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Interview with Nicolai Levashov

N icolai Levashov, Scientist and Physics Theorist, has created a fundamentally new theory of the Universe that provides answers to numerous questions which modern science has considered insoluble. Based on the postulate of the anisotropy (non-uniformity) of the Universe, he explains the requisite conditions for living matter to appear, the natural laws that lead to the inevitable origin of reasoning life and later, consciousness, which appears, also inevitably, when certain conditions are met. Levashov’s views have nothing to do with Vulgarmaterialismus (Germ.), a mechanistic materialism. He strongly believes the main question of philosophy is absurd and that spirit and matter is essentially one thing. He estimates human abilities as boundless and has no doubt whatsoever that thought can influence physically dense matter: it is, in fact, able to do things which the boldest fiction writers could not even dare to imagine.

Levashov calls himself an atheist. He adheres to the opinion that our Mankind is not the creation of a god; likewise, not a unique creation of nature, because it is surrounded by other reasoning civilizations. Man’s main objective is to overcome the reasoning animal level on which the overwhelming majority of people can be found and, moving forward from one evolutional stage to another, emerge at the level of creator.

Nicolai Levashov was born in Kislovodsk in 1961. He graduated from Kharkov University, with a Master’s degree in theoretical physics. He has lived and worked in the USA for more than 15 years. There he created his scientific school where he carried out seminars and engaged in teaching students. He is an author of several fundamental scientific works, namely, The Final Appeal to Mankind, Anisotropic Universe and Spirit and Mind all widely recognized by foreign Mainstream Scientists and Allied Professionals.

– Nicolai, you affirm that earthly mankind is the not the only reasoning group of beings in the Universe.

– Certainly, it is not. There are billions of civilizations in the Universe which are at different levels in their evolutionary development. Some of them are far ahead of us, and some are much less developed than we are. Still, our civilization will have to undergo its birth into the cosmos and go to a qualitatively new level of development when, for example, man will be able to control matter and elements by force of thought. Today there is a lot of talk about the forthcoming doomsday. It is close in the sense that if Mankind refuses to accept the knowledge necessary to go to the new level, catastrophe is inevitable. Now the most primitive of all civilizations – the technocratic one – holds sway on the planet, and if we continue this dead-end way of development, Mankind will destroy itself; it can't be helped.

– Nevertheless, you brought good news to Mankind saying that in 1996-1997 the darkest of all nights of Svarog, which prevented people from developing their evolutionary potential, was over. Could you explain to us what a night of Svarog exactly is?

– I’ll try. Our Sun is located in one of the four sleeves of our spiral Galaxy, in the very "back yard" of the sleeve. Our Universe is formed of seven primary matters. The so-called physical or dense matter, which we see and feel, originated when they merged in areas of space, where the necessary conditions for their confluence appeared. But physically dense matter, which is more or less known to modern science, makes up only 10% of the matter of the Universe. The rest of it scientists call "dark" and do not specify what those 90 % of matters are.

Primary matters, let’s call them A, B, C, D, Å, F, G are distributed all over the Universe unevenly, because the Universe is anisotropic (non-uniform). Each primary matter has its own unique qualities and properties. The qualitative characteristics of space constantly change (because of its inherent anisotropy) and a great deal depends on what kind of matter and in what proportion it fill this or that area of space at every alteration. The excess of one or another primary matter in one or another area renders the strongest influence on stars and planets, for example their tectonic activity, and people–their conduct, emotions and evolutionary development. For example, the predominance of E-primary matter in areas of anisotropy creates favourable conditions for the development of high spiritual and moral qualities in people and favours civilization breakthroughs. The areas of space anisotropy with this qualitative structure are called the days of Svarog.

The predominance of G-primary matter results in the manifestation of base properties and qualities and the origin of a so-called negative evolutional warp arises, both in a single person and the whole civilization. Therefore, the areas of space anisotropy with this kind of structure are called the nights of Svarog. As our Galaxy rotates, the Earth periodically gets into one or another area of space anisotropy, in other words, into either a day or night of Svarog. The duration of time when the Earth has to get through a night of Svarog may last from several hundred to several thousand years. The last, the heaviest, night of Svarog lasted 1008 years: from 988 to 1995-1996.

The "heaviness" of a night of Svarog is determined by the strength of the negative evolutional warp: the more powerful it is, the more difficult it is for man to resist low instincts, emotions and all negative things in general. People provided with very strong willpower are able to go against the current, but most people do not have such potential and are like metal pieces being "magnetized" by negative characteristics. Everybody knows this phenomenon from school: if we take some metal pieces and bring them to a magnet, a powerful one will re-magnetize them transferring its polarity. The same phenomenon is observed during a night of Svarog. If a person does not have a large potential, that is, strong willpower, the external influence shall force him to act according to its rules, his will inevitably will be blocked.

Everybody is born as an animal, but man’s main aim is to overcome his instincts, for which a strong will is needed. So, the night of Svarog creates optimal conditions for the qualities of reasoning animals, such as that of self-preservation, to be excessively developed. In this case it is very easy to manipulate people: if, for example, the instinct of self-preservation is excessively developed, a person is ready to sell and betray everything and everyone for the sake of saving his life.

Until man becomes master of his emotions and his physical body, he inevitably will remain a slave and can be easily used, which we can see nowadays. Therefore a night of Svarog is a very suitable time for social parasites to take power, which they did. In particular, they created a social weapon in the form of religions for enslaving people. And look what they have achieved: Russia, for example, was brought down very easily. But this is the story of another day. By the way, recently I have read that, according to the Torah, Doomsday came about in 1995 which is exactly the end of a night of Svarog! Quite a coincidence, isn’t it? And the christening of Russia coincided with the beginning of a night of Svarog. Do you think that is a coincidence too? I do not see any coincidence here.

– So, the long night of Svarog is over. The dawn comes now which means that favourable conditions appear for evolving. Many spiritual schools and trends, including those of Hinduism and Buddhism, say that it is time to open secret knowledge which only the initiated have had the right to approach. Does this have anything to do with this fact?

– Yes, it has a certain connection, but you also may hear a pile of weird fibs on this occasion! I heard a lady here saying that in 2012 the mob will die and we, the elite, will be saved going to a new level of evolution. She did not specify how they would do that and what they did to deserve such an "honour?" But people truly believe this nonsense! They seriously, without any grounds whatsoever, consider themselves the elite! At the very best, they read too much Madame Blavatsky, although from my point of view it is mere verbiage in her books, the essence of which can be expressed in two sentences which in fact are no revelations at all.

Really! So much nonsense is written about Shambhala nowadays, and not a word about the fact that there is a black and a white Shambhala. The real Shambhala is not in Tibet, but in the Chinese mountains. It is a special area in the physical world divided from it by a qualitative barrier behind which people who have left the ordinary life live. Well, it is a long story. There are such areas where local people would never go, because nobody has ever returned from there. Only those who are able and have the right or those who are invited can enter there.

– Does this mean that where Nicholas Roerich searched was a black Shambhala? And he was not admitted there either. Why?

– In the end Roerich understood that he had been just a pawn used by certain forces. He died very quickly after that…. Many people hear some information and get it all wrong. In most cases people do not read books, but rush to dispute without hesitation and assert and do quite absurd things.

– They open the third eye, for example...

– Well, yes, especially if we take into account that it does not exist! That which is drawn on the forehead is just a sign that a person has reached a certain level of development. It does not mean that there is a third eye in this place. A vision has nothing to do with eyes at all. I have hundreds of experimental confirmations of that.

From my point of view, Science incorrectly understands the phenomenon of man, beginning with his origin, in other words, where he came from. There are a great number of proofs that man is not a product of evolution on Earth, but was brought here from other planets with a certain purpose.

As does everything in our Universe, man consists of seven interpenetrative free primary matters, which, on making different combinations, create man’s physical, etheric, astral, first mental, second mental, third mental and fourth mental bodies. Certainly, these definitions are quite stipulatory. The circulation of matters between man’s physical body and the bodies of his spirit is Life in the truest sense of the word. The planet Earth has seven qualitative levels and, accordingly, six qualitative barriers which man gradually overcomes while evolving.

The predominance of E-primary matter creates optimal conditions for man to evolve his full third and fourth material bodies. In order to complete the so-called planetary cycle of evolution on Earth man must have seven complete material bodies. However, today people are at different evolutional stages. The majority of them evolve, on average, only three or four material bodies. Certainly, there are people who have more, but these are very rare cases.

I understand the human Spirit as the aggregate of all the material bodies which constitute it. At the moment of conception a Spirit enters the human genetics, a biomass, concordant to its level of evolutionary development. The conditions of our planet are such that human beings have their memory of past incarnations closed; therefore in the majority of cases human consciousness does not have a direct connection with the spirit. In fact, what is intuition? It is the attempts of human consciousness to perceive the messages of the spirit which can break through in dreams, or while a person is in special state of mind, or experiences powerful emotional eruptions, but as a rule a perfectly ordinary person does not have contact with his spirit.

– Is there a difference between men and women concerning their abilities for evolving?

– Certainly, there is. To begin with it is much simpler for a woman because of the openness of her spirit. It is easier for her to evolve at the beginning of the spiritual way, but at a certain moment this openness does her a lot of harm–she becomes an easy prey for dark forces the influence of which she, in most cases, is unable to resist. In the case of man the situation is quite the opposite: he finds it more difficult to begin with, but it gets much easier for him after he sticks to the path of evolution for a certain period of time, because his system is more stable and less open. The fact man and woman see the world quite differently is self-evident. There is nothing bad in that. They are two parts of one single whole. This principle is used in the Tantra which also can be white or black. The White Tantra has almost completely disappeared–everyone practices the Black Tantra which, in short, means the pumping out of sexual energy from one person in favour of another.

As a student I witnessed this kind of thing. One day the secretary of our chair complained: "Kolia, sometimes a lady comes to visit me here. We chat for a half an hour and she leaves and then I feel extremely unwell. At home I am unable to do anything–I just slump into my arm-chair exhausted, although usually I come in from work hale and hearty and do a lot of things." I asked her to call me when the lady came the next time. She called me; I came and we were introduced to each other, exchanged a couple of words and I scanned the situation and quickly cut the sucker with which this lady had connected herself to our secretary. After a while the lady asked for a meeting with me. I met her and she confessed: "You see I know I do bad things, but I must otherwise I will die." It appeared that she had met a "great guru" who "initiated" her into a world of spirituality via his bed and then said: "Now if you do not want to feel bad, you must find someone from whom you will take energy. Choose." The poor woman found several persons from who she sucked the life force, little by little so as not to do too much harm to them. Naturally, I helped her, cutting the connection with her "guru."

As for the White Tantra, it is based on the principle of harmony between one man and one woman. At a certain level of development man needs qualities and properties which woman has; without them he cannot evolve further. Woman too needs the qualities which man has at a certain stage of development. They can get them only during intimate relationships and physical closeness, passing necessary qualities to each other. There are exceptional conditions when these qualities can be passed otherwise.

– Well, currently I am a woman, but could I be a man in a past or future incarnation?

– Certainly you could. The Spirit is asexual, but has some kind of gender structures. Therefore, when a female spirit gets into masculine genetics and the latter is strong, there will be a perfectly normal man with finer perception, and there is nothing bad here. But if the genetics is weak, an effeminate male appears as a result; moreover, the spirit can force the body to behave very differently which is a manifestation of homosexuality, by the way.

– In most cases the spirit does not choose the body of its own free will, so to speak, does it?

– Certainly, it does not. In the moment of conception, a channel of energy erupts and penetrates through the different levels of the planet. In accordance with the level reached, a spirit inhabiting that level is pulled into the channel.

– But, for example, people like the Dalai-lama can choose their birth?

– Yes, the Dalai-lama chooses. A dying Dalai-lama specifies exactly where he will be incarnated so that he can be quickly helped to remember what he already knew and to go further.

– Your conclusions coincide a great deal with the point of view of eastern teachings, in particular, Buddhism. Did you study them?

– I did not study them thoroughly, although I know some things. I think that these traditions gave little to mankind in the sense of real evolutional growth. In addition, eastern teachings have a certain declared limit of development which for example, Hindus, understand this way: when a person earns seven material bodies (a physically dense one plus six bodies of the spirit), he or she merges with the absolute (this is a state when all six planetary qualitative barriers disappear). They consider this to be the evolutional limit for a human being–to open all doors of his house-planet and stop on the threshold without moving further! But they do not understand one thing: evolutional motion is infinite; the amount of bodies which the spirit can make moving along the vertical line of evolution is potentially unlimited. However, in order to move and to make bodies, man must learn to create qualities which he did not receive from nature! He must understand how to create and use them at other levels, in new conditions. This is the real practical task of evolution. If a person does not know how to use his new qualities, it is tantamount to not having them.

Let’s take yoga. How old are those teachings? Three thousand years? How many people have followed them? Many millions and how many people achieved some elementary results? Well, let’s say that the ability to exit from the body is a considerable achievement for them, not of itself, of course, but as an ability that indicates the achievement of a certain evolutional level (which is not high, actually). But only a handful achieved even this modest level. If a system is correct, then everybody would learn how to exit their body. Is that not so? The fact that only a few succeed in doing this indicates that, as a system, this does not work. Besides, there are a lot of sick people in higher yoga; I mean in regard to physical health which is hardly surprising. If someone takes a cudgel and starts knocking out Kundalini, what will come of that? He just will knock out his brains. It is possible to give an initial push to a student, but it is not the way of evolutionary development.

Most eastern practices and a great number of their modern surrogates are aimed toward passing a stream of primary matters of different power through a meditating person. It is called different things in different teachings–energy, prana, qi, etc.–but the essence is one and the same. Well yes, it can help to evolve the bodies of the spirit which a person already has and even to help to make new ones, but only when he or she is ready for that. Look, a bud should ripen in order to blossom and open. But if we take an unripe bud and open it forcedly, it will die very quickly. Let’s imagine that we start to pass powerful streams of primary matters through a person. He can and, perhaps, will see something on other levels of reality, but these forceful actions lacking precise understanding of the processes will result in the destruction of both a person and his spirit.

It can be compared with pumping water using huge pressure–the water will run all right, but the pipe can actually break. Even the ability to see other levels of reality which people have by nature is very imperfect in most cases and quite often those people destroy themselves quickly. They do not understand that their natural gift can be improved so that it cannot do them any harm, but they refuse to accept that and destruction inevitably follows.

In a book on Sahaja Yoga I read that a woman-yogi standing on the ocean shore felt that a red and orange ball burst in her head, which made her think that she had achieved perfection and freed herself from karma, and at the same time became a guru. What happened with her in reality? Yes, the explosion of energy did happen, but what energy? The red energy is stress and the orange one is sexual energy. In other words, it was a powerful eruption of sexual energy into her brain on a background of stress! Tell me, please, what that has to do with spirituality? She was lucky that she remained alive after this spontaneous explosion of Kundalini! In fact, the Kundalini which suddenly "shoots forth" does not render any positive influence on a person, but on the contrary destroys him.

– As you certainly know there is a huge amount of so-called "channellers" now–people who consider themselves to be communication channels with other levels of the planet, with the dead, with other planets and civilizations, etc. Bookstore shelves are piled with Kryon’s revelations and other things of the kind. What can you say about it? Has the level of evolution of people risen sharply?

– At a certain level of development a person can "break out of the egg-shell" into other, higher, levels and think that all he meets there are angels, archangels, gods and those kinds of "higher" creatures ready to share "higher knowledge and revelations." The reality, however, is quite different. The spirits from other levels usually act this way: they give information which a person can easily check, for example, about an earthquake or a car accident. The distrust disappears, a person opens himself and then "the angels" begin to pour in information which a person can not check but accepts as reliable. They periodically give reliable information in order to maintain the trust.

I shall give an example from my practice. It was 1989. By that time I had healed a considerable number of people and tried to help people as much as I could in other matters. An elderly lady arrived from Sverdlovsk to visit me. She had a cancer tumour in the area of her solar plexus. She had retired and decided to go into "spirituality" and found the following way: she took a sheet of paper, wrote down the alphabet, took a coin on a thread and moved her hands with unbelievable speed. She entered into trance, a powerful stream of primary matters began to go through her; she did not even look at the paper, but just pronounced words. She told me that she had a group of people in Sverdlovsk with which she worked. They contacted other civilizations. I looked at her and saw that this person could not do that, because certain qualities are necessary for that and she did not have them.

I racked my brain a bit as to how I could explain to her that this kind of thing could not be, that she was being shamelessly cheated. And then I decided to pretend to be a simpleton. I asked her whether I could contact somebody through her. The answer was: "Certainly, anyone, just give me the name." I did and she began to establish contact. Several persons were also present and recorded the session. I hid myself from the spirit to be called. It is another story how I did that; I can just say that this is possible. In other words I became invisible for spirits, but I could perfectly see anyone. So, I saw that the spirit to which she spoke was not the one which I had asked her to call. Any creature has its own unique key which is impossible to counterfeit. If one knows that, there is no way to be cheated.

After a while I said to the creature from the other side (by "said" I mean a telepathic transmission of thoughts): "You are not that creature you’re pretending to be!" He asked: "How is that?" Then I uncovered myself and "asked:" "Well, and what is your name?" He said: "My name is Melon" (let’s put it like this). "So, Melon, why do you fool people?" He said: "It’s not my fault, they contacted me first! My task is to sit here (at the first mental level), and if someone pecks through to this level, I have to take them under my "patronage." If they believe in Christ, I say that I am Christ. If they believe in Mohamed, I say that I am Mohamed."

Do you understand now? This creature’s task was to rob people of their potential which they have earned over many incarnations; and if it is taken it away from them, they must start evolving again from the very beginning.

It is clear that this creature is a servant of some higher owner, but how many such owners and such servants are there in our planetary system? And how many such systems are there in our Universe? Nevertheless, people think that if they make contact with somebody from "there" it must necessarily be a light force, or a good force, which brings only positive things, and nothing bad can happen there. Regrettably, it is quite difficult to make these “channellers” change their mind as they are often seized with pride: I am the most worthy, I was chosen for contacts with "other civilizations."

I think there is no need to explain where my patient got the tumour from.

A person has his or her potential taken not only during incautious contacts with "higher forces" but also during so-called meditation. In one of my books I describe what happens during meditation. A person or a group of people are maximally open in this moment. Take the most popular meditations: "we send our energy to space, space passes through us, through our body…" and all that kind of stuff. It is absolutely the same thing as saying to every evil creature in the Universe: "Dinner is served" and they will gladly treat themselves to your potential, but people do not understand that.

So, we should know that contact with the souls of the dead, with all levels of our planet and beyond its limits, with other civilizations is genuinely possible. But only that creature which has six full bodies (with the physical one–seven) is able to go beyond the limits of Earth. If a person has not achieved this level of development, all his possible "contacts" are limited to creatures from the astral plane of our planet, and at the very best–from the first mental one.

– Today even modern science to some extent acknowledges that thought can influence matter.

– Thought does influence matter, but everything depends on who "thinks the thought." If it is emitted by an ordinary man, his thought does not go farther his cranium. A mental emission is efficient only when a person is highly evolved.

Why do you think one and the same incantation works when pronounced by one person and does not work when pronounced by another?

A person pronounces certain words in a state of trance (in other words switching on or activating his potential) and the words are a certain modulation device of the streams of primary matters. In fact, the sense of an incantation itself is of no importance; but the very words which cause a certain modulation to achieve the necessary result are. However, today even those who are able to make the incantation "work" do not understand anything about why it is so. Only those who created the necessary combination of words understood that. One has to know a lot and be able to analyze them in order to understand what natural processes happen when uttering an incantation.

13 thousand years ago when our civilization was cast back to the Stone Age our ancestors were unable to teach everyone from zero, because they had to solve the task of survival. Therefore, they decided to find a very simple way out: those who understood things wrote down the modulation of the streams of primary matters using a verbal code. Then they found people which possessed a spark of gift by birth and taught them that they should pronounce this incantation in this situation, and that one–in that situation, etc. A person pronounced the words and they worked as was said.

Over the course of time the following generations of volkhvs (Slavonic-Aryan magicians) just studied these ready-made incantations. But there was a danger in that: black magicians under the guise of Christian missionaries came to Kievan Russia allegedly to win over paganism, which, by the way, never existed on the territory of our country. For thousands of years our people lived according to the Vedic laws. Anyway, the black magicians challenged the volkhvs to competition in front of crowds of people. The latter, (the volkhvs) which could perfectly well walk on water, levitate; use teleportation and pass through walls etc. could not demonstrate anything to the assembled masses. The question is: why could they not do anything? Because they pronounced an incantation which encoded the streams of matter that went through them with no understanding of what they were doing, whereas the black magicians did understand the essence of the process and were able to block the streams.

Therefore, if something works, it is necessary to understand how it works and why.

– Is a language of incantation is of fundamental importance?

– It is not. Or rather let’s put it this way: if you understand the essence of incantations, the matter is not in the language. But if, for example, a person does not know the language in which the incantation is written and distorts words, it will not work, because the distorted words carry another image and, accordingly, render another influence.

– I would like to ask about suffering. As is generally known, Orthodox Christianity is in fact a cult of suffering: the more a person suffers, the better he or she is purified and learns spiritual lessons; God loves you, if He compels you to suffer, etc.

– There is a famous saying "being determines consciousness," but I like its somewhat modified version "beating determines consciousness." However, one should pay attention to the reaction to the "beating." Christianity suggests accepting suffering humbly and considering it to be a pre-condition for higher spiritual development. But a person does not evolve because of suffering, rather to the contrary. A person evolves when despite any difficult situation he pulls himself together, stands up and fights. By the way, negative emotions rather slow down evolutionary development. On the other hand, excessive positive emotions are also a powerful energy eruption which results in the blocking of the evolutionary process, as a result of which you may began to deteriorate to a greater or lesser degree. A person evolves when he is filled with lofty feelings. Then he gradually raises himself to another, higher, level. And sufferings lower people. Sometimes they do force a person to wake up, but far from always.

Christianity also says: a current has taken you and you should allow it to carry you, because this is your stake, in other words, you should submit. But real movement forward, real evolving happens when a person goes against the current. To do this it is imperative not to become apathetic and "come apart at the seams," but to pull your courage and willpower together and fight. If you get into a train which goes from point A to point B, you can walk inside the train, sit in one coach or another, but if you do not get off it you will inevitably move to the train’s point of destination. A person who leaves this very train gets the possibility of choice: he may go on foot or take another train, or go in the opposite direction. In other words, he does not go where "the current" carries him; he tries to act and thus, evolves, because actions are "the fuel" of evolutionary development.

– You have created your own system which after enlightening by knowledge allowed you to advance forward continuously and also to help others to do so. I mean the system which you call the "transformation of the brain." Could you explain the essence of that?

– First of all, it is necessary to understand that the physical brain is just a foundation which provides for the process of thinking. The neurons of the physical brain do not think, they just decompose physical matter into primary matters, thus creating the necessary potential and providing other levels of neurons. The etheric, astral and mental bodies of neurons form the etheric, astral and mental systems at the corresponding levels of the brain and they are as material as the physical one. The process of thinking occurs exactly at these levels as a result of the circulation of different streams of energy (primary matters) between these levels. A great number of different streams of matters, both in composition and level of activity, may appear in the process of thinking which can engage different levels of the human brain. If a human being is unable to change the physical volume of the brain, what may prevent him from changing the size of the qualitative structures of the brain on other levels? Nothing at all; and this opens the doors for endless evolving. One just must know how to do that and not to violate the harmony on any level.

Let me now touch on the brain transformation. Yes, it is my system. I have created it, because I have understood some natural laws and thought through its implementation. Some people think that I just unblock the brain of one or another person which has been in the dormant state, but in reality I create qualities which a person has never possessed and could have them only potentially on the assumption of the correct evolutional development. Judging by the average evolutional level of development of the spirits which inhabit our planet now, the latter is quite improbable because the conditions we have for evolving are highly unfavourable: upbringing, education, science and religion lead a person astray, and there is a reason for that. Moreover, evolutional development is not something guaranteed for a reasoning creature; it is just a possibility. As a result of the brain transformation a person gets not just a qualitative change of his brain but also those bodies of the spirit which he never had. Since I understood and mastered the process of transformation of the brain and spirit, I got experimental proofs that when a person underwent qualitative transformation of the brain, he or she can easily do that which the eastern teachings consider higher achievements.

– Any person, really?

– Absolutely! The curious thing here is that the most important condition for that is not a person’s spiritual level of development, but certain abilities of his genetics! After this transformation a person can see the internal organs, his own and of other people, gets the ability to enlarge and diminish them and examine any corner. Can you imagine a heart enlarged to the size of the room? No modern tomography machine has this kind of diagnostic potential and cannot take readings at the cellular and molecular level. In addition to the diagnostics, people, who underwent the brain transformation, got the necessary qualities for influencing sick organs to heal them. Certainly, this is not all. If the higher mental bodies of a person are highly developed, he acquires the ability to influence the present and future. He also can displace himself in time. In short, one can do a lot of things, about which mankind has dreamt long ago.

– Can you expound your understanding of "time"? Modern science has recently acknowledged that it is a very capricious and unsteady category.

– In fact "time" does not exist. Man invented this concept for his own convenience. "Time" is a conventional concept, because the processes which occur in matter and space are conventional. They have their cycles and rhythms. Nevertheless, one and the same process may pass differently in different places of the planet.

– In other words "time" flows quicker in one place of our planet and slower in another?

– Yes, but the difference can be so insignificant that no one notice anything of the kind, nevertheless, it is accumulated and renders its influence. The speed of the processes may be conditioned by the form of the material objects and also by quantity and quality of energy which comes from Space. The streams of primary matter, which come from the outside, influence first the mental level, then the astral one, then the etheric level and last of all – the physical level of the planet. Here we can find the solution to predicting the future in which there is absolutely nothing mystic or miraculous. I like the following way of explaining it: imagine that we are on the ground floor of a 7-storied building. The ground floor is a physical level; the first floor is the etheric level, etc. The dwellers on the seventh floor left the water running. It inundated this floor and started to leak below. Someone went to the seventh floor in the elevator and saw the "flood". His intention is to warn the neighbours on the ground floor of the approaching danger. Some of them will call him mad, others–a clairvoyant or prophet.

– More than once you express your opinion that modern medicine, as a rule, falsely understands the mechanism of illnesses. In fact, everyone knows that it is at a dead-end now, despite the pharmacological boom, and possibly because of it. Cancer has become an almost common disease. What is cancer from your point of view?

– Man is a multicellular organism, but all his cells have originated from a single celled structure called zygote. When modified cells, different from what the normal ones should be, appear in one or another part of the human body, then conditions for the origin of cancer appear–the cells start dividing uncontrollably. But that, in any case, is related to the violation of the structure at other levels, not only on the physical but also on the etheric and higher levels. In fact every cell does not have only a physical "body," but also the higher bodies which the spirit has. The reason for cancer can be different–from stress to any kind of genetic damage; whichever way, part of the cell loses its higher levels and goes down evolutionally.

Cancer develops very quickly, because the streams of primary matters do not get to the higher levels–etheric or astral–and are accumulated at the lowest one, which provokes their frenetic division. Therefore, the ablation of the tumour does not solve the problem, because it still remains at other levels: the malfunction was liquidated on the physical plane, but it was not on the others! Therefore, the tumour returns in five or seven years. Why precisely such a term? The point is that tumours appear in tissues the cycle of renovation of which is five to seven years. The time of the renovation of the cells of the bones is longer–once in 15 years. Thus, it turns out that every 15 years the human organism gets renewed completely. So, the age of a person does not depend on the age of the cells which is the same in a 15 year old fellow and a 90 year old man! The reason for ageing is not here!

– I cannot help asking, what is the reason for ageing then?

– The reason for ageing is in the breach of harmony between the physical body and the bodies of the spirit. In the prime of human life all the bodies are evolved with the same speed. That is why man opens maximally his creative, spiritual and intellectual potential then; over the course of time, spiritual development outstrips the physical one, in other words the speed of the development of bodies of the spirit becomes higher than the speed of the development of the cells of the physical body; the quality and quantity of energy which flows from the physical level changes. As a result of that the astral and the first mental levels cannot get the energies necessary for their development. If the feeding of these levels is violated, loss of memory and distortion of the mechanism of thinking occurs. The process of ageing starts.

Physical death happens when all the bodies of the spirit–etheric, astral and mental–are no longer compatible with the physical body. When a person dies, his spirit goes to an Earth level which corresponds to its development at the moment of death through the energy channel. If a person has completed the cycle of planetary evolving, his spirit can leave Earth and even the Solar system. But this kind of things happens extremely rarely. And if it does happen, the spirit begins a new cycle of Space evolution and can incarnate again. How soon it may happen depends on a lot of things: sometimes it takes just days, sometimes–hundreds of years.

By the way, there is a great truth at the basis of the Christian church’s belief that abortion is the worst sin of all. When abortion is carried out the spirit which has entered a fertilized egg loses the possibility to create a new physical body from the biomass and also cannot create a power energy channel (as happens when a person dies from natural causes) in order to return to the level from which it came. Only in the case of the spirit being highly evolved and having mental bodies can it create the channel and save itself from the trap. If a spirit does not have mental bodies, it becomes the prey of the creatures of the etheric and low astral level. They eat it up and it dies and all its evolutionary potential which it produced during all its incarnations disappears for good.

– Does the spirit lose the memory after death when leaving the body and waiting for the next incarnation?

– No, it does not. On the contrary, after the death of the physical body the memory of the spirit opens and will close again when the spirit starts creating its new physical body.

– Does the spirit of a human being obligatorily incarnate on Earth?

– No, it does not, but only that spirit which has a very high evolutionary level can avoid incarnation on Earth. It has to have the "keys," so to speak, or qualities in order to incarnate in other worlds. If a spirit does not have these kinds of "keys," it will return to the plane of the planet harmonious with its structures and wait for the next chance to evolve in a new physical body.

– Which is an optimal way, from your point of view, for a person today who wants to bring about their real evolutionary development?

– Understanding. In other words, there must be enlightening by knowledge, because it is impossible to move anywhere without it. One should understand the world where we live before starting to perform any action. One should understand natural laws, the laws of evolution of the spirit and the laws of evolution of civilization. Then one should not only passively know the laws, but apply them and act according to them. Man evolutionally grows, advances, gradually earning what I call the "evolutionary meat" only when he acts. When he earns enough of this "meat," he will open another level. If he did everything correctly, he should understand that absolutely different laws, nature and other concepts "govern" at other levels. If he continues to act the same way as before, he will begin to auto destruct and return back–to where he started. When Man barges against a problem, he must solve it. If he does it correctly, he moves further forward, if he fails, he moves back.

There is one more thing: Man evolves only through actions which are not directed toward self-interest. I do not speak about ordinary actions. To wash the feet of another person, to do laundry or make a dinner are undoubtedly good actions. They prevent a human being, at least, from degradation, but they have nothing to do with evolutionary development. Because, if you, for example, understood once that two times two is four and repeat that a million times, it will not help you to get to a higher intellectual level, it will not even help you to understand that two plus three will be five.

Helen Golovina, Moscow. February 28, 2010

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