the third body is observed. This is manifested in strengthening of aggressiveness, cruelty, avidity, envy, etc. The excess satiation of the third material body of a human being’s spirit with G-primary matter provides appearance and development of the negative qualities mentioned above; and Dark Forces get an opportunity to influence people who have these features and through them influence everything that happens on Midgard-Earth.

The majority of people who have managed to get through the initial stages of evolutional development appear to have immunity to this warp, which slightly slows their evolutional development without creating conditions for their possible influence and control by Dark Forces. The areas of the space heterogeneity with such quality structure are called Nights of Svarog (Fig.3).

Both Light and Dark Forces know about this dangerous zone during evolutional development. Each civilization passes through a similar negative evolutional area as if "outgrowing" a child's illness of development. It cannot be avoided, as it is impossible to avoid the stage of embryonic growth of a human being. Dark Forces try to use this Achilles’ heel of the development of each civilization to take control over both civilizations and planets populated by those civilizations.

Therefore the tactic and strategy of Dark Forces consists in preparation of planets they are interested in for possible capture. When a planet approaches an area of space with a negative evolutional warp they either use a child's age of civilizations or simply create it before this planet enters in the area of the Night of Svarog.

A negative evolutional warp is an external field that makes people on the initial stages of evolutional development attune to it, suppressing t heir harmonious development. It is similar to a powerful magnet that magnetizes pieces of metal, transferring its polarity to them. If pieces of metal are already magnetized then for their reverse magnetization the external magnetic field needs to be, at the least, 10 times more powerful.

People in their initial evolutional stages are like unmagnetized pieces of metal. That is why Dark Forces are very effective particularly at this time. They manage to capture planets incredibly easily when those planets pass through areas with a negative evolutional warp. They o nly have to take care of this "green fruit" dropping into their hands.

But such "luck" when a planet passes through a space area with negative evolutional warp and has its civilization on the initial evolutional stage happens very rarely. Therefore very often Dark Forces create conditions favorable for this.

If they want to take a planet with a civilization that has already passed the initial stages of evolutional development Dark (Parasitic) Forces apply the following strategy. On this planet a planetary cataclysms that destroy the infrastructure of a civilization is created. Then the survived people, perforce, find themselves at a primitive level of development, and when this planet enters into the negative evolutional area of space, Dark Forces easily take control over this civilization.

One can ask: "What do Dark Forces need all this for?" The point is that empty or destroyed planets-Earth are not necessary for Dark Forces. These space parasites need slaves who would develop for them the natural resources of their own planets, whereupon these planets usually are to be destroyed together with the now unnecessary slaves. And the Space Parasites depart to their next planet-victim.

Light Forces knew all about this. Their strategy and tactic consisted in not allowing Dark Forces to create planetary catastrophes that cast civilizations of planets back to the primitive level. They also tried to keep civilizations from lowering to it by minimizing both the activity of Dark Forces and the consequences of their activity.

Light Forces applied both methods on our Midgard-Earth. 111 812 years ago Tarkh Dazdbog destroyed the Moon—Lelia —together with Dark Forces bases. However, it was impossible to avoid a catastrophy—Lelia’s fragments fell down on Midgard-Earth, and as a result DaAria sank into the Arctic Ocean. However, the civilization of Midgard-Earth was not cast back to the level of primitive savagery, and Dark Forces had to retreat.

Unfortunately for our Midgard-Earth the second attempt was successful. The leaders of Antlan (Atlantis), having a negative evolutional warp, became conductors of Dark Forces and unleashed a planetary war for world domination 13 015 years ago . They used a nuclear weapon and tried to rule over elemental forces of Midgard-Earth. They failed to control the situation and the second Moon—Fatta—began to fall on Midgard-Earth.

To rescue the planet from destruction God Niy (4) destroyed Fatta but the falling splinters appeared to be too large. As a consequence Antlan-Atlantis sank into the ocean abyss.

Moreover, as a result of the fall of Fatta’s splinters, the axis of Midgard-Earth changed its angle to 23.5 degrees. Altogether it caused a great number of natural cataclysms and a new glacial age. Dark Forces finally got what they had longed for: after this planetary catastrophe the majority of surviving people came down to the primitive level very quickly.

After the infrastructure of civilization was eliminated completely, only a small number of people managed to keep their civilized level, but they could not control the situation on Midgard-Earth. The only thing they could do was to keep the knowledge and information about t hese events.

Dark Forces were already ready to celebrate a victory, but their celebration appeared to be somewhat premature. Hierarchies of Light Forces foresaw the possibility of this variant of development of events and placed the Source of Force in the bowels of the earth. This Source of Force was intended to serve as a counterbalance to the negative evolutional warp that appeared when Midgrd-Earth entered the area of space with a negative distribution of primary matters.

With the rotation of our Galaxy Midgard-Earth periodically entered areas of space that created a negative evolutional warp and moved within this area of space for a long time until leaving it (the area with a negative evolutional warp). The duration of passage through these spatial areas with negative evolutional warp could vary from several hundred years up to several thousand. Our ancestors called those periods when Midgard-Earth passed through these spatial areas Nights of Svarog. (Fig. 3, Fig 4).

Fig. 3. The Night of Svarog

Fig. 3. The Night of Svarog

Fig. 4. The Night of Svarog

Fig. 4. The Night of Svarog

The last, the heaviest, Night of Svarog has shrouded Midgard-Earth for a period of Seven Circles of Life—for 1008 years—from 6496 (988 A.D.) to 7504 (1995-1996 A.D.). The "heaviness" of any Night of Svarog is determined by the size of the negative evolutional warp created within these areas of space. The more negative evolutional warp, the “darker” the Night of Svarog. The "darker" the Night of Svarog, the easier for Dark Parasitic Forces to take and to subdue the inhabitants of a planet.

The more powerful the external negative evolutional wrap of space, the more difficult for any individual to achieve harmonious development. In other words it is more difficult for a person to avoid the manifestation of aggressiveness and cruelty and to withstand low instincts and emotions.

The duration of both Nights and Days of Svarog is determined by the extension of these areas of heterogeneity in space. The lager the spatial extension of the space heterogeneity areas the longer the time required for our galaxy to cross it, because the speed with which our galaxy moves in our Space-Universe and the speed with which our galaxy rotates around its nucleus remain permanent within the limits of these areas of the space heterogeneity. Thus, the temporal extension of Days and Nights of Svarog varies in pretty wide limits. The temporal extension of a Night of Svarog differs (can be considerably lager or smaller) from the temporal extension of the Day of Svarog coming to take its place.

A spatial negative evolutional warp retunes a qualitative structure of a human spirit to it; this occurs particularly easily in the initial evolutional stages. That is why Dark Forces prefer to use the time of Nights of Svarog for the capture of civilizations. Only a very strong will and high moral principles can allow a man to overpower the influence of the negative evolutional warp of Night of Svarog and overcome the evolutional phase of an intelligent animal. Our ancestors and Light Hierarchies knew about these natural phenomena and placed the Source of Force in the bowels of Midgard-Earth to neutralize the negative evolutional warp of Night of Svarog as much as possible.

The Race was replenished by a hidden source
preserved in ancient secret place…
The Gods foresaw the Darkness on Midgard
and decided to help to Rasa’s descendants…

When placing the Source in the bowels of Midgard-Earth, Light Hierarchies reckoned on the Source’s ability to offset a disadvantage of negative evolutional warp during Nights of Svarog. Thus, outlets of the Source to the surface were not permanent because the negative evolutional warp was not permanent either qualitatively or quantitatively even within one Night of Svarog.

That is why a neutralizing influence of the Source superimposed on the negative evolutional warp resulted in that with time the outlets of the Source changed its location on the surface of Midgard-Earth. Periodically they disappeared in one place and appeared in another:

It gathered its force in depths of the earth
seeping through the surface in different places.
Still not every land of Holy Race
had the Eternal Source of Divine Force …

In the places of the outlet to the surface of Midgard-Earth the force of the Source accelerated the evolutional development of a person. These outlets of the Source were kept secret from enemies and uninitiated. Also a blocking effect of the Source on the genetic abilities of a person was "turned off" in these places.

After the catastrophe of Antlan (Atlantis), Light Hierarchies placed in the bowels of the earth a generator that blocked the manifestation of the genetic abilities until their carrier reached the level of evolutional development that allowed him to realize his responsibility for every act.

This can be achieved at the stage of evolutional development when a person acquires six material bodies of his spirit in addition to his physical body . After reaching this evolutional level a person finishes the stage of planetary cycle of development and enters into the stage of space cycle.

The Light Hierarchies placed the blocking generator in the bowels of the earth as a forced measure after unreasonable actions of leaders of Antlan (Atlantis) that nearly resulted in total distraction of Midgard-Earth 13,015 years ago when they attempted to use elemental forces to their selfish ends.

The Light Hierarchies created an original system of protection, which did not allow a developing person to use the abilities of his genetic potential until the carrier of this potential reached understanding of consequences of his actions and awareness of responsibility f or them during his harmonious development under enlightening by knowledge. This is guaranteed mostly by completion of the planetary cycle of evolution by a person. Owing to the above-mentioned, the outlets of the Source were kept in secrecy because there a person was free from the influence of the blocking generator:

As the Source of Life grants forces to all -
to people, to Gods and to different plants.
What does it reveal in the spirit of everyone,
what gifts does it allot to life…
In Gods it reveals the forces concealed,
and gifts to people according to their thoughts …

An interesting detail becomes clear from this fragment of the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas. The Source of Life grants forces to both people and Gods. And not only this—the Source of Life reveals in Gods concealed forces and endows people according to their thoughts.

From this extract it is clear that in ancient times our ancestors understood the concept "God" quite differently from what we ascribe to it now. Under Gods our ancestors implied Light Hierarchies and people who potentially had the possibility of becoming a God. It turns out that some people are "sleeping Gods"; that is, they have genetic abilities that correctly developed could allow a person to reach high levels of evolutional development.

Such a person under the influence of the blocking generator could not manifest and realize his genetic abilities until the moment of completion of the planetary cycle of evolution. Most likely volkhvs used the outlets of the Source of Life to discover "sleeping Gods" among the people in order to help them in their harmonious development.

The thing is that not everyone, even being a very good person, is able to pass all planetary stages of development and go out to the level of space development. To put it more precisely, there are quite a few people capable of it. The point is that, unfortunately, one person pretty rarely combines his natural abilities and qualities genetically with harmonious development of his personality, without which it is simply impossible to complete the planetary cycle of evolution.

Without enlightening by knowledge, which implies understanding of cause-and-effect relation in nature and human society and an understanding of "when, why and what for" it is unacceptable for a man to interfere consciously in all this. Besides, it is necessary to have certain properties and qualities that allow accomplishment of this interference along with full awareness of complete personal responsibility for every action of that kind. Only when all this combines harmoniously in one person is there a possibility of passing through the planetary cycle of evolution.

Thus, the outlets of the Source of Life were used for discovering people with large evolutional potential, while people without it were unable to demonstrate any special properties and qualities in the area of an outlet of the Source. That is why it is said that the Source of Life endows people without special properties and qualities according to their thoughts.

In the areas of outlets of the Source of Life people with huge evolutional potential, that is "sleeping Gods", could act at the level of abilities impossible outside these areas. It was impossible also to determine who was a "sleeping God" outside these areas of outlets of the Source of Life. Only within range of action of the Source was it clear who was who.

That is why volkhvs kept the places of outlets of the Source in secrecy both from enemies and from uninitiated. Slavonic-Aryan Vedas tells us about signs that indicate the places of outlets of the Source of Life:

Secrets of birth of the herbage near the Source
were unknown to people till now...
Near the Source every plant
changed its properties and initial growth.
Mushrooms were meter in height,
provided with flesh of a stone.
Feather grass grew up to the span,
and berries of raspberry grew as trees.
What will happen to the Grass of Svarog,
when time comes and sprouts appear?
What Source of Life will endow the grass with
Priests cannot answer this question...

In the places of outlet of the Source of Life there was an anomaly of growth of plants, and priests did not know its cause. This means that volkhvs did not know the principle of operation of the Source of Life on people. It is quite possible that vokhvs-keepers were simply informed about the fact and purpose of placing of the Source of Life in the bowels of the earth without explanation its principle of action. This was done probably for the sake of keeping this information in complete secrecy.

However, Dark Forces tried to find the places of outlets of the Source of Life in order to free themselves from the action of the blocking generator. That is why it was necessary to maintain secrecy. Most likely the sizes of outlets of the Source on the surface were small, otherwise they would be easily discovered due to the anomalous growth of plants.

Thus, the reason social outcasts appeared among the people of white race was an evolutional warp that the younger generation acquired while passing through the evolutional phase of an intelligent animal. I’d like to pay attention that every man is born as an animal and consecutively passes the evolutional stages of an animal, intelligent animal and, finally, a human being. Overcoming the evolutional phases of an animal and intelligent animal is inevitable for everyone and can happen only in the human society, absorbing t he experience accumulated by previous generations. An evolutional warp occurs only in the phase of an intelligent animal, when the third material body of the spirit is being reactivated.

The reactivation of the third material body takes two evolutional stages; firs it is satiated with G-primary matter up to the level when conditions for satiation of the third material body by F- primary matter occur. When F-primary matter begins to satiate the third material body, the latter passes to the second stage of its development.

Only after the second stage of the development of the third human body is accomplished do the conditions for reactivation or development of the fourth material body of a human’s spirit occur; this is, actually, the evolutional phase of a human being. The period of reactivation of the third material body of a human falls during the teens; during this period a human being is exposed to any outside influence, especially negative ones.

Dark Forces use precisely this time to attack, preventing the young generation from attaining the evolutional phase of a human being. The reason for this vulnerability of the young generation to the influence of Dark Forces is very simple: the reactivation of the third material body, especially when it is at the phase of its satiation by G-primary matter, is accompanied by increased aggressiveness, cruelty, sex appeal etc.

At this stage of development a person passes through the evolutional jungles, as the manifestation of basic instincts and emotions is related to the satiation of the third material body with G-primary matter. A developing human has a chance to get through these evolutional jungles without performing deeds that will make further evolution impossible, only if he has an appropriate education, development of consciousness, presence of conscience and understanding of responsibility for his own deeds.

The activation of low instincts and emotions, caused by active satiation of the third body of a human being’s spirit with G-primary matter does not mean an evolutional crash. It is an inevitable evil, more precisely, an inevitable state, which few succeed to avoid. However, most people overcome it without some serious consequences for them, if there is no excess satiation of their third body by this primary matter during this evolutional phase.

It is necessary to develop self-control to obtain control over instincts and emotions. Unfortunately, few are able to attain such level of self-control and then a community comes to help. It restrains the young generation both by own example, conduct, requirements and laws and by the joint influence of the communal psi-field on everyone who passes through this evolutional phase.

During the Day of Svarog the distribution of free primary matters creates additional influence on the young generation supplementing the positive influence of the communal psi-field, which facilitate and accelerate overcoming the negative area of the evolutional development. Thus, when a man overcomes the evolutional stage of the intelligent animal during the Day of Svarog, the positive influence of the space area through which our galaxy moves is added to the positive influence of the joint communal psi-field.

This spatial evolutional accelerator of the Day of Svarog creates a very substantial "make-weight" to the positive evolutional influence of the communal psi-field. The evolutional spatial accelerator of the Day of Svarog renders significant assistance to people who have "young" spirits.

A concept of a "young" spirit has no connection with the age of a man and even with the age of a spirit. Here it is understood the qualitative state of the spirit. If a spirit consists of two bodies — the second and the third material—it is evolutionally young, especially if the third material body is at the initial evolutional phase.

For those people who have "young" spirits, the external positive evolutional influence of the Day of Svarog is determinative in most cases. Very often without the external support of the Day of Svarog a man with young spirit has no chance to overcome a qualitative barrier and attain the evolutional stage of a human being and sometimes even the stage of an intelligent animal. It is of interest that precisely during Days of Svarog there were evolutional leaps of development on planets; one can clearly see it especially at the initial stages of the development of civilizations during their "child's" period. The "child's", more precisely "nursery’s," period of the development of any civilization is the period, when it passes through the stage of development of an intelligent animal, when both a person in particular and the civilization in general are ruled by instincts.

Basically, the transition of Homo Sapiens from the evolutional phase of an animal to the evolutional phase of an intelligent animal would never have happened without the evolutional “push” or “kick” of the Day of Svarog!

It turns out that the Universe, during Days of Svarog "opens" its evolutional windows that allow developing matter to go out to the level of rationality (to be ra-tional—to have Ra in itself, to attain the enlightening of mind). More precisely, the enlightening of mind takes place in two stages—when reaching the stage of an intelligent animal and achieving the stage of a human being (for humanoid races).

I would like to remind that the Day of Svarog is a period of time when our Galaxy passes through an area of spatial heterogeneity with an excessive satiation of E-primary matter.

It is really amazing—the Universe itself creates conditions necessary for the appearance of mind; when the development of living matter achieves a certain evolutional level, the qualitative state of space during Days of Svarog inevitably results in the origin of consciousness, which has the possibility to turn from a little “spark” into ever-burning “flame” of the enlightened consciousness.

Such natural phenomenon does not occur in our galaxy exclusively. Each galaxy of our Space-Universe, when it moves, finds itself in the areas of spatial heterogeneity of Days and Nights of Svarog. This means that due to Days of Svarog the rise of mind is inevitable at a certain evolutional stage. Moreover, the like of this happens not only in hundreds of thousands of planets of our Galaxy with life on them, but also in thousands of galaxies of our Space-Universe. Although in these galaxies the time of passing through the evolutionally positive areas of space heterogeneity is not called Days of Svarog, they have the same influence on the origin of mind, as in our galaxy.

The question is in the essence, not in the name. The like of this takes place both in our Space-Universe and in thousands of others with some peculiarities, however. When our galaxy passes through the area of heterogeneity of a Day of Svarog, the evolutional warp is found very rarely. Some genetic defects or incarnations of spirits that already have a negative evolutional warp, are, mainly, the reason of its appearance.

Quite another picture is observed when our galaxy passes through the area of heterogeneity of a Night of Svarog. The areas of space heterogeneity of a Night of Svarog carry in itself a negative evolutional warp, which has maximal influence upon "young" spirits and the younger generation when passing through the evolutional jungles of the stage of an intelligent animal.

A small negative evolutional warp is observed even during reactivation of the third material body of "old" spirits (an "old" spirit is a spirit which has its second, third, fourth and “higher” bodies before its incarnation) when passing through the stage of the intelligent animal. When a spatial negative evolutional warp of a Night of Svarog superimposes on this relatively small natural negative evolutional warp, only a strong will-power and high moral principles, handed down from generation to generation, allow people to overcome this e volutional "barrier".

I would like to draw your attention—a will power and high moral qualities and principles, handed down from generation to generation, are that weapon, which would allow to neutralize the influence of the Night of Svarog. It is a very important moment for understanding the tactic and strategy of Dark Forces (social parasites) when they take control of a civilization. Their strategy and tactic is rather simple: the physical elimination of bearers of strong will power (destruction of leaders and bearers of a "genetics of leaders" —in other words, the flower of a nation), undermining and elimination of moral principles and traditions fostered by ages and sometimes by millenniums.

Where there is the destruction of the flower of a nation and elimination of the morals, Dark Forces inevitably can be found, trampling down a nation. This is their "handwriting," which always points them out, irrespective of what verbal husk they are covered with. We’ll come back to it a bit later, and now let us go back to the phenomenon of the Day and Night of Svarog.

Different areas of anisotropy of our Space-Universe differ in the excess satiation with a primary matter. The greater the excess satiation, the greater influence it exerts upon evolutional development of both an individual and civilizations on the whole. Therefore, it is possible to talk about the “luminosity” of Days of Svarog and the "darkness" of Nights of Svarog. The greater the excess of given area of anisotropy of E-primary matter, the "brighter" the Day of Svarog and the more favorable conditions for the origin of consciousness or an evolutional jump. The greater the excess of G-primary matter in a given area of anisotropy, the "darker" the Night of Svarog, the bigger the negative evolutional warp and the greater number of people exposed to it.

There is one more distinctive feature of Days and Nights of Svarog. The spatial areas of heterogeneity may be imagined as spatial "lakes" filled with some primary matters. These "lakes" may have different shape, spatial extension and "depth." "Depth" is understood as the gradient of properties and qualities of the space within the limits of a given heterogeneity.

Free primary matters move in space in certain directions; therefore, when they meet a spatial anisotropy (heterogeneity) on their way, they begin to flow into it and react to it in different ways, which was explained before. Free primary matters flow into areas of the anisotropy in the same way but flow out in a different way.

On their "exit" from the area of spatial anisotropy, free primary matters run into a qualitative barrier created by the gradient of properties and qualities between the given area of anisotropy and unperturbed space. Thereon the similitude of "conduct" of spatial areas of anisotropy of Days and Nights of Svarog becomes exhausted and their distinctive features manifest.

Spatial areas of anisotropy of Nights of Svarog are cambers of space caused by the gradient of properties of space towards the lower Space-Universe formed by six primary matters. Let us denote these spatial cambers by the minus sign (-) because the level of self-dimensionality of our Space-Universe lowers there. A sag of our Space-Universe, which is sated excessively with G-primary matter, occurs there.

All free primary matters "flow into" this type of spatial anisotropy without any problem because they follow the self-dimensionality gradient from a higher level to a lower one. However, when they “flow out” of this spatial anisotropy these free primary matters must move from a lower level of space dimensionality toward a higher level, i.e., against the dimensionality gradient.

As mentioned above, different free primary matters react to the area of spatial anisotropy differently, i.e. they react differently to the change of the properties of space. Therefore, when they “flow out” of an area of spatial anisotropy like the Night Svarog, the excess of G-primary matter will be the highest, because this primary matter will be held maximally near the qualitative barrier. Thus, it turns out that the peak of a negative evolutional warp is observed before the next “dawn”.

A Night of Svarog is the "darkest" before its end, and this time is the most effective for the action of Dark Forces (social parasites). Precisely shortly before the "dawn" people are opened to external influence to the maximum degree, as well as they resound maximally with qualities used by Dark Forces to achieve their domination.

A powerful spatial negative evolutional warp before the "dawn" results in excess satiation of the second and third bodies of human spirits with G-primary matter, which causes maximal manifestation of the aggressiveness, cruelty, avidity and low instincts. This is the time when moral and high spiritual principles collapse easily. Exactly then, the slightest external push is enough for most people with "young" spirits to succumb to complete control of Dark Forces pretty quickly and revert to the level of an animal, when only instincts reign. And past events confirm this entirely.

Let us now consider what occurs within the areas of anisotropy of Days of Svarog. Spatial areas of anisotropy of Days of Svarog are also cambers of space caused by the gradient of space properties, in this case toward the higher Space-Universe formed by eight primary matters. Let us denote these spatial cambers by the plus sign (+) denoting that the level of self-dimensionality of our Space-Universe rises there. A sort of arch of our Space-Universe, which is sated excessively with E-primary matter, occurs t here. This spatial anisotropy can be pictured as a spatial "hill".

All free primary matters “flow into” this type of spatial anisotropy against the gradient of the space anisotropy because they follow the dimensionality gradient from lower level to higher one. However, when they “flow out” this spatial anisotropy these free primary matters must move from higher level of space dimensionality toward lower level, i.e. they move along the gradient of dimensionality.

Primary matters react to the gradients of properties and qualities of space differently, as mentioned earlier. Therefore, when they "flow into" an area of spatial anisotropy like the Day of Svarog, the excess satiation with E-primary matter will be the highest possible there, because this primary matter will be held at maximum near this qualitative barrier.

Thus, it turns out that the peak of the positive evolutional influence of a Day of Svarog is observed before next "dawn," more precisely in the early "morning." Again, the "morning" of the Day of Svarog exerts maximal positive influence upon people with "young" spirits giving them a powerful evolutional push. However, it is only a push. It only creates favorable conditions or a favorable evolutional climate for the development of a man, but does not accomplish evolutional development instead of him.

The favorable evolutional climate of the Day of Svarog’s “morning” allows man to fulfill himself and manifest his talents, facilitating thus his motion upwards to the maximum. And again, it may facilitate, but not replace the evolutional motion of man. The evolutional movement is impossible without self-discipline, will power and domination of instincts.

If a person manages to find in himself sufficient forces for it, then, on the assumption of correct development, he can become a Creator from the point of view of evolution and not in the meaning of modern religions. Not by chance our ancestors call their highest achievements—Creations. Only a Creator, a man who has fulfilled himself completely through enlightening by knowledge, putting this into practice, can create.

Thus, the Day of Svarog’s "morning" is an evolutional accelerator, a catalyst, whose activity drops when the "evening" of the Day of Svarog approaches and practically comes to naught by the “twilights” since the excess satiation of the area of anisotropy with E-primary matter decreases quickly, when our Space-Universe formed by seven primary matters returns to its optimal qualitative state.

Considering what has been mentioned above about the nature of Days and Nights of Svarog, we can clearly understand the anxiety of Light Hierarchies and the necessity for the installation of the Source of Force in the bowels of Midgard-Earth. Unfortunately, by the time of the last, the heaviest Night of Svarog, which has wrapped Midgard-Earth for Seven Circles of Life (for 1008 years—since 6496 (988 A.D.) until 7504 (1995-1996 A.D)), Dark Forces managed to block the positive action of the Source of Force; and the darkest Night of Svarog covered our Midgard-Earth with its veil.

This time Dark Forces managed to seize our planet almost completely. Almost. However, they did not have time to complete their occupation of Midgard-Earth before the beginning of a new Day of Svarog, as they have done repeatedly with other Planets-Earths. Light Forces drew the necessary conclusions and changed their tactic and strategy.

Thus, the concepts of the Day and Night of Svarog leave mythological arena and acquire quite a specific and real content.

The Day and the Night of Svarog are a natural "gas pedal" and "brake pedal" of the evolution of living matter in the Universe, at least in our Space-Universe formed by seven primary matters, independently how the inhabitants of other civilizations in other star systems name these phenomena. Similar phenomena are observed in other Spaces-Universes where t hey have some distinctive features that depend on the amount of primary matters and what kind of primary matters form this or that Space-Universe.

Let us go back now to the last Night of Svarog, which covered Midgard-Earth with its dark veil in 6496 (988 A.D.), and look at events that happened at beginning of this Night. First of all, we will examine the territory of Ruses, at least those events that were left accessible today.

We will begin with twilights. In the middle of the 9th century, a direct descendant of Kiy, a prince-Varangian Oskold (Askold) together with his younger brother Dir, took power in Kiev, thus violating old traditions.

According to old traditions a prince-ruler was elected among worthy of respect men for a term of eight years. Sometimes he could stay for a second term due to his excellent service or even be a life-time ruler. However, the power was never hereditary.

There were a military prince-khan and a civil prince. During times of peace the civil prince possessed greater power, and in times of war the prince-khan got the power into his hands. The prince-khan usually was elected from the highest caste of professional warriors—the Varangians.

After taking power in Kiev Oskold began to be called "khagan," thus uniting two branches of power in one title: a military power as khan and a civil power as kagan. The title of kha-gan appeared as a result of uniting of these titles kha(n)-(ka)gan. The new title clearly shows that the title of khan is determinative.

According to remaining information Oskold was a prominent figure of his time, a talented warrior and a statesman. He organized several military campaigns against the Roman Empire; most were successful, and Tzargrad (Constantinople) paid a tribute to Ruses. During his last Tzargrad campaign in 6374 (866 A.D.) the prince Oskold approached the walls of the city with 360 ships and his Cavalry.

After signing a peace treaty, he was offered conversion into the Roman religion (which would come to be called Christianity at the beginning of the 12th century), but Oskold was not in a hurry to accept the offer. As soon as he rejected this "favor," he, according to the legend, became blind. Then the tsar of the Romans Michael told Oskold, that if he wanted to get rid of the illness, he must be baptized immediately, otherwise he would never recover.

This "haste" with immediate christening, this approach for the conversion into a new faith seems very strange, moreover—suspicious. Oskold’s immediate recovery after his christening by the Patriarch Fotiy aroused suspicions, as the consequences of this "miracle" were so advantageous for the Romans.

The suggestion of immediate christening, otherwise God will never grant the convalescence, arouses circumspection. Curiously, God showed his force with a huge benefit for the Romans just "in time." "God’s grace" did not descend on anyone, when the Oskold's armed force besieged the city, God showed no favor for his "faithful" slaves, the Romans, no protection either then or later. Someone may say that God turned away from sinners and then "changed" his mind. Who satisfies with this explanation—"may the Lord bless you," as a priest would say. But it seems to me that everything in this case is rather simple.

The Romans, known as the Byzantines in the modern “variant” of the history, always were insidious and mendacious politicians. They stop at nothing to achieve their goals, sticking to the rule that a purpose justifies any means. Besides their other "talents" they were famous as skillful poisoners. Their poisons were very difficult to discover and identify.

Most likely, Oskold’s "new friends" gave him a poison that first causes blindness. Without proper antidote given in time a man would loose both his sight and his life. This explains the urgent request to be christened immediately, or the recovery will never come!

Probably courtiers took risks consciously after studying Oskold’s character, hoping that he would agree quickly to the "miraculous" cure. To their joy Oskold behaved himself as they expected. Pretty well fooled Oskold returned to Kiev, rejected the Vedic system and tried to baptize Ruses of Kievan Rus by force in 6374 (866 A.D.). In the Book of Veles the prince Oskold is described as a dark warrior christened by the Greeks. The volkhvs relate in the Book of Veles about Oskold as a dark warrior, as a conductor of dark forces (social parasites).

However, the first attempt to convert Ruses into the Greek religion, the cult of Dionysius, met a defeat. Dark Forces through Oskold did not succeed in imposing a spiritual slavery on Kievan Rus. It was only "twilight" of the Day of Svarog.

In 6390 (882 A.D.) princes Oleg and Igor, who came from the north with the armed forces of Ruses, took Kiev. Oleg captured Oskold by deceit and killed him. With Oskold’s death the penetration of the Greek religion, a cult of Dionysius, into Kievan Rus was stopped. Nobody pursued those who took the Greek religion (in vain, in my opinion); traditionally everyone was free to believe in any "God" their soul chose.

A similar tolerance by our ancestors of other people’s beliefs very soon "answered" to them with a lot of blood. After Oskold’s murder young Igor became the Kievan prince. The prince Oleg governed some time on his behalf; he later would be nicknamed Prophetic Oleg which speaks about his Vedic perception of the world. Probably Prophetic Oleg was a volkhv-warrior, but that is another story.

It would seem that when Oleg and Igor captured Kiev, they stopped the Dark Forces’ penetration into of Kievan Rus. However, after dethroning and killing the Dark warrior Oskold and usurping the power, Oleg set young Igor, a son of Ryrik, on Kievan throne, thus violating the ancient traditions. Thus, the first step toward the absolute monarchy was made. It was the first, but not last, deviation from traditions of the past, which were effective during thousands of years and prevented Dark Forces from getting into the social system of the Slavs-Aries. Prince Igor made the second step toward the abyss making Kievan throne hereditary.

Most remember a beautiful legend about princess Olga, who took revenge on the Drevlyans for the death of her husband, prince Igor. She claimed a tribute in the form of song-birds, which she ordered released home with the burning hemp tied to their feet. Thus she burned out the city of the Drevlyans. However, few remember why the Drevlyans killed prince Igor! He died because of his own avidity and for the attempt to break the ancient traditions according to which a kniaz received a tithe to maintain his armed force. Igor decided to collect a duty two times running and the Drevlians killed him for it.

After his death, his three-year son Svyatoslav sat on Kievan throne in 6453 (945 A.D.). Velikiy kniaz Svyatoslav was a light warrior. It was he who was able to destroy the Judaic Khazar Khaganate, a parasitic state, in 6472 (964 A.D.). By the beginning of the Night of Svarog the Judaic Khazar Khaganate had become a powerful parasitic state whose metastases penetrated into a great many of states of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. If this parasitic state continued to exist, it would be difficult to imagine the consequences for the whole world and especially for the Ruses.

Because of Svyatoslav, Dark Forces were not able to enslave the Russian earth completely at the beginning of the Night of Svarog as they planned. If it were not for him, the conductors of Dark Forces, the Israelites, could be able to take the power in the earth of Ruses a thousand years ago. They managed to take the power only in 7425 (1917 A.D.).

Regrettably, after destroying the Judaic Khazaria, Svyatoslav allowed a "fox to slip into a hen-coop." His mother, the Grand duchess Olga, converted to the Greek religion and fiercely hated her own son because he was a light warrior and for what he did to rescue the Kievan Rus.

Being completely under control of the Dark Forces that were eager to stop Sviatoslav’s sons following their father deeds, she "proposed" to him a Khazar Jew woman, who adopted the Greek religion for this purpose (the Greek faith was then a cult of Dionysius, which, except for the name, differed little from the Christian cult that replaced it in the 12th century). It is a traditional Judaic method to capture control and power through Judaic women. A so-called institute of Judaic "fiancees" is a very effective weapon for usurpation of the power and control in countries that interest them. The Khazar Khaganate was seized in the 7th century A.D. precisely with the help of Judaic "fiancees"... however, it is another his-TOR-y.

The Great duchess Olga "offered" Svyatoslav her houskeeper, her trustee as a concubine. Malka, that was her name, which is decoded from the Hebrew as the tsarina, was a daughter of the rabbi Malik (means tsar) from Russian town Lyubich, near Chernigov. Almost all Judaic rabbis came from a Leviticus tribe, a "tsar" tribe of the Israelites.

Usually, a Judaic "fiancee" was specially prepared for her mission. She was taught the so-called Dark Tantra, a method to influence and subdue a man by means of sex. A well-trained Judaic "fiancee" took a man under her control e asily after carefully studying all the minutest details of his body. Men were turned into zombies, easily controlled marionettes by means of the Dark Tantra. In other words, if it is impossible to win a battle fairly, it can be done by means of similar methods.

It is quite a curious fact: Svyatoslav’s mother, the duchess Olga, “offers” her own son as a concubine (a sexual "toy") her house-keeper (her trustee), knowing perfectly, who Malka was and whom she represented. Quite a “strange” maternal "care" about sexual life of her son, who, besides, had a legal wife! This fact shows us that she was under complete control of Dark Forces, because adultery (conjugal infidelity) was always considered to be a deadly sin in the Greek religion, a cult of Dionysius later known as the Christianity. Thus, the similar "care" of deeply "faithful" duchess Olga looks strange, at the very least.

One way or another, Olga’s house-keeper Malka became Svyatoslav’s concubine. The prince Svyatoslav was educated as a warrior from his early childhood and did not subtilize in this cobweb. However, Dark Forces did not succeed in subduing Svyatoslav even with the help of Malka. We will not investigate now whether Vladimir was or was not Svyatoslav’s son, but according to all Judaic laws he was a Jew.

The recognition or adoption of Malka’s son by Svyatoslav was, in fact, his only serious error that led to death of both Svyatoslav and his legal sons Oleg (in 977) and Yaropolk (in 980), who were killed together with their wives and c hildren by order of the Novgorod prince Vladimir, the Jew.

After Vladimir took the Kievan throne and became the Grand Duke of Kiev in 6488 (980 A.D.), he began to put into practice Dark Forces’ plans. All of a sudden, he ordered idols of Perun, Dazhdbog, Stribog, Khors and the goddess Mokosh put in Kiev, Novgorod and possibly in other cities of the Ruses. It was very odd. Kievan Rus was a state with millennia Vedic traditions. These Gods were known perfectly and honored from deep antiquity throughout the Russian land. Quite an absurdity, one may say, but only on the face of it. In fact it was a well thought-out provocation. As if trying to "strengthen" the Vedic beliefs of the Ruses, Vladimir ordered to make bloody animal and human sacrifices to these idols.

The point is that human and animal sacrifices relate to the rituals of the Kali-Ma cult, a cult of Black Mother, which "migrated" to the Judaism, while the Slavs-Aries never had either human or animals sacrifices. The fact that Vladimir ordered, forced bloody sacrifices was reflected even in old chronicles, which were written by priests who tried to show his deeds, and the deeds of the Church accordingly, to the best advantage.

It is quite possible that those volkvs-"actors," who readily made bloody sacrifices, were "prince" Vladimir’s loyal people. After performing a necessary play for the his-TOR-y, the Grand “Duke of Kiev” Vladimir the Jew—"chose" a new religion for the Ruses, the cult of Dionysius. First he was christened in Korsun and then the inhabitants of Russian cities were converted into Greek religion by force beginning, certainly, with inhabitants of the capital city of Kiev.

We can read about the process of "voluntary" conversion into the Greek religion in chronicles, which, due to clear reasons, soften considerably the scale of dire calamity. To baptize Novgorod Vladimir sent a brigade of his armed force headed by his uncle Dobrynya (his mother’s brother). It turns out that Slavonic names served as a reliable screen a thousand years before the Great "Russian" revolution of 1917. When Dobrynya came to Novgorod he burned out several houses threatening to burn the whole city to the ground. Only after that didthe inhabitants of Novgorod accepted the "holy" christening.

It is of interest: the chronicles do not mention how many people were killed during the process of "voluntary" conversion to Christianity. Very often people christened under the threat of weapon went back to their old traditions as soon as their "godfathers" made sail along with their armed retinue. What do chronicles conceal from discovery? "Nothing exept" that for 12 years of the violent obtrusion of the Greek religion 9 million Slavs, refusing to renounce their ancestors’ faith, had been killed; the population of Rus before christening was 12 million.

Thus, the second attempt of the Christianization of Kievan Rus by the prince Vladimir the "Saint" in 6496 (988 A.D.) appeared to be completely successful. The Greek religion became a state religion of Kievan Rus. Although the process of imposing an alien religion on the Ruses proceeded with variable success to the end of the 11th century according to the Christian calendar, nevertheless, the process had been started.

But the most unusual thing that the Ruses’ spiritual enslavement and the conversion of the Greek religion into the state religion in Kievan Rus coincided with the beginning of the Last Night of Svarog in 6496 (988 A.D.). It is very difficult to consider this as a random coincidence, at least, for me.

However this was nothing compared to what was to come at the "dawn" of the Last Night of Svarog, in the 20th century...

Nicolai Levashov, May 12, 2006

1 Our planet Earth.

2 Slavonic-Arian calendar: The year consisted of 3 seasons (fall, winter and spring). 16 years made a Circle of Years. 9 Circles of Years made a Circle of Life (144 years).

3 In the Slavonic-Aryan mythology Svarog is the patron-god of Vyrij or Irij (Slavonic-Aryan paradise), Asgard (the City of Gods) and the Constellation of Bear (Ursa Major and Ursa Minor) in the Circle of Svarog (Slavonic Zodiac). He resides in Svarga (Heaven). The etymology of the word Svarog is Slavonic svar (bright and clear). The symbol dedicated to Svarog is the Kolovrat (Swastika).

4 In the Slavonic-Aryan mythology Niy is the god of seas and oceans, the patron of navigation and fishing, the Slavic Kin of the Ants (whom the Greeks called Atlantes) and the Land of the Ants, Antlan (Atlantis). He is the god-patron of the Land of Niy (the planet Neptune)

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