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The Source of Life

Part 5. Nature and Mind

Photographs taken by my wife Svetlana de Rohan-Levashov

The anisotropy of space and matter results in the origin of life. Living matter starts to selfrealize at a certain level of development. However, it is still the same matter, but organized, and in the same area of spatial anisotropy which is manifested in living matter to a considerably greater degree than in the “non-living”! When the degree of this space-material anisotropy increases, the conditions for further development of living matter appear, and reasoning matter is born at a certain level!

Thus, reasoning matter is a result of qualitative changes in living matter (at least, within the limits of our Universe) and therefore, it has certain carriers of reason which are manifested through the variety of living forms that make up an ecological system! Thus, reasoning matter is a product of the development of matter, and this division into living and non-living matter is very relative.

Living matter is just a certain organization of matter, no more, despite the fact that at a certain stage of development it is able to realize its own existence amongst the rest of matter. The development of reasoning matter can reach the level when it acquires the ability to change and control the matter which has engendered it.

Thus, a developmental spiral appears! The matter of the Universe—living matter—reasoning matter—the change of the initial matter—new level of development of living matter—new level of development of reasoning matter—etc. But with all this going on, we should take into account that matter’s consciousness of self has many levels; each is characterized by its own level of the understanding of nature and methods of co-operating with it, i.e. with the “nature” which “fostered” this reason. However, the word “reason” does not quite correspond to the concept of matter which has acquired self-consciousness, and here is why.

Our ancestors distinguished two concepts — intellect and reason! They understood these two concepts to differ fundamentally from each other, although they both relate to mental activity! The matter that realizes its existence acquires intellect! Reason appears only when the carriers of mind reach enlightenment by knowledge! The ability to think does not mean reasonableness; that is the state when man is enlightened by knowledge in general, and by knowledge in particular, of the laws of the nature from which he came! Everyone can easily find numerous examples of the action of intellect. It is enough just to pay attention to the ecological catastrophe which is the product of the actions of man, who has intellect, but not reason! This is not just a profusion of philosophical words, as someone could say, but confirmed reality.

We can say that man will succeed in reaching the level of reason when he learns to interact with the nature which engendered him, not at the level of mutually exclusive phenomena, but at the level of harmony: in this case man’s reasoning activity will not result in the death of Mother-nature, but will revive it at a fundamentally new level of interaction which excludes antagonism. This is not an idle statement, but a position confirmed by practice. The phenomena that happen with living and non-living matter under the influence of the psi-field generator (or the dark matter generator) con-firm it. The generator’s influence could evoke the kind of changes which Mother-nature has not been able to obtain during eons of experiments on Midgard-earth, and which the technological development of humanity has not been able to reach either during all the time of its existence.

The limited understanding of nature because of false scientific understanding resulted in the conflict between nature and man which mortally threatens not only living organisms which are on the verge of extinction, but the very existence of man himself. All this is happening because man uses intellect instead of reason! In other words, man interferes with nature with no understanding of its real laws. As a consequence, the ecological balance is broken and in the course of time it will result in ecological catastrophe, the reality of which we can observe today.

Mechanistic materialism (Vulgarmaterialismus (Germ.)) resulted in man beginning to treat nature mechanically, based on mere observations. In order to have a complete and vivid picture of the understanding of nature which modern science has, it is enough to imagine the following: an iceberg breaches Titanic’s hull and it quickly submerges into the ocean abyss. An observer sees only the top of the iceberg and how Titanic is sinking after the collision, whereupon, he starts to suggest a “theory”: as to how the Titanic could sink on colliding with such a small piece of ice and why. He starts to take samples of the ice and the steel of Titanic’s hull, and using mathematical equations tries to “understand” how the like of this became possible: the most terrible thing is that he succeeds in finding a plausible explanation with the help of mathematics!

This picture reflects the level of understanding of nature which modern science has! This is not an attempt by just another spiteful critic to throw mud at scientists, but a sad truth! This statement is not based on “It seems to me”, or “I wish this”, but on the words of orthodox scientists who have acknowledged that they have some picture of just 10% of the matter of the Universe and know nothing at all about the other 90%!

The only strange thing in all of this is: if “scientific deductions” which “explain” how the apex of an iceberg rammed Titanic’s steel hull look quite absurd, why is it that similar deductions and statements of orthodox science, which acknowledges that it has an incomplete picture of only ten percent of the matter in the Universe and knows nothing about the rest, are taken as gospel!?

No one asks these scientists about their responsibility for the consequences of their “scientific concepts.” But, it is time we did; our planet is already on the verge of catastrophe because of these “concepts”! Should we be absolutely satisfied and unworried because “scientists” have invented a label for the unknown 90% of the matter in the Universe!? They changed absolutely nothing by simply calling it “dark matter”! The situation is absolutely the same: they knew nothing about 90% of the matter of the Universe before and they know nothing about it now! But still they continue to destroy our planet in blind ignorance.

Almost all supplies of fresh water on our planet are already poisoned, seas and oceans are poi-soned too; millions of hectares of recently fertile land are turned into sterile deserts as a result of the application of artificial fertilizers in agriculture. Drainage of waterlogged lands and irrigation of fertile lands in the areas with insufficient precipitation resulted in a dramatic sequel — they became sterile deserts and saline lands, after giving rich harvests for just a few years. And the like of this happens almost everywhere, in almost all spheres of human activity. A question arises: is it possible to call such activity reasonable!? Certainly, not! And very often this activity is not a consequence of “scientific” narrow-mindedness and blindness, but of intentional sabotage by social parasites!

This activity confirms the ignorance of modern orthodox science and the forces behind it. Social parasites, which now control almost all the financial systems of the world and keep orthodox science on a short leash, are mortally afraid of Midgard-earth’s civilization following the right way of development, because then they would not be able to parasitize as they have done until now. Because then social parasites would have to earn their daily bread by their own labour, and the truth is that, in this case, it would not be so huge a “piece of bread” as that which they “chew on” now. It is also true that they do not wish to earn their “daily bread” by their own labour at all! They have become accustomed to having a very large part of the “loaf”, and they do not want to lose it.

Therefore, social parasites have done and continue to do their best, to prevent the developing Midgard-earth’s civilization from changing its state of belligerency with Mother-nature to one of harmony! Because, if that happens, they will lose their “feeding trough”! The fact that they do not want to work is not a theoretical supposition. There are and have been plenty of confirmations of this during Earth’s civilization.

In the past social parasites suffered a defeat on Midgard-earth, inflicted by Light Forces which tried to set them on the right path:

13.(77). Using lie and sinful flattery,
They will occupy many lands of Midgard-Earth,
Like they did on other Earths,
In many Worlds in the days of
The last Great Assa ,
But they will be won over
And exiled to the country of Artificial Mountains,
Where people with the skin
Of the color of Darkness and
The descendants of the Celestial Clan,
Which came from the earth of the God Niy ,
Would live.
And human children will begin to teach them to work,
For they could grow cereals and vegetables to feed their children...

(The Slavonic-Aryan Vedas. Perun Vedas Santias. The First Circle. Santia 5, p 41)

This event happened more than four thousand years ago, but social parasites did not want to change their parasitic nature even after their defeat and, withdrawing themselves for some time, they showed their true nature again:

14.(78). But the absence of desire to work
Would unite Strangers
And they would abandon the country of Artificial Mountains
And would settle all over the lands of Mifgard-earth.
And they would create their own faith
And declare themselves to be the sons of The One God,
And would sacrifice their blood and
The blood of their children to their God,
To establish and maintain the blood union
Between them and their God...

(The Slavonic-Aryan Vedas. Perun Vedas Santias. The First Circle. Santia 5, p 41)

Everything happening on Midgard-earth now is the result of this! Social parasites have settled all over our Mother-Earth. The result of their parasitic activity is the ecological catastrophe which modern civilization confronts! The most surprising thing is that if this catastrophe happens, the social parasites will die too! They are a cancer tumour in the social organism of our planet and, like cancer, they destroy both the social organism on which it parasitizes and the habitat — our planet Earth!

Modern technologies are unable to clean out the already existent contamination of seas and oceans even if working for several thousand years. At the same time, the contamination of the natural environment has not ceased, but continues to increase. Agricultural activity based on mechanistic materialism results in the dumping of millions of tons of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on cultivated soils for the purpose of “multiplying” crop production.

However, productivity increases insignificantly and for a relatively short period of time, whereupon these lands become almost sterile. This is not the only harm caused by chemical substances which are used on the fields. When it rains, chemicals and toxins get into the underground waters and through them to rivers, lakes, springs and wells. Thus harmful chemical substances and poisons get into the water which people drink and this, as everyone may understand, has grave consequences for their health. But this also is not all! Through the underground waters chemical substances and poisons from fields also get into rivers, which carry their waters to seas, oceans and lakes and do irreparable harm to the ecology of the water spaces which occupy three quarters of the surface of our planet.

As a result, the ecological equilibrium of water spaces is irreversibly violated; many types of animal and vegetable organisms die. The same chemical substances poison other types of inhabitants of seas and oceans which get on people’s table as seafood, thus again poisoning them. As a result of all this, numerous “ecological” illnesses appear, including cancer, and the number of sick people increases. Today there are tens of millions of these patients in Europe alone and their numbers increase with every passing day! “Ecological” patients are people who got their diseases, sometimes mortal ones, only because of the violation of the ecological equilibrium as a result of man’s “reasoning” activity!

In other words, millions of people on Midgard-earth are doomed to die as a result of technological development’s “side” effects! Already official authorities in the USA, for example, recommend that their citizens not eat seafood more than once a month; otherwise their health will be in danger! And this is only the beginning! Because as well as chemical substances that come from fields, toxins get into the water of seas and oceans through the atmosphere, which is polluted by an enormous amount of poisonous matter (including mercury). With the “help” of rain these toxic pollutants get both into the sweet water of rivers and lakes, and into the salt water of seas and oceans.

But this is not all either! Seas and oceans became the burial “grounds” for many millions of tons of chemical weapons created before and after World War II. The containers in which it was buried in the depths of seas and oceans have already been almost fully destroyed, and their content is getting into the water! This process has just begun to gain force, and one can only surmise what the consequences will be for all living creatures.

At the same time, modern technocratic civilization cannot do anything about all this and ... “humbly” keeps silence. And here is the reason why. I will take as an example, the Baltic Sea, a relatively small sea, highly isolated from the World Ocean. Along with chemical substances which constantly get into it from fields via the water from rivers and rain, the waste of industrial enterprises and the disposal of sewage, there are a lot of the strongest chemical weapon poisons on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, buried there after World War II, the containers for which have now become depressurized.

Existing methods of water treatment, to say nothing of being extremely expensive, are absolutely useless if we are talking about cleansing large amounts of water. Let us, for example, imagine the task of clearing the Baltic Sea of the existing chemical contamination. We will consider two possible options and even designate some conditions which are necessary but unrealizable today. We will imagine that we have somehow succeeded in separating the Baltic Sea from the North Sea and thus, from the World ocean, by a giant dam. We will assume that all rivers which flow into the Baltic Sea are turned about and do not bring new contamination. We will assume that not a single raindrop falls over the surface of the Baltic Sea during the whole time of cleansing, because, if rain falls as usual, even being ideally clean, it is impossible to clean this sea even in theory. Because all rain, to say nothing of thunderstorms and hurricanes, brings such enormous volumes of water in just one hour that purifying this huge quantity, using modern facilities, would take hundreds, probably thousands, of years!

So, given these unrealizable initial conditions, let us imagine how we could possibly clean the Baltic Sea. The first option: we can dig out a ditch of size and volume equal to that of the Baltic Sea. Regrettably, even though we would wish to do it very much, there is no place for it, and moreover, modern technology is unable to carry out work of this magnitude. But if we suppose, purely theoretically, that the like of this is possible, it would require thousands of years to pump the purified water of the Baltic Sea into this ditch, whereupon we would have to clean the contamination from the sea-floor sediments and only then could the Baltic water be returned! This can be done with an aquarium, but not with a sea, even having the unrealizable initial conditions indicated above.

According to the second option, the purified water of the Baltic is returned back to this sea at once. This will result in only the minutest diminishing of the level of contamination and require hundreds of thousands of years, and by the way, the effort of the whole of humanity should be aimed only at this task and the initial conditions should be the same as I mentioned for the first option! That is all a modern technocratic civilization, built on the principles of ill-judged materialism imposed by social parasites, is capable of!

It proves that even given these impossible initial conditions our technocratic civilization would not be able to neutralize the harm it has caused Mother-nature even within the scope of one sea. However, not only the Baltic Sea is contaminated this way, but the whole World Ocean! The atmosphere and soil are also contaminated. Besides chemicals, the latter is also contaminated by radio-active pollution, which becomes greater with every year...

Water, air, soil — everything is contaminated as a result of the “reasoning” activity of the technocratic civilization which social parasites have imposed on Midgard-earth. Now, they add to all this, alarm and nervousness related to forthcoming planet-wide hunger. In the past they have created famine conditions in some areas and countries in order to get them under their control.

They did it quite successfully in the 6th century A.D. in Persia and at the beginning of 20th century in the Russian Empire. And now they try to use hunger in order to make the manipulation of the whole planet easier for them. They are driven by the fear of losing their power and that piece of the “pie” to which they have no right whatsoever! And most importantly, they know this perfectly well and try to create such conditions that the people, who they have turned into their slaves, will never get rid of the shackles, which they put on them using cunning and deception.

The reason for the social parasites’ increased concern is quite understandable: there are real forces which, using true knowledge of natural laws, are able not only to solve the ecological problems which have emerged because of their “care”, but also to prevent the appearance of new ones in the future! The methods which can provide cleansing of the global atmosphere, the World Ocean and the soil already exist now. This is not theoretical supposition, but the facts which social parasites conceal from people. However, it is possible not only to recover the ecology of the planet but also, using fundamentally different technologies, to solve the problem with food, and not only food!

This article is exactly about this, more precisely, here I continue to unfold the subject which I consistently set forth in my series of articles entitled “The Source of Life”!

Less than two weeks had passed since I finished my article “The Source of Life–4. The tale about fruits and berries”; this short period of time was enough for many unbelievable things to happen which are worth to be telling and writing about. Spring in the Royal valley was extraordinarily cold and rainy this year, almost like in Moscow. It rained almost every day and night in the valley of the Loire which certainly did not favour the stormy growth of plants. But even this cold and rainy, sometimes frosty, spring did not affect the conduct of the plants in our park and garden. All types of plants grew by leaps and bounds! Even during these several days which have passed since I wrote the last article, everything continued to grow and ripen with an unbelievable speed.

Not only did the strawberries “decide” to please us with their berries which are extraordinarily large for this variety, but the berries on the raspberry canes are also enormous (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2) despite the very cold and rainy spring! The currants do not fall far behind the strawberries and raspberries (Fig. 3). Sweet cherries also have hurried to ripen and appear on the table with the other berries (Fig. 4)! Someone may ask: Where is the “wonder” in all this!? It is in the fact that all these berries do not ripen simultaneously. Add to this, outdoor weather conditions and limestone where all these plants cannot grow at all! We also have to take into account a very cold and rainy spring, when it was pretty cold at night even in the middle of June. Despite such climatic conditions, fruits and berries were rapidly ripening, “chasing” each other and “forgetting” the usual terms of ripening!

Enormous raspberries in June


Enormous raspberries in June


Red currant in June


Tropical and subequatorial plants joined this “marathon” too. The fig trees gathered strength and numerous new figs appeared every day, as we can see in the photo taken on June 4, 2008 (Fig. 5). I will remind readers that all this takes place outdoors, in the worst soil to be found anywhere to grow any plants — in limestone and red clay — and without any fertilizers! Besides, all this happens very quickly, and these are not just words. Look at the photo taken on June 7, 2008. Here we can see the figs which in three days began to turn violet which indicates the beginning of ripening. However, the enormous ripening figs look small against the background of the tree’s gigantic leaves (Fig. 6).

Good yield in the beginning of June


Figs in the beginning of June


Ripening figs in June


But these are not all the surprises! Let us take, for example, Araucaria araucana or monkey puzzle tree, a slow-growing coniferous evergreen which can achieve 60 metres in height. This plant grows best of all in moderately moist, well drained and rich soil. The presence of lime in the soil tells on it negatively! In other words, this evergreen reacts negatively to even the presence of lime in soil, and in our park they grow in pure limestone! The second name of Araucaria araucana, the monkey puzzle tree, appeared from a legend according to which, monkeys, in order to regale themselves with the ripening cones of this tree, climb to its highest tier where their favourite delicacy grows. When they are finally sated with the nuts from these cones, they find out that they cannot get down, because the needle-shaped leaves of this tree, sharp as a razor, cut them painfully. Therefore, monkeys jump from an enormous height and smash themselves up! This is the legend.

We planted ten of these exotic plants in our park three years ago. The “oldest” tree was eleven years old (Fig. 7). When these coniferous evergreens arrived in our park, they dramatically changed their “conduct”! Any reference book says that these trees grow very slowly and begin to bear fruit only on reaching maturity! The most “adult” one planted three years ago was 11 years old and about 4 meters high. All other nursery transplants were very young and from 50 cm to 80 cm high. In three years the smallest Araucarias have reached almost 4 meters! This alone is incredible, but there is more! These youngsters which have grown up incredibly quickly also had cones (Fig. 8). This cannot be! And the most interesting fact is that the cones’ ovules appeared not in the “oldest” Araucaria, which was 11 years old when planted, but in the youngest one which was only several years old at the time of planting! However, despite the incredibility of this fact, the appearance of cones in the youngest nursery transplants is totally natural!

As I have already mentioned, the younger the plant is when it gets put into the active area of the psi-field generator, the quicker the changes show up in it, because it is formed in these new, fundamentally different conditions, from the very beginning, while adult plants, which come under the influence of the psi-field generator, have been formed in other conditions! The changes in them will take place with a delay which will depend on the period of replacement of every type of cell in every plant. That is why the first thing that changes, under the influence of the generator of life, in a tree is its flowers, then leaves and only then trunks! Those cells of our plants which were in the stage of growth or division changed first, and only then the cells which were subject to replacement. In other words, the determining factor in changing is the speed of cell replacement!

Araucaria araucana in limestone


Araucaria araucana


Araucaria araucana


That is why cones appeared in our “youngest” Araucaria, not the “oldest” one. There is more! Cones appeared in our Araucarias not only at the highest tier, as happens with all other conifers of this variety, but on four tiers at the same time, which has never happened in their natural conditions (Fig. 9)! Even the smallest Araucaria attained such a size that in order to take a picture of the whole tier it was necessary to move a pretty long distance away from the tree. Therefore, in order that cones were well visible in the photo, it was necessary to come very close, but at this distance only one cone gets into the photo (Fig. 10)! In this picture a cone in the process of forming is perfectly visible on a quite young tree, which in principle cannot be, but the cone is there and besides, it is not the only one! The trees are literally covered with cones, except for the “oldest” which is now fourteen years old!

These are “wonders” which continue to appear! But all this is either impossible or a miracle only from the standpoint of orthodox science and natural processes, but is a quite normal and natural result of the influence of the dark matter generator.

In my article “The Source of Life – 1” (2005) I described the stormy growth of the Blue Atlas Cedar, Cedrus Atlantica f. Glauca, under the influence of the psi-field generator. For a period of two years due to the action of the generator (from 2003) this cedar grew 5 to 7 times quicker than its “colleagues” in the best conditions; our cedars grew in limestone which is considered impossible for these plants. Moreover, in 2005 our blue cedars produced an extraordinary yield of cones (Fig. 11)! In this picture we can see the abundance of cones and cedar’s needle leaves which have a blue shade, for which this cedar acquired the name of the Blue Atlas Cedar:

The Blue Atlas Cedar is a cedar native to the Atlas Mountains of Algeria (Tell Atlas) and Morocco (in the Rif and Middle Atlas, and locally in the High Atlas). It is variously treated as a variety or subspecies of Lebanon Cedar Cedrus libani var. atlantica. Atlantica Glauca. It is a medium-sized to large tree, 30-35 m (rarely 40m) tall, with a trunk diameter of 1.5-2 m. It forms forests on mountain sides at 1,370-2,200 m, often in pure forests, or mixed with Algerian Fir, junipers, oaks and maples. It is very similar in all characteristics to the other varieties of Lebanon Cedar; differences are hard to discern. It is common in cultivation in temperate climates. In garden settings it is most often the glaucous forms that are planted as ornamental trees. 'Glauca' — Known as the Blue Atlas Cedar. Most commonly used and more available than the species It has a blue-green needle colour. Perhaps more accurately a variety (similar to the Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea pungens var. glauca)). Seedlings grown from blue-needled plants will exhibit a range of needle colors from blue to green.

Information is taken from Conifers, «The Illustrated Encyclopedia», Volume 1.

Araucaria araucana


The Blue Atlas Cedar


The Blue Atlas Cedar


Some more years passed under the influence of the dark matter generator and in 2008 the needle leaves of our Blue Cedars became really blue, rather than having just a blue shade, as all other Blue Cedars have! The blue colour became so intense that even we cannot believe that the like of this is possible (Fig. 12)! Look at the surprisingly blue needle leaves of our Blue Cedar on the background green grass of our park. The Blue Atlas Cedar became indeed Blue Cedar in the direct sense of this word (Fig. 13) only under the influence of the psi-field generator! In this photo we can see an extraordinarily fast growth of new sprigs and this is also incredible! I will remind readers that limestone is incompatible with the required conditions for the life and growth of blue cedars! But the influence of the dark matter generator created such conditions that these trees, as well as almost all other plants in our park and garden, not only survived but also grew 5 to 7 times quicker than they would have done in the most optimal conditions elsewhere!

The reaction of plants to the influence of the psi-field generator becomes more pronounced with every year. This is because of two factors: first, the changes are cumulative and second, after I installed the generator in 2003, I introduced into it a number of principle corrections and did some revisions. This is on one hand, and on the other — the inertia of the reaction of each type of plant depends on the individual features of its type, on the age of every specific plant at the time of its introduction to the action of the psi-field generator, and on the duration of the cycle of cell replacement.

And already in 2008 — five years later from the installation of the dark matter generator — the “fly-wheel” of change has reached unbelievable “swiftness”, and we only have to observe the changes in order to get the picture of what can happen under its influence. This is not because the mechanism of action of this generator is unclear (here everything is perfectly clear down to the minutest detail), but because there is little factual material on how one or another type of plant or animal reacts to this kind of influence. And the reason for this is that no one has ever done it, and this field of psi-physics is unexplored. Only the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas mention a side effect of the action of the Source of Force placed in the bowels of Midgard-earth, that being the extraordinary growth of plants in the area of a surface outlet. And this was all I succeeded in finding about similar phenomena. So, I have only my own experience to rely on which is still in the stage of accumulation...

That is why the phenomena happening in our park and magnolia garden are very interesting and new for us, but our observations over five years allow us to come to certain conclusions. The action of the dark matter generator is not chaotic, but is strictly aimed and corresponds exactly to the programs and corrections installed in it. The action of the psi-field generator does not result in the exhaustion of plants, but, on the contrary, makes them more viable and fertile. As a result of the generator’s action, plants and animals acquire properties and qualities which were considered impossible, and which they have not been able to acquire during the whole time of the development of life on our planet!

So, that’s how things are! And now let us return to the analysis of our plant’s new properties and qualities...

The growth of conifers increases with every year. The process of their fast growth can be observed clearly by the growth of branches. Every year there is an increase of the green mass of a tree due to new shoots which are normally quite small. By the next year new shoots get bark and become indistinguishable from maternal branches, and even their needle leaves become darker, indistinctive from the previous ones. Certainly, needle leaves constantly fall off and are replaced by new ones, which have the same colour as those which have dropped, and that is why any observer has an impression that needle leaves “sit” on branches permanently.

I describe this very well-known, to any botany-buff, phenomenon in order to draw attention to some uncommon things which happen in our park. During the course of two weeks our conifers “let” young shoots out which is a quite normal phenomenon for any plant. What is “abnormal” here is the size of these new shoots and the fact that these young shoots get new shoots of their own in just a few days, which happened not only with the Blue cedar but also with another cedar — Cedrus Deodara! This was really surprising and unexpected (Fig. 14 and Fig. 15)!

The Blue Atlas Cedar


Cedrus Deodara


Cedrus Deodara


Another world-known variety of conifers, Sequoia Sempervirens, reacted to the activity of the psi-field generator stormily:

Sequoia Sempervirens – California Redwood Tree.

Sequoia is a genus in the cypress family Cupressaceae (formerly treated in Taxodiaceae), containing the single living species Sequoia sempervirens. Common names include Coast Redwood and California Redwood (it is one of three species of trees known as redwoods). It is an evergreen, long-lived, monoecious tree living for up to 2,200 years, and this species includes the tallest existing trees in the world, reaching up to 115.5 m (379.1 ft) in height and 8 m (26 ft) diameter at breast height. The leaves are variable, being 15-25 mm long and flat on young trees and shaded shoots in the lower crown of old trees, and scale-like, 5-10 mm long on shoots in full sun in the upper crown of older trees; there is a full range of transition between the two extremes. They are dark green above, and with two blue-white stomatal bands below. This native area provides a unique environment with heavy seasonal rains (of up to 2,500 mm or 100 inch annually). Cool coastal air and fog keep this forest consistently damp year round. Several factors, including the heavy rainfall, create a soil with less nutrients than are necessary, causing the trees to depend heavily on the entire biotic community of the forest, and complete recycling of the trees when dead. Coast Redwood reproduces both sexually and asexually. Seed production begins at 10-15 years of age, and large seed crops occur frequently, but viability of the seed is low, typically well below 15%. Growth of seedlings is very fast, with young trees known to reach 20 m (65 feet) tall in 20 years.

(Conifers, “The Illustrated Encyclopedia.” Volume 1, by D.M. van Gelderen and J.R.P. van Hoey Smith. Published in cooperation with The Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society by Timber Press, in 1996).

According to the above data, young sequoias grow quickly — 1 metre a year! And this is considered to be very quick — but not for our trees! The seedlings of Sequoia Sempervirens “decided” that this speed of growth was not worthy of their efforts and reached a height of 15 to 16 metres within three years of planting in our park in limestone! When planted, these young sequoias were 3 to 4 meters high! It turned out that over three years these youngsters added 11 to 12 meters! Thus, young sequoias in our park grew, at least, 3 to 4 metres a year! At the same time, the seedlings of Sequoia Sempervirens grew with extraordinary speed not only upwards but also all over the sides, creating “shaggy” paws with yet greater speed. New coniferous shoots hurried to appear before their predecessors could get stronger. There was a unique situation when it was possible to see the “paws” of conifers bent under the weight of new shoots (Fig. 16, Fig. 17 and Fig. 18).

Sequoia Sempervirens


Sequoia Sempervirens


Sequoia Sempervirens


Because of the speedy growth of many trees and the gigantism of their leaves, it is somehow difficult to imagine the real size of these plants. Everything is cognized in comparison; therefore, in order to imagine the real height, for example, of sequoias, it is enough to compare the height of the tree with the height of a person (Fig. 19). For this purpose Svetlana’s friend, Emma, was photographed next to a young sequoia. Emma’s height is 192 cm! Compared to the sequoia, she looks like a Lilliputian!

There is another curious manifestation of the action of the psi-field generator. When I created the dark matter generator, I arranged the program of action of this device so that it covered only our territory! Indeed, all the changes happened only on the territory of our estate, and this was the real confirmation that the device worked according to the preset parameters. But even I was surprised at how this is manifested even in the minutest details. There was a time when the park of our castle was considerably larger (now it has 24 hectares). The previous proprietor sold a part of his domain together with a part of the park, and thus, some trees of the original park are situated beyond the boundaries of our territory, i.e. beyond the limits of the action of the psi-field generator.

Old trees were planted at one and the same time, by one and the same people, and they grew in identical conditions... until the dark matter generator appeared and changed everything! As a result, a pair of twin maples appeared on different sides of the “border” in fundamentally different conditions. The maple which grew on our territory got under the influence of the psi-field generator, and the maple on the territory of our neighbours was beyond the limits of its action (Fig. 20)! Each tree grows very close to the wall that divides the two domains; the distance between them is no more than two meters, but it appeared to be enough for them to stop being “twins” (Fig. 21 and Fig. 22).

Sequoia Sempervirens


Two maples on different sides of the wall


Common uninfluenced maple


There is a tree and ... a tree in these pictures, what can be interesting here!? But it is only on the face of it, and if we come closer and pick a leaf ... the attention being paid to quite ordinary maples will be understandable. We had only to put two leaves picked from these maples together ... for an instant surprise (Fig. 23)! The leaf of “our” maple is considerably bigger than the leaf of our neighbours. They strongly differ from each other in their structure, colour and density! Moreover, “our” leaf is absolutely healthy, while the other is sick! But the trees grow so close to each other, very close to the border (which is the most interesting) and, despite this fact, there is such a strong difference between them which is stipulated by the action of the psi-generator in one case and the absence of it in the other!

Thus, the limit of the action of the dark matter generator which I had created absolutely coincides with the borders of our domain! There is one more very interesting phenomenon: the action of the generator of force not only results in the gigantism of leaves, flowers and an extraordinary prolificacy of plants and animals for a long period of time without any exhaustion of the plants. It also results in the appearance of fundamentally new properties and qualities in plants, which are impossible in ordinary conditions, and growth 5-7 times faster than normal. Another effect is that under the influence of the psi-field generator any disease in plants and animals disappears! This means that the dark matter generator is able to solve almost any plant’s problem without any chemical substances and other agricultural measures which violate the ecological equilibrium of the planet leading to ecological catastrophe...

Meanwhile let us return to other specific manifestation of the action of the psi-generator...

Another subequatorial resident, Catalpa, stormily reacted on the influence of the psi-field generator. It is a middle sized tree native of the Southeast of North America! But first, here is the reference data:

CATALPA – Indian Bean Tree, Bignoniaceae.

Medium deciduous tree. Hardy. Beautiful as isolated specimen. Large green leaves usually appear first in early summer. Clusters of bell shaped white flowers of mature trees, followed by long been-like seed pods. Catalpa bignoides, heart-shaped deep green, aromatic leaves could grow to 15-20 cm long erect racemes of white frilly flowers with yellow and purple markings.

According to the reference book, this tree has very large, 15-20 cm, leaves which have a heart-shaped form. Yes, this size of leaves is indeed impressive, but ... the leaves of Catalpas which grow in our park are considerably larger (Fig. 24)!

Our maple


Maples' leaves


Catalpa's leaves


Again the leaves under the actions of the psi-field generator become not only larger than usual, but also considerably thicker, stronger and healthier (Fig. 25). According to the reference book, Catalpa’s leaves appear at the beginning of summer and it flowers at the end of July or in the middle of August! The flowering begins at least two months later than the appearance of leaves! In our park Catalpa bloomed a few days after the leaves had appeared (Fig. 26)! By June 9 only some flowers have blossomed, but already the next day, June 10, Catalpa’s inflorescences opened almost fully, satiating the air with an amazing aroma (Fig. 27 and Fig. 28)!

Catalpa's leaves


Catalpa's leaves


Catalpa blossoms in the beginning of June


)! Every flower is wonderful and looks very like an orchid (Fig. 29). Catalpa not only blossomed two months earlier than the “fixed” date, but also its flowers became considerably bigger than those on similar trees outside our park...

More different plants react to the action of the dark matter generator with every year. But those plants which reacted before did not lose their new properties and qualities! In my article “The Source of Life – 1” (2005) I wrote about Hazel Corylus Colurna’s reaction to the psi-field generator when its leaves achieved 24-25 cm! Three years later the leaves of the same hazel became enormous, the effect did not disappear (Fig. 30).

Catalpa blossoms in the beginning of June


Catalpa blossoms in the beginning of June


Hazel's enormous leaves


To be sure of it look at the next picture — the enormous leaf cannot even fit in it. Just compare Svetlana’s hand with the size of the hazel leaf and ... everything will become clear (Fig. 31)! But not only hazel preserved all its new “acquisitions”. If we compare Svetlana’s hand with the size of the Climber’s leaf of 2005 with the leaf of 2008, we can clearly see that in three years the leaves of this plant became thicker and more succulent (Fig. 32 and Fig. 33).

Hazel's enormous leaves


Climber's enormous leaves


Climber's enormous leaves


Also, comparing the size and qualitative structure of the leaves of the Japanese plum (Loquats-Eriobotrya, Photinia Japonica) of October, 2006 and of June, 2008, we can clearly see the difference — the leaves of the Japanese plum of 2008 became larger, considerably longer and thicker and acquired a gloss which looks like someone has put a beeswax coating on them (Fig. 34 and Fig. 35)!

But it is not only the trees in our park and garden that react so stormily to the action of the psi-field generator. Sceptics can ask: “Trees are perennials and changes are accumulating in them from year to year, what about annual or biennial plants?! In fact, perennials can simply accumulate changes, like trees, and there is not enough data to draw these kinds of conclusions”. I can say that annual plants not only react to the influence of the dark matter generator, but also pass new qualities and properties to their offspring through seeds. Biennial and perennial plants do the same.

Seeds of any plant, independent of the life-span of an adult plant of a specific variety, pass on the qualities they acquired. For the moment we cannot tell how the seeds will behave outside the limits of the action of the psi-field generator, because we have not carried out this kind of testing. I think that everything will depend on the program installed in the generator. Today the program works only within the boundaries of our estate, therefore the properties and qualities acquired are manifested only within the limits of the action of the generator.

However, it is possible to create a program, which can preserve the changes out of the scope of action of the dark matter generator. In general, everything depends on the program and only on it. If it is necessary to preserve acquired properties and qualities in seeds, it will be very simple to do. I will only have to bring certain adjustments into the psi-field generator, and that will be all! At the moment this kind of program is not installed for a number of reasons, but, most likely, the seeds will be able to preserve the properties and qualities which they acquired being under the influence of the generator, but their seed will not. I think that the latter is highly likely.

And now let us go back to our “marvels”.

In my article “The Source of Life–4 I described the reaction of fig trees to the influence of the psi-field generator, which fruits appeared as early as the end of May. Only a short period of time passed from the moment when I had finished the article, and this plant changed even more. The number of fruits on the branches of fig trees was increasing with every day and they became bigger and bigger (Fig. 36).

The Japanese plum blossoms in October


The Japanese plum 's enormous leaves


Figs in June


The fig trees in our garden are very young, and usually fruits do not appear on such young trees! But our fig trees began to bear fruit in 2007 without even reaching a “worthy” size. This is an unusual phenomenon! But in 2008 the fruits appeared extraordinarily early, and their number increased with every day (Fig. 36). The sun had only peep out and the temperature increase a little and figs quickly began to ripen (Fig. 37). In only three days! But, following the example of their ripening fruits, the fig trees did not forget to grow — strong young shoots stretched to meet the sun and even their leaves became larger with every day, more looking like burdocks.

Figs are ripening, literally, in leaps and bounds, like in a fairy-tale. With every day they be-came more violet (Fig. 38). The young fig trees are still able to carry such a large amount of ripening fruits on their branches. We only hope that when all the fruits are completely ripe, the branches will be strong enough and will not break under the weight (Fig. 39).

The ripening figs in June


The ripening figs in June


The figs yield


But it is only June 10, the day when the picture with the branches of a young tree covered by figs was taken. If we look at it closer, we will see that apart from the “main” fig tree there are several very young fig trees of just one meter high which are also covered in ripening fruits! Several days passed and the fruits of fig tree have ripened (Fig. 40), not all… but, as they say, the first step is the hardest.

In the previous article I mentioned that strawberries, raspberries and sweet cherries have ripened by the end of May, 2008. In two weeks some significant changes happened again. The raspberry canes are covered with extraordinarily big berries; the strawberries are delightful and cry out to be eaten (Fig. 41). But the most surprising thing is ahead! Our strawberries began to flower for the second time and there are reasons to assume that this will not be for the last time (Fig. 42 and Fig. 43).

Figs in June


Good yield of figs


The second yield of strawberries


However, I suspect that not only Svetlana and I have become accustomed to the “wonders” happening with our strawberries, but, probably, our readers have too, as well as to the similar raspberry “wonders” (Fig. 44). But the “wonders” occurring with other fruit plants have not yet “bored” them. I have already mentioned in “The Source of Life–3 about the “strange” conduct of seedlings of currant, gooseberry and whortleberry planted in the spring of 2006. So, the “oddities” with these plants continue to happen. And this again confirms that the changes appearing under the influence of the dark matter generator remain and continue to show up and develop. In 2008 in the first ten days of June, red, black and white currants ripened, as did the rose ones (Fig. 45, Fig. 46, Fig. 47 and Fig. 48)!

It is of interest that all varieties of currant have ripened simultaneously!

The second yield of strawberries


Raspberries in the beginning of June


Red currant in June


Black currant in June


White currant in June


Rose currant in June


Also, our currants are absolutely free from more than ten illnesses which ordinary currants have. Not only the currants but almost all the rest of our plants are perfectly healthy. The diseases that old trees have had for more than a hundred years began to disappear due to the action of the psi-field generator. Moreover, several trees which were officially considered dead came back to life and now are in a perfect state — “green and sound”. It is true that in order to save these trees I had not only to bring some corrections into the work of the generator, but also to influence them several times directly from Moscow. As a result, the doomed trees came back to life.

The situation with dying trees was quite interesting. Once Svetlana told me that, because of a severe southwesterly wind which had been blowing for more than eight months without a break many old — almost two hundred years old — trees got very strongly stressed and weakened so that diseases got “bolder” and began to kill them, and some trees had already died and Professor Gerard Chartier marked them for removal, and a few had been already sawn down. When Svetlana told me all this, I complained a little that she had not informed me about it before. I could try to save these old trees! By the way, Professor Chartier removed these trees only after a special laboratory had already confirmed their death.

From that time not a single tree was sawn down in our park because of death from stress or disease. Almost all diseases “abandoned” the flora and fauna of our domain. And this is quite natural. In fact, any disease appears only in a weakened living organism, both of animal or vegetative origin. If a plant or animal is weakened for some reason, necessary conditions for the development of a disease occur. Pathogens are always present in an organism and only wait for their time to come. I would like to repeat: under the influence of the dark matter generator plants begin to grow 5-7 times quicker, their leaves, flowers and fruits become bigger, they acquire new properties and qualities which they have not had from nature previously. All this indicates that the plants of our park and garden had become much stronger and healthier and all diseases recede before such super-strong plants! It follows from the above that the dark matter generator, stimulating and changing the vegetable and animal world within the limits of our estate, represses the activity of pathogens! It has been already completely confirmed by the example of the plants in our park and magnolia garden, and on sturgeons and koi which have become “acclimatized” in our lake...

Let us now to return to the subject, i.e. the plants in our park and garden. In addition to differ-ent varieties of currant, gooseberries are ripening too (Fig. 49). This simply cannot happen, but, nevertheless, it is a fact, whether someone likes it or not! And everything going on in our park and garden is neither casual nor chaotic or something temporal. Everything that is happening there is based on the understanding of the true nature of life and living matter, and this knowledge allows the achieving of all this, about which, orthodox science based on mechanistic materialism, cannot even dream! All this is achieved in harmony with nature, without violation of the equilibrium, without creation of ecological catastrophes which are able to destroy the whole of humanity and life itself on our wonderful Midgard-earth even quicker than any war can do it!..

I would like to mention about some other heroes of our park and garden. The ordinary and well-known to everyone odorous celery and mint were heroes of “The Source of Life–4, which under the influence of the psi-field generator grew into giants! Look at the pictures (Fig. 50 and Fig. 51)! Young Apium graveolens L. (fragrant celery) continues to grow. Although ordinary celery reaches 80-100 cm, in our case it appeared 2-3 times higher. It is only enough to look at the adult female St. Bernard, Cory, whose height is more than one meter, to be sure of it. Besides, the maximal height of celery should not be higher than Cory, but in reality it is more than twice as high! And “bushes” of mint look more like thick bushes of hazel than a plant to which everyone is accustomed...

Gooseberriesin the beginning of June






Mushrooms also grow as in fairy tales. In the beginning of June the rose mushrooms not only emerged from under the earth, but acquired enormous size (Fig. 52). The rose mushroom is very valuable and highly appreciated by French gourmets, but it should appear much later. However, here it is, showing off, as if saying — eat me! But it is not only the rose mushrooms that have opened the mushroom season on our estate: Champignons (Fig. 53) and even Boletus Edulis also came to the surface. The size and quantity of the incipient clusters of artichokes have become big-ger for the last two weeks (Fig. 54)

Enormous rose mushrooms


Champignons in June


Giant artichoke


I could continue describing the “wonders” of our domain endlessly. Almost every day we find something interesting and unexpected, because more different types of plants begin to react to the influence of the dark matter generator. And those plants which have already reacted before continue to acquire new properties and qualities which were considered impossible, but, as the saying goes, we were born to make a fairy-tale come true! Indeed, a fairy-tale can come true, and this happens only due to true knowledge of nature, which is not in a state of war with Mother-nature, but in complete harmony.

The process of improvement of the dark matter generator is not over. In the case of necessity, new corrections will be brought into it, and who knows, what “marvels” will appear in the process. We will see. I would like to end by pleasing those who appreciate beauty. Look at the wonderful and enormous Passiflora flower (Fig. 55)!

Nicolai Levashov, June 14, 2008


My keyboard has not “cooled down” and new surprises appeared in our park and garden! The cones of monkey puzzle tree have already ripened (Fig. 56 and Fig. 57) ... in just several days! These cones never ripen in the middle of June in their Motherland, and here we are at June 15, 2008!

Passiflora enormous flower


Monkey tree cones in June


Monkey tree cones in June


But this not all! The yellow raspberry “decided” to be as “brave” as the red one, and its berries cry out to be eaten (Fig. 58)! Gooseberries were suddenly “ashamed” of “avidity” and “decided” to be generous and bore big berries (Fig. 59 and Fig. 60)!

Yellow raspberry in June






Nicolai Levashov June 15, 2008


Only two days have passed from the moment I added the first addendum and the necessity to make another one appeared! The sun had only to warm a little (the weather in France still remains extraordinarily cold for this time of year, it is very cold at night) for all living thing on our estate to literally “explode” with intensive growth. The flowers of Catalpa bignoides became simply enormous (Fig. 61)! Now its flowers do not yield to the enormous leaves in anything.

The size of leaves of fig trees also became considerably greater, as well as that of the ripening fruits (Fig. 62). In ordinary conditions fruits achieve maximal size, and only then begin to ripen. Everything is different under the action of the psi-field generator. Fruits grow and ripen simultaneously! And this is incredible (Fig. 63)!

Catalpa's enormous flower






In order to imagine what an enormous size the leaves of the fig trees have attained in just two days it is enough to look at photos that speak more than thousand words (Fig. 64 and Fig. 65). Not only do figs continue to grow, ripening in the process, but the size of the juicy blackberries almost made them burst (Fig. 66)!

Enormous fig tree leaves


Enormous fig tree leaves


Black currant in June


There is more! When I wrote this article, white mushrooms (Boletus edulis) had appeared in our domain, but they were cut away, and it was impossible to take the picture to prove the fact of their existence. We had to wait two days for new white mushrooms to appear (Fig. 67)! It should be noted that the White mushroom is considered the king of the autumn forest…, not the summer one! But within the limits of our domain the seasons and climatic zones cease to exist! Almost all seasons exist simultaneously for the vegetable world of our estate, independently of whichever season is “beyond the window”! Moreover, white mushrooms did not only appear at the “wrong” time, they also reached an enormous size in just two days (from 15 to 17 of June) (Fig. 68). In my article “The Source of Life–1 I mentioned that in 2005 the leaves of Lotus Magnolia reached 44-52 cm, which was three to four times bigger than the leaves of normal magnolias in any other place on the planet (Fig. 69)!

Enormous White mushrooms in June


Enormous White mushrooms in June


Magnolia Lotus leaves 3 years ago


In 2008 the leaves of Lotus Magnolia have already reached 58 cm (Fig. 70)! Additionally, the leaves have become thicker and healthier! And we still do not know what size they will reach in a week!

Magnolia Lotus leaves today


All this confirms once again that the phenomena which I described in my series of articles entitled “The Source of Life” do not disappear, but become more pronounced with every year! And we have no choice but to watch for the next “marvel” and to make necessary corrections in the working of the dark matter generator in order to achieve the optimal growth of plants and animals and have them receive new properties and qualities which they never had in natural conditions and when cultivated by man!..

Nicolai Levashov June 17, 2008

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