Nicolai Levashov
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Irene Stillwell

Nicolai Victorovich Levashov


My chosen task was and still is, if required, to edit the articles and books by Nicolai and Svetlana Levashov, which have been beautifully translated by Elena Lyubimova, for the English website. All I basically do is make sure the text is smooth and easy to read for the average English speaker. Ours is not an easy language to learn as it does not always follow the rules and has many subtle nuances which change the meaning of what is being said. It is a mongrel with our sometimes shameful history running right through it. I wanted everything that Nicolai meant to convey to be clearly comprehended. Everything he wrote, said and did is of great importance to the whole planet and its future development as well as human evolution into the next phase. I realised as I began my work on The Mirror of my Soul that Nicolai was truly an "Innocent Abroad" and expected everyone else to be like him, i.e. honest and truthful, fair-minded and generous. He started to realise very early on that he was different and had abilities he could use in a creative way to make life better for many others.

Nicolai was, and still is, a White Hierarch who volunteered to incarnate in a human body, for the first time, without keeping any memory of his previous state. I think we can assume therefore that he wanted to understand exactly what it was like to be human and limited by the restrictions put upon us by various agencies, particularly the parasitic Dark Side that have their own agenda regarding our planet. For all of his regrettably short time here he has worked tirelessly for our benefit and has changed our perceptions of the structure of the universe and our place in it forever.

We are now responsible for the future of our Earth but need to gather all the information we can. The books and articles that both Nicolai and Svetlana Levashov have left us have much that we can learn from. The Russians may well be the vanguard leading the way, as they already have a head start in the form of an Association called «Renaissance. the Golden Age», initiated by Nicolai, but only if they continue to heed all he has taught. He may not be here in his familiar physical body, but the world can rest assured that his real self, his essence, most certainly is and that he and Svetlana are still fighting for our planet and us.

No group, be it family, clan, tribe, village or nation exists in isolation and perhaps the time has come to communicate properly with each other to ensure that we do our collective best to save our shared home before it is too late. We are all colonists from other places in the universe who were brought here for various reasons. The present day Russians are the descendants of a particularly strong, clever and advanced group of people who left many clues for their children to find and follow down the aeons but have suffered much at the hands of the Dark ones in their attempts to hide their true history. (Come on, read and /or re-read Nicolai’s books and articles!!) Maybe it is time for everyone to stop looking backwards and ignoring what is happening here and now. We all have bad, shameful things in our past but we also have good things too. Yes, we all understand the saying "He who does not study history is doomed to repeat it" but deep down we all know what has been going on for centuries without having to wallow in it (which is preventing us from rising above it and making things better). We all know in our genetic memory that we have been repeatedly, and still are being, lied to and cheated out of our true inheritance. We have been denied access to Knowledge which has made us weak when it comes to resisting the demands of the Dark side and it is time to put that right. Learn from Nicolai and act upon what he has highlighted for us and trust that he will be there to help when we get it wrong again, as we almost certainly will at some point.

We must all put aside our fear of those "In power"; they are there because we allow them to be. Nicolai and Svetlana have dealt them many blows already and the retaliation has only freed both of them to be even more destructive of the parasites. We can help too. Let’s begin by talking loudly about the damage they have done and what needs to be changed in order to rid the planet of them. Just small circles of like-minded people meeting and talking and most importantly, thinking, about the way things are, can cast pebbles into the pool and the ripples will go on reaching many more. Together we can make a difference, let’s do it! Let’s make it a really heartfelt thank-you to the wonderful Levashovs for sharing the knowledge, to which we would not otherwise have access. They gave their Earthly lives for it.

Irene Stillwell, August 17, 2012