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Elena Lyubimova

Nicolai Levashov: Patriot of Russia and Earth

On February, 8 2013 Nicolai Levashov would have celebrated his fifty-second birthday but he was prevented from living to see this day. On June 11th 2012 Nicolai Levashov fell in the fight against Evil. He was killed when his Truth began to be accessible to millions, when his deeds in protecting our planet, at last, became more or less known to ordinary people, not just the narrow circles of both Light and Dark Forces. The latter had been trying to kill him for many years, which did not turn out to be a simple task. Regrettably the enemies of Mankind succeeded in finding the way to do that when his activity, concentrating on enlightening by knowledge and the awakening of masses of Earthmen became noticeable and began to bring forth its first fruits.

It drove the Dark mad and forced a tenfold increase in their efforts to physically eliminate this unique Man constantly looking for different methods of eliminating his physical body, at the very least. While their attempts failed one after another, they did their best to cause as much trouble as possible to make his life on the physical level unbearable. They spared neither time nor resources to distract his attention and draw aside his forces, at least for just a little while, from his main task – complete and final eradication of the universal parasitism – the task he had set for himself before coming here from very far away and long before this embodiment on our planet.

The assiduous servants of the Dark forced him to be involved in lawsuits, invented methods of robbing him, sent "true" friends who at the right time did what they were sent for – betrayal, and additionally, to injure him emotionally. I think that nobody will object to the statement that the treachery of people who were considered friends or comrades-in-arms would leave marks in the heart of the betrayed person. However, all this did not stop Nicolai Levashov and he continued his fight against Evil and keeping Earth safe in general and his earthly Motherland – Russia – in particular, and hurried to pass on the system of knowledge required to follow the Golden Way of evolutional development to people, if they accepted this knowledge, or rather, if they were not impeded too violently to accept it.

Too short a time, desperately short, Nicolai Levashov spent in this embodiment on Earth and the more impressive the cultural and scientific heritage he left to people, working in such complicated conditions. It is incredible how much he could do in so little time! He wrote more than 30 scientific and popular scientific articles, 9 fundamental books for which he designed and created more than 500 computer illustrations intended to make the comprehension of the text easy for readers. Also he produced his amazing paintings and wrote verses, carried out seminars and meetings with readers, healed enormous numbers of people and was intensely engaged in social work.

In 1994 Nicolai Levashov published his first fundamental work The Final Appeal to Mankind where he offered his system of knowledge based on the undistorted understanding of nature. The system explains all phenomena of living and non-living nature – from the formation of planets to the appearance and development of different forms of life and also those phenomena which before were considered mystic, incognizable, etc. According to our today's concepts, he made dozens of very important discoveries in this book. However, the world scientific community unanimously ignored this fact.

In 1999 the 1st volume of Spirit and Mind came to light where Nicolai Levashov continued to reveal the secrets of the universe based on his theory of anisotropic space. Now non-living matter and actually man became the centre of his attention. He indicated the necessary and sufficient conditions for life and intelligence to be automatically born on a planet. He explained the role of emotions in man’s evolving. He described what love and memory actually are and where the latter is situated. He took great care to make his information comprehensible, using clear and easy to understand language.

In 2002, he finished another remarkable book Anisotropic Universe where he finalized formulating and grounding the physical concept of the universe based on the anisotropy of space and other fundamental concepts which allowed him to explain almost all phenomena of living and non-living nature and show the unity of micro- and macro-space. Despite the fact that the book in reality satisfies the requirements of a doctoral thesis both in content and structure, it can be easily comprehended by any person of average education. Nicolai Levashov intentionally did not use either formulae or nonsensical "scientific" terms there, except for such well-known concepts as "atom", "molecule", "electron", "wave", "electric field" and "magnetic field". However, unlike the interpretation given by the "scientists", he clearly explained what they are and why they behave this way and not any other.

He possessed a rare gift of explaining phenomena difficult to understand by using ordinary words. Moreover, he chose these kinds of words intentionally because his aim was not to show how clever he was, as dull-witted and small-minded people, who "rubbed their brain against clever books", do, gushing terms incomprehensible to others at the least opportunity. He shunned any kind of pretentiousness. Nicolai’s aim was to make people understand one or another phenomenon.

So, those revolutionary books appeared, but official science pretended that nothing extraordinary happened and, it seems, decided not to spend its precious time on a new paradigm which could raise our civilization to previously unattainable heights.


The thing is that nothing changed in this world from the time of Galileo Galilei and Giordano Bruno. Advanced scientists were suppressed and pursued before them and continued to be pursued after, since the black parasitic system has captured our planet, and today modern science is under its direct control. What is the result of that? The result is that our knowledge about the universe is far from reflecting the real picture! Let’s take the so-called law of gravity as an example. In reality nothing gravitates to anything! This kind of law does not exist! It’s a fiction! Scientists knew about this a long time ago but they are unwilling to talk about it choosing to keep silent rather than to bear the title of a true scientist. They are afraid of becoming the outcasts of the current "scientific" system built by the parasites. They are afraid of losing their name, money and the respect in which some of them are held in the narrow "scientific" circles.

Unlike them Nicolai Levashov explained the nature of gravity and he did it a way that anyone, not only scientists, can understand it. Gravity exists. There is no doubt of it. We do walk on earth and do not dangle in the air. But the real nature of this phenomenon is quite different from what we were told. Nevertheless, it is strongly inadvisable for scientists to discuss this kind of thing. There cannot be another way of doing things in the system which has been designed and jealously guarded by social parasites.

In 2003 Nicolai Levashov published the 2nd volume of Spirit and Mind where he continued to reveal the secrets of human being. In this book he did not pass over in silence the "mysterious" phenomena privatized by the servants of churches of all stripes. Nicolai’s genius converted phenomena like reincarnation, life after death, karma and sin, from incomprehensible and mysterious into absolutely natural phenomena which just obey certain natural laws. The correct understanding of these phenomena makes Man truly free and, as a result, an intimidated "servant of god" turns into a creator of his own fate.

However together with this the book gives another understanding, a not so pleasant one: the lack of knowledge of these laws does not release anybody from the responsibility. And the violators pay very dearly – with their evolutional development – for their ignorance. Understanding the fact that people were intentionally lowered to the level of reasoning animals, one of the noble tasks which Nicolai Levashov set for himself and fulfilled to his last sigh, was a task of enlightening people by real knowledge in order that people would know what they do and not make their choices blindly.

In 2007 he finished the 1st volume of Russian History Viewed through Distorted Mirrors and in 2008 he began to write the 2nd volume. Unfortunately, it was left unfinished. The book was soon forbidden by the Russian authorities. In the "democracy" built in Russia by parasites from the USA, freedom of speech does not apply to the books which tell about the true history of our Civilization, the creators of which were our great ancestors, the descendants of Light Gods who colonized our planet more than 500 thousand years ago. The book was forbidden also because Nicolai Levashov unmasked a carefully concealed truth – the origin, essence and methods of action of social parasitism, its authors – the Black Hierarchs – and their chosen zombiefied performers.

He showed clearly enough that the Fight between Light and Darkness is not an abstract philosophical concept, that this fight supposes very real death, blood and destruction and that millions of people, countries and even planets cease to exist in this fight. This is an irreconcilable and straight-out fight. It is that rare case of the excluded third: either we or they. The social parasites could not allow this kind of information to spread freely. Until now this book is a real danger for them, because there is nothing more dangerous than a Man that Has Found Understanding of the essence of things, because his next logical and inevitable step would be to undertake correct actions, i.e. to fight for Truth which obviously the social parasites would not like at all. The disgraceful and unfair trial on the book lasted from July, 2009 to January 2011 with the most outrageous infractions of the law, but the infringers gained their ends. The book entered the Russian Federal list of extremist materials under the N 809.

In 2007 Nicolai Levashov began to write the 1st volume of his autobiographic chronicle The Mirror of My Soul and in a year he began to write the second volume. It turned out to be an amazing description of the life of a person who simultaneously lived in several worlds. One world is our world – earthly and physical – the only one that we see and know, not fully to tell the truth. Another world is a secret world, the world of black and white magicians, the world of the incessant fight between them, including on invisible, for us, levels of reality, with the use of methods and weapons, the existence of which we never suspected.

The latter implies one more world – the world which exists on other material levels of our planet from which one can noticeably influence the physical world, in both positive and negative ways. And there is another world – the world of space civilizations where the hierarchical level of a reasoning being corresponds to his level of knowledge and responsibility, which, in turn, is supported by his real abilities allowing him to solve all the tasks on his level. Nicolai simultaneously lived a full life in all of these worlds and told us about them, describing details which nobody ever revealed before.

In 2011 he began to write the 3rd volume of his autobiography which he did not finish. He could write only 2 incredibly interesting chapters. What a pity that the incredible Chronicle of his Life, of his fight here, on Earth and there, in Space will remain unwritten forever!

In 2009 Nicolai Levashov finished another remarkable book – The Tale of Brave Falcon: The Past and the Present where he thoroughly analyses the undistorted Vedic tale about a Russian girl Nastenka and her promised Brave Falcon and uncovers a great number of very interesting pieces of information about the real past of our ancestors. We were surprised and delighted to know that our ancestors considered space flights and relations with Gods – people who in their evolutional development reached the level of creation – as matter-of-fact things. And all this happened relatively recently – only 1500 years ago, in the V century AD.

Here I would like to underline the following: all his theories are exactly his theories worked out on the basis of his own research and discoveries. He concocted or supposed nothing. His theory of the universe, which he generously shared with people asking nothing in return, was developed on the basis of his own understanding which he acquired thanks to his extraordinary abilities and experience. In other words, he saw the phenomena described in his books with his own eyes.

The viability of his theory concerning the nature of living matter is confirmed by the large series of "The Source of Life" – a chronicle of an incredible experiment which he conducted with his wife Svetlana in their French estate since 2003. Almost two thousand photos taken by Svetlana are a documentary confirmation of the positive results of this experiment.

It is also important to note this. Nicolai Levashov cited several well-known original sources in his works the only purpose of which was to clarify or prove his words, not as a source of his theories. Moreover, he explained numerous nuances in them so that they lost their veil of "divine inscrutability" or "esoteric mystery". He did not get tired of proving that there was no divine nature in any phenomenon, that everything, absolutely everything is cognizable and material and has its logical explanation; that one can correctly understand the nature of things if, of course, one has appropriate instruments and sincere desire to understand.

The secret of his extraordinary theories and deepest knowledge in almost all spheres of human life is within him, in his primordial "instruments" which he evolved to a degree that allowed him to penetrate into the secrets of universes and observe the phenomena and objects inaccessible for ordinary human beings. It was his level of evolutional development that allowed him to fulfill deeds which we cannot describe as other than divine. But his divinity is not an imposed on us divinity of the biblical kind – the "inscrutable" "omnipotent" Black Jehovah. His divinity is a divinity of Light Slavic Gods – the White Hierarchs – the highly evolved People who reached the evolutional level of Creation, i.e. who acquired the abilities to control and alter matter and space.

Nicolai Levashov revealed some of the actions, far from all, which he undertook to save Russia and the planet in his autobiographic chronicle The Mirror of My Soul. We heard something about some critical events in the newest history of our country and the planet. We were sure that we knew why and how they happened, and how they ended. However, on reading The Mirror of My Soul we can come to the understanding that the mighty of this world did not reveal all epoch-making events, far from it; and that the events we thought we knew about did not always happen in the way and for the reasons they were described.

October, 1987. Thanks to his abilities, Nicolai Levashov managed to ask for help the representatives of a highly evolved civilization to prevent the catastrophe in the sarcophagus of the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear plant where an out of control splitting reaction of nuclear fuel began. A thermonuclear explosion of enormous power and the subsequent destruction of our planet were inevitable. However, the earthmen were helped to avoid it. The fact that an enormous spaceship hung over the reactor and emitted a cone-shaped ray into it was known to some liquidators who worked at the site and the top party bosses of the USSR and KGB. Later a popular soviet TV-program "Look" mentioned it too. Nevertheless, this fact continues to be hushed up until now.

December, 1987. Nicolai Levashov discovered and destroyed a parasitic system on the other levels of the planet which the social parasites established on Earth to connect millions of people to it, without their consent and knowledge, to convert them into "batteries". The enormous system extracted their life-force. On destroying this abomination, Nicolai Levashov saved all of us from premature old age, illnesses and agonizing death at their hands.

September, 1989. He liquidated a network consisting of 99 psi-generators placed in the special power knots of our planet, which created a certain power field around it. The placement of these astral generators in these points allowed the social parasites to suppress the will and consciousness of people. In other words, the parasites impeded our evolutional development, retaining us in the state of reasoning animals, simply converting us into bio-robots and at the same time pumped out our life-force. It is of interest that with the elimination of the system of generators which converted people into zombies, the so-called "socialistic world system" fell.

I wonder; do the ardent supporters of restoration of the USSR understand what they really want to get back?

December, 1989. Nicolai Levashov restored the ozone layer of the planet which was seriously damaged by constant launchings. As a result of Nicolai’s actions the "ozone hole" over the South Pole disappeared. The "scientific" circles declared that the ozone layer suddenly self-restored. Oddly enough they were unwilling to ask a simple question: why it did not self-restore before.

January, 1990. Nicolai Levashov, without any request from the "mighty of the world", liquidated the radioactive contamination in the Chernobyl area. There were no reports whatsoever about it. At the same time the so-called "Chernobyl marathon" was organized on TV to solicit donations from both state organizations and private persons to decontaminate the Chernobyl zone. Dozens of millions of roubles were collected but they never reached Chernobyl. They disappeared into the deep pockets of some representatives of the highest parasitic echelons; in other words it was the vulgar shameless theft.

Summer, 1990. Nicolai Levashov influenced the whole territory of the USSR in order to increase the productivity of the crops. There were highly unfavorable weather forecasts and the prognoses of the agricultural specialists were distressing: a considerable failure of crop, which meant a shortage of bread and other food. But to their amazement, the harvest was considerably greater than it was in the most productive years in the past.

February, 25, 1990. The "liberals" of that time were going to organize protest meetings and bring out several hundreds of thousands of people on the streets. And the KGB planned to carry out an operation to provoke disturbances, thus giving the opportunity to the authorities to establish martial law in the country and begin repressions. Nicolai Levashov again covered the territory of the Soviet Union with a power shield, this time it had a program which repressed aggression, cruelty and violence. The meetings were held without any accidents; moreover, the overall number of crimes considerably fell. He continued to save people from provocations and bloodshed on mass demonstrations in Moscow in 2011 and 2012.

October, 1991. Nicolai Levashov influenced the environment of the Archangel region, as a result of which its waters were purified of domestic and industrial contamination and acid precipitation has not been observed since then. Later, in 2008, he gave convincing confirmation of the results of this event in his article "About prophets, lying prophets and other things" which was in answer to a slanderous article "Academician Levashov is a new lying prophet of Russia" posted in an Archangel internet-newspaper. And in 1991 the "scientific" circles declared again that the waters of the Archangel region had self cleansed!

January, 1992. When living in California, Nicolai protected this land from the catastrophic drought which had brought serious problems to people before his arrival in the USA. It came back there after his return to Russia (read about the absence of droughts in California during almost 15 years in his article "The Drought").

April, 1992. Nicolai prevented an earthquake in California which was fraught with catastrophic consequences (the so-called "phenomenon of San Francisco". See The Mirror of My Soul Chapter 4, Vol.2). In September, 1993 he prevented an earthquake along the San Andreas Fault, threatening to break California off the mainland and submerge it into the Pacific Ocean.

August, 2002. Still living in San Francisco, Nicolai Levashov responded to the request to help to fight the burning peat bogs near Moscow and forest fires in the Moscow and other regions of Russia. He provoked rain there of the necessary force and duration which extinguished the fire in the forests and peat bogs.

In 2002-2004 he successfully influenced the tropical hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico (read about his numerous successful influences over hurricanes in "Taming the Intractable: How to Make Hurricanes Behave" ).

At the end of 2002 Nicolai changed the trajectory of the second star of the Solar system by 90°. It was a neutron star called "Planet X", "Nemezida", "Planet of death", or "Nibiru" which had to pass Earth in dangerous proximity causing the death of all living things on our planet. In other words the space catastrophe was inevitable in 2003. After Nicolai’s intervention Nemezida left the limits of the Solar system for good and will never again threaten Earth.

It is of interest that today NASA boldly denies the existence of Nibiru. In particular David Morrison, an astrobiologist and previous Director of Space at NASA Ames Research Centre, who for 10 years answered questions in his "Ask an Astrobiologist" series on NASA's website, does that. They say that there was no such planet either in 2003 or in 2012. But what about the planet which was discovered in 1983 by American astronomers Thomas Van Flandern and Richard Harrington? About what planet called Planet X in December, 1983 was The Washington Post and the Canadian Gazette, or US News World Reportin September 1984 and the British and the British The Economist in October 1999 actually writing? The hue-and-cry then was enormous. In 2001 three observatories reported simultaneously about seeing Planet Õ – one in South America, another in Switzerland and the third one in the USA. Later the world began to talk about the "Problem 2003". In fact, we had every reason to call it this and to fear:

"If it be wedged between us and the Sun, then Earth will slow its rotation and stop for several days. It will be a long day on one side of Earth and night on the other. Random chaotic "tuning" in Nibiru’s powerful magnetic and gravitational field will change the axis of rotation of our small planet by 1/4 of its turn, the earth's crust and the waters of oceans will move, submitting to the force of inertia. The lithospheric plates will begin to crack and crawl over each other, fountains of lava will gush forth from the bowels of the earth. Giant waves of 30 to 40 meters will rush onto dry land. Ice from the poles will appear in the Torrid Zone and begin to melt very quickly, and in two years the water level will rise up to 200 meters". (Nicolai Shapovalov, The Internet Newspaper ¹ 10, 2003ã.)

The problem was already hushed up by then. In fact the state leaders or the men of science were absolutely impotent to prevent the forthcoming cataclysm. But even when the problem was solved by one man – Nicolai Levashov, the official sources kept silent, and now they disown the fact that this kind of problem existed at all. However, there is a quite curious fact: a "non-existent" planet still can be found on Swiss francs.

All this is a consequence of Earth being controlled by parasitic forces which are unable to solve any serious problem of this magnitude and can only lie to people, steal their money and life-force and build useless underground shelters for them and their servants.

Just as it was with Nibiru in 2003, in 1929 the social parasites did nothing and hid from people the fact that the Coalition Group of Observers (CGO) sent the third and the last appeal to mankind offering the opportunity to join the Coalition to solve the problem of an antimatter cyclone which inevitably was to destroy the Solar system. They gave earthmen 50 years to give their answer. But the mighty of the world did not inform people about that. By the time Nicolai Levashov received this information, it had been 10 years since the deadline given by the CGO had expired. But he engaged in solving this problem too. And it was solved successfully!

Also the parasites kept silent about the enormous acid cloud 10 million miles wide which was moving toward us, annihilating everything on its way. It was discovered by NASA’s observatory, Chandra, in April, 2007. The cloud should have got to the Solar system by 2014 and would result in its total wiping out. But the problem was solved by the same man – Nicolai Levashov!

Summer, 2003. He destroyed the climatic weapon which was used by the American parasites against European countries in order to burn out the agricultural land in Europe by anomalously high temperatures to force the European states to import and use American GM-products.

At the beginning of 2007, after he returned to Russia, Nicolai Levashov organized the Russian Public Movement "Renaissance. Golden Age" which initiated the campaign of the awakening of the Russians and mass popularization of the new evolutional knowledge expounded in Nicolai’s fundamental works.

Summer, 2010. Nicolai Levashov destroyed the climatic and tectonic weapon that was applied by the parasites to burn Russia (read the articles «Anti-Russian Anticyclone» and «Anti-Russian Anticyclone-2»).

In the night from 4 to 5 of August, 2010 he prevented a terrorist attack, unprecedented in the history of humanity in its scale and perfidy. A gas chemical attack was prepared for the capital of our Motherland as a result of which Moscow was to be left uninhabited, full of dead bodies. But the mass chemical poisoning of the Muscovites by toxic gases was prevented! Using his knowledge and potential, Nicolai succeeded in decomposing the poisoning substances and clearing the black smog – which was not just the result of burning peat bogs. His intervention saved the lives of millions of Muscovites and prevented the inevitable disintegration and occupation of Russia and the mass extermination of the Russians and other native people of Russia. You can read about it in the «Anti-Russian Anticyclone-2».

October, 2010. Nicolai and his wife Svetlana destroyed a secret system prepared by the alien social parasites to destroy our planet.

November, 2010. He invented an anti-infrasonic weapon to counteract the infrasonic weapon which killed Svetlana on November 13, 2010. He then put a protective shield against this terrible weapon over the territory of Russia.

March, 2011. Nicolai Levashov stopped the chain reaction at the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukusima-1" which was to result in a thermonuclear explosion and complete destruction of our planet. Then he established a protective shield along the Far-Eastern border of Russia which prevented the radiation from Japan from penetration into our territory.

At the end of May, 2011 Nicolai Levashov prevented the elimination of the USA. The parasites planned to detonate several atomic bombs in geological fault locations on the American continent. Thus, Nicolai prevented the "world government" from creating the next apocalypse and escaping payment of the monstrous debt of trillions of USD owed by this country-parasite.

Only one deed from this quite incomplete list of what Nicolai Levashov has done for the common good would do for any other man, in dozens of his embodiments, to have his name entered in the annals of our earthly civilization with golden letters. But Nicolai’s name was not entered anywhere. Moreover, it continues to be hushed up. This is evidence that our planet is still under the control of those against whom Nicolai fought all his life.

It’s terribly vexing that Nicolai lived in this embodiment so little! Especially, if we think how much he could reveal to us and how many and what (!) things he could teach us to facilitate the ascent along the Golden Way of evolution of Mankind in order that our earthly civilization could overcome its childhood illnesses and rise again to the cosmic level of development, once lost in the long fight against space parasitism.

Regrettably, there are no what-ifs in history, and now nobody can remedy anything. It grieves me to mention mournful things on this light day – the birthday of this great Man and talk about the irreparable loss for the whole of humanity, but as they say, there is a loss and there is a LOSS.

The latter is always irreparable, when Mankind loses it’s most devoted and consistent defenders, like Nicolai and Svetlana Levashov, Radomir, Maria Magdalena and dozens of others who were and are fighting for us, but the probability of knowing their names is now zero.

He was the most precious treasure which Earth ever had, and we should have protected and cherished him like the apple of one's eye in order that he could fruitfully work for the good of earthmen. But in reality everything was vice versa. It was he who protected us and saved our planet in times of severe misfortune – in the hardest and darkest time of the dawn of the Day of Svarog.

It was the time when the Dark celebrated their victory, being absolutely sure that the Ruses had been finally defeated, that they drowned the direct descendants of Light Gods-civilizers in blood and enslaved forever the survivors. They thought that the Great Empire which the Ruses have been creating for thousands of years, the backbone of earthly civilization, will never rise again and sink into nonexistence.

The social parasites almost reached their man-hating aim, but despite the impressive success in their black cause, they failed! They failed so badly! Their enormous devilish machine of black deeds failed to prevent the appearance on Earth of just one man, Nicolai Levashov, in the most necessary and decisive time for Humanity.

To tell the truth, I am unable to imagine, even approximately, what an outstanding operation the Light Forces managed to carry out to achieve that, how many and what kind of sacrifices they and their helpers had made and what distracting manoeuvres and other stratagems they had accomplished and how long all this lasted to achieve that this kind of Man appeared on Earth!

The Man, who managed to protect the Big Universe from inevitable elimination; The Man whose knowledge, labour and thought lifted Mankind’s level of potential evolving in the Universe to the unattainable height and showed us the real Way of endless s elf-perfection.

Happy birthday, Nicolai!

Thank you, Light Warrior and Keeper of Earth.

February 7, 2013

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