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The Drought

On October 23, 2007, some top level officials of the US government appealed to me for help in stemming the raging fires devastating California.

The situation was absolutely out of control. In order to combat the natural disaster they had mustered all their available technical equipment, as well as the National Guard—with almost zero results. Natural calamities of this magnitude cannot be controlled even by such technically developed and affluent countries as the USA.

And this is yet another demonstration that the technocratic path of development is not a panacea for everything, especially where natural disasters are concerned. It is possible to quench small fires with the help of all that technical equipment; but if tens of thousands of acres of forest, undergrowth, bushes and prairies flare up simultaneously, the use of even the best technical resources is futile.

By October 28, the area of forests engulfed in flame was 1,500 square kilometers! More than half a million inhabitants abandoned their homes, at best having time to take only their most cherished belongings but, in most cases, able to retrieve far less. The conflagration had already destroyed 1,800 homes and industrial buildings, and upwards of 23,000 homes were under threat of destruction. The USA government had sent southern California about 80% of the nation’s fire equipment, including special airplanes and fire-fighting helicopters. Unfortunately, 14 persons had perished and 60 others had suffered burns and other traumas. In most cases the water expelled from the airplanes and helicopters evaporated even before it could touch the ground.

Conflagration in California Conflagration in California Conflagration in California

The sky of southern California was covered with clouds—but these were clouds of ash, not rain. Blasts of wind propelled the hungry flames over forests and houses still untouched—over everything that could burn. Enormous areas of forests, fields, portions of California towns, and sometimes entire towns, turned into scorched wasteland. A disaster of such proportions is a pretty rare phenomenon for US inhabitants. There have been no wars on US soil, no bombs falling on American cities. The only serious problems have come from Nature herself. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and fires—they are the things that make Americans nervous.

Almost every year, hurricanes blast the eastern coast of the country with enormous force. The devastation wrought by one of them, Katrina, is known to practically everyone: there is almost nothing left of New Orleans, which is now slowly dying. Katrina cost the USA 300 billion dollars and sparked an economic crisis. But how can anyone gauge the effects left by this hurricane on people’s souls? Who can put a price tag on the broken lives, the might-have-been plans and dreams, the human happiness destroyed by this natural disaster!?

Among disasters dreaded the most by Americans are earthquakes, which typically menace their western coast (as exemplified by the last decade’s most powerful one that gripped San Francisco in 1989). The safest from this threat are the middle states, where there are no strong earthquakes and Atlantic hurricanes do not reach them. But they are defenseless against droughts. The summer of 2007 and this entire year, starting precisely from September, 2006, became the year of an extraordinary drought in the USA. Scientists, calling this drought "epic" because it engulfed 36 states including Alaska and Hawaii, sounded this cautionary note:

Conflagration in California Conflagration in California Conflagration in California

"…The government projects that at least 36 states will face water shortages within five years because of a combination of rising temperatures, drought, population growth, urban sprawl, waste and excess..."*

In many states lakes, reservoirs and rivers grew dramatically shallow and their tributaries disappeared entirely. In August, 2007, four southeastern states suffered serious floods—inundated by the heavy rains that usually accompany the seasonal hurricanes! During last year such natural disasters bombarded the USA. Experts have already calculated that this incipient drought will never "rest content" with what it has "achieved." They project that in the next thirty years its consequences will require an additional 300 billion dollars to deal with the deficit in water supplies!

The mayor of Atlanta declared that his city’s water supply would run dry in three months. But this is only the beginning of the drought. In Florida the ubiquitous swamps are already beginning to dry out, as are the Great Lakes as well—and the likes of this has never happened before! It seemed that everything was "perfect in the state of Denmark." [i.e., in the USA] and, all of a sudden, everything became extremely "rotten!" The annual drought resulted in numerous fires in southern California. Some of them occurred because of peoples’ carelessness with fire, when the merciless sun dried up almost every blade of grass.

The drought has "drunk" the water not only from lakes and rivers but also from almost every living creature. This is especially true of nature in the wild, since rainfall during the year is its only source of water. In fact, rain fell very rarely in California, or not at all; and, if it did, it occurred only during one or two months a year. This situation prevailed for several centuries, at least, according to the climate records, which were kept more or less regularly for the last four hundred years—since the arrival of the first immigrants from Western Europe to the American continent. And now California has again returned to its centuries-old recorded state…

Conflagration in California Conflagration in California

Many may wonder—how does this concern me? Why did certain higher echelons of government appeal to me for help, when the National Guard and their abundant stockpile of powerful, state-of-the art equipment proved powerless to tame the fiery inferno?

Besides, what do I, residing in Russia, have anything to do with this?

They certainly did not ask me to go to the US and join their fire-fighters. So, why then did certain US officials approach me with a request that would strike most people as very strange? But they did appeal to me and were even ready to pay me a considerable sum of money for my help! This would seem to be quite odd, a complete absurdity. But it is an absurdity only prima facie. Their appeal, at the end of October, was no accident or April fool’s day joke, and those who reached out to me were in no laughing mood.

The reason for such a strange, on the face of it, appeal was that I happened to have resolved such problems on more than one occasion. Anyone interested in this matter can find more details in my article, "Taming the Intractables: How to Make Hurricanes Behave" or in The Mirror of My Soul, my autobiography. However, since some readers may have neither the time nor inclination to visit the Internet, the following may offer some clarification:

On December 31, 1991, my wife and I arrived in San Francisco at 2300 hours local time. George Orbelian, who later became a close friend, met us at the airport and took us to his home, where we celebrated the New Year in quite a different way than we were used to in the USSR. As it turned out, we lived in George’s home during our first two months in the USA. What transpired during that time may help explain what happened.

The Drought in California The Drought in California

One day around the end of January or beginning of February, 1992, we sat on his terrace and spoke of many things, including the possibility of controlling the weather. I reminisced about some experiences of mine—how, from childhood on, I discovered I could, at will, make it rain or do the opposite—i.e., bring about fine weather conditions. When George heard my stories, he asked me, though skeptical, "Why not solve the problem that we have in California?"

The problem was this: for the last six years California had been gripped by a severe drought, the likes of which they had never before experienced. During all those years there was almost no rain. Everyone saved water, the price of which was simply astronomical because the state of California was forced to buy fresh water from neighboring states. After telling me all this, he challenged me to prove my words with action, being fully certain that I would fail.

I proceeded to concentrate on this task and within 10-15 minutes it was raining. George was surprised, but asked ironically, "Is that all you can do?" Svetlana joined him so I decided to add a little more. Almost immediately the rain became noticeably stronger and began to saturate the withered earth with long-awaited moisture. This slight reinforcement of my original maneuver in San Francisco resulted in strong thundershowers in Los Angeles and in a number of California counties. This, in turn, triggered rather strong floods, which toppled many homes in southern California.

I should not have followed their provocation to strengthen the force of rain in San Francisco. But, what was done cannot be undone! After six years of the worst drought in memory, it rained all over California, following which nobody even mentioned the drought. All reservoirs were filled to capacity, the need to buy water disappeared, and all restrictions on water usage were canceled! In addition to making it rain that time, I arranged matters so that it rained regularly thereafter in California during the entire year, filling reservoirs and saturating the earth with life-giving moisture.

The Drought in California The Drought in California

In order to make all this happen, I did not merely produce precipitation above the targeted territory. This is because such a maneuver always resulted in the dehydration of ambient air currents and produced an inevitable drought in all those places where it was supposed to rain.

By the way, modern science uses exactly the same principle, which is based on the dispersion of various chemical components, causing formation of water drops in the air currents. Thus, the problem is solved in one place but… created in another and often greater than the original one which had been successfully solved. From my point of view, this method is not acceptable and shows an unwillingness to think about the consequences of one’s actions.

But in the case of the 1985-1991 California drought, even the above approach would not have worked, because at that time the air currents over California were simply devoid of moisture! Due to certain considerations, I will not expound my method of solving this problem, but I can say that as a result of its application there was no drought anywhere. From the beginning of February, 1992 to the end of August, 2006, California and the entire US experienced no drought and remained drought-free for a total of fourteen and a half years. The reservoirs were always full; everyone forgot how to save water; nature was blooming and the fields and plantations gave maximum yields. Even in California it rained throughout the year—which had never happened before.

And all this stopped after my departure from the USA. I left the USA in Augusts 22, 2006, and everything reverted to what it was before my arrival to this country. Some may call it coincidence, but I have produced ten, if not hundreds, of similar "coincidences." However, certain official circles of the USA know perfectly well that this was no coincidence, but direct manifestation of my work. They know and use it for their benefit. In August, 2007 I made a decision to dispose of an anti-hurricane wall I had created in order to abort the hurricanes that were bombarding the USA. As soon as I removed this wall, several southeastern states were immediately flooded. The officials then offered me a contract to reestablish the anti-hurricane wall I had neutralized, in order to prevent further hurricane damage to the country.

The Drought in California The Drought in California

I agreed to do the work and immediately reestablished the wall, which promptly remedied the situation. But… then the sheer nonsense began. They did not accept my conditions about the form of payment and began to propose counter-offers, some of which were simply ridiculous. In the end I had neither a written agreement for my collaboration nor the contract. I found such behavior of persons in charge very questionable. I believe that they were just stalling for time, knowing perfectly well that my system was continuing to work. When I realized this, I suggested they sign the contract and offered to accept payment that was halfway between my initial offer and theirs. Their reply was that they did not need my services anymore.

And it was perfectly clear to me why they did this: when I again removed the restraining wall, the dangerous part of the season had already passed and no one expected any further powerful hurricanes.

Evidently, they liked this tactic and decided to take advantage of it again. Thus, on October 23, 2007, they appealed for my help at a time when the raging fires were already out of control, the weather forecast was promising no relief and the wind blasts were propelling the flames closer and closer to the nuclear power plant and other critical sites in southern California. I was ready to act immediately and in fact started to do so, while negotiating the terms of my work. My conditions were an official contract and payment of half the sum up front and half after completion of my work.

And again they began to play games—"We will not do so-and-so, it will be only this way, etc." One of their conditions was that I discharge my obligations within a time frame of 24 hours; otherwise there would be no payment, even if the problem were solved by the 25th hour. Most striking was the fact that for three days the officials only carried on negotiations about what would happen, if they paid me and the problem was not resolved. They did not want to "risk" losing 50% of the total payment since every day of delay would bring them incommensurably larger losses. They made a strict demand that I do my work within 24 hours, and at the same time they put off signing the contract for 72 hours. This may seem ridiculous, but it is not. If we look at what actually happened during those 72 hours, their stalling and maneuvering would not look so senseless from their position.

First I asked them whether they wanted me to solve the problem of the drought itself, which was the root cause of California’s fires, or should I only contain the fire, i.e., stop it from spreading. They opted for only containing the fire, most likely hoping that I would reactivate a system similar to what I had installed in San Francisco in 1992—and that had worked perfectly for 14-1/2 years. Thus, they figured, the problem with the drought and the containment would be solved simultaneously and they would not have to pay a very large sum of money. The Drought in California

I would like to remind readers that, according to the most conservative calculations, the problem of fresh water supplies will cost the USA 300 billion dollars of additional expenses in the next 30 years! Apparently, the officials were attempting to "kill two birds with one stone." And, they wanted to kill a “big” bird absolutely free of charge. They obviously liked to get everything I do free of charge, but I do not share their optimism on this occasion. I see no reason to continue to do it free of charge: life in the USA showed me very clearly that the USA does nothing for free.

60 miles to the north of Los Angeles, California. Above: May, 2007 Below: April, 2003.

American protection of the Hawaiian Islands from possible Japanese invasion during World War II resulted in Hawaii’s becoming the fiftieth state of the USA; however, no one even asked the Hawaiians if that is what they wanted.

The "help" to Kuwait against Iraqi occupation led to 90% of this country’s oil being controlled by the Americans. And this list can go on and on. I have my personal reasons to do nothing free of charge for this country, but I will not reveal them to avoid the accusation of my having a preconceived attitude toward this country.

As soon as they opened negotiations, they knew perfectly well that I would immediately "enter" into the problem, because even if I only discuss a problem, it starts to be solved. In fact, it is impossible, during a discussion, for me to avoid thinking about the solution!

One way or another, the heavy wind sharply abated, the flames stopped devouring new areas of forests and hills, and the spread of fire almost ceased. Clouds began to form and extinguish burning areas, but the officials did not give me even a rough copy of the contract. This made me understand that it was their next game-playing maneuver, which I pointed out to them through my mediator.

However, the American officials did, all the same, get a certain benefit from this game. As a result of my actions, the force of the wind abated, the temperature dropped dramatically, rain clouds appeared, and rain showers began to dot the land—despite the fact that just prior to their appeal for help, the weather forecasts were very unfavorable…

It would seem that the American officials got everything they wanted without paying a single dollar for it. My only consolation was that I, nevertheless, substantially reduced the disastrous consequences for humble Americans, whose homes did not burn down as a result of my actions. The Drought in California

However, this episode represents only the extinction or containment of fire, but the root cause—the drought—has not disappeared. In fact, initially I was asked only to contain and extinguish a fire and that was all! But—after fulfilling their request—within a few days the cloudiness disappeared and a sultry sun continued to scorch an increasingly desiccated and suffering earth. These are not my words, but weather forecasters’. The drought goes on. Additional expenses of 300 billion dollars intended for the purchase of drinking-water do not take into account the consequence of the drought for agriculture and also wild-life, for which nobody will purchase water, mainly because it is impossible to collect money for water from trees and animals.

Do the American officials really think that in the future their game-playing, which they tested out and liked, will work for them again? Do they really think that next time, if there is a similar appeal, I will again rush to the rescue, counting on their willingness to behave ethically and to honor their oral commitments? I would like to inform those who think it will happen again—I am ready to help, but only on my conditions.

As for my ability or inability to do the likes of this work at a distance, I have, more than once, actually performed it at a distance.

For example, in August, 2002, while still residing in San Francisco, I was asked whether I could help in coping with the fires that were raging in Russia at that time. By way of clarification, I was not approached by government representatives, but by people whom I knew personally and who had already witnessed some of my work. During that very hot summer the peat bogs were burning furiously in Moscow and its surrounding region, as well as in the enormous forest lands of Siberia and the far eastern regions.

The Russian Ministry of Emergency was unable to do anything with these fires, especially with the burning peat deep under the earth. There was not a single cloud in the sky nor any storms expected that would bring long-awaited rains. The situation reached a critical level, especially with the burning peat bogs in Moscow, (or, more precisely former bogs) most of which were drained, especially those located in close proximity to Moscow.

When told of these events, I decided to intervene: As a result, heavy clouds appeared "from nowhere" almost simultaneously in the skies of Moscow, Siberia and the far eastern regions. As they hovered over all the forest and peat fires, powerful streams of thunder-showers erupted, extinguishing forest fires all over Russia and quenching not only open flames but also the peat bogs that were slowly burning near Moscow.

And for this purpose it was necessary to saturate the earth so that water could reach the deep layers of the peat, where fire can smolder for many years, "eating" away enormous cavities into the peat, an extraordinarily dangerous situation. During the entire month of September, 2002, Moscow and its adjacent regions were inundated by steady rains which saturated the earth with moisture so that all the peat was s oaked and there was nothing left to burn.

It was after dealing with this case, I became interested in hearing about similar cases that I might try to solve.

I have never said before nor do I claim now that I know everything and can do everything—but I always try to find the key for solving a problem and, for the moment, I manage to do it successfully…

Nicolai Levashov, October 30, 2007

P.S. Many States Facing Water Shortages

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Oct. 26) - An epic drought in Georgia threatens the water supply for millions. Florida doesn't have nearly enough water for its expected population boom. The Great Lakes are shrinking. Upstate New York's reservoirs have dropped to record lows. And in the West, the Sierra Nevada snowpack is melting faster each year. Across America, the picture is critically clear - the nation's freshwater supplies can no longer quench its thirst. Where's all the water? Rivers and lakes in the Southeast, such as Lake Lanier in Cumming, Ga., are turning to dust as the region grapples with an epic drought.

The government projects that at least 36 states will face water shortages within five years because of a combination of rising temperatures, drought, population growth, urban sprawl, waste and excess. "Is it a crisis? If we don't do some decent water planning, it could be," said Jack Hoffbuhr, executive director of the Denver-based American Water Works Association. Water managers will need to take bold steps to keep taps flowing, including conservation, recycling, desalination and stricter controls on development.

"We've hit a remarkable moment," said Barry Nelson, a senior policy analyst with the Natural Resources Defense Council. "The last century was the century of water engineering. The next century is going to have to be the century of water efficiency." The price tag for ensuring a reliable water supply could be staggering. Experts estimate that just upgrading pipes to handle new supplies could cost the nation $300 billion over 30 years.

"Unfortunately, there's just not going to be any more cheap water," said Randy Brown, Pompano Beach's utilities director. It's not just America's problem - it's global. Australia is in the midst of a 30-year dry spell, and population growth in urban centers of sub-Saharan Africa is straining resources. Asia has 60 percent of the world's population, but only about 30 percent of its freshwater. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations network of scientists, said this year that by 2050 up to 2 billion people worldwide could be facing major water shortages.



Wednesday, June 4, 2008. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared drought in California, for the first time since 1991. In other words, the drought was officially declared for the last time 17 years ago. In my article "The drought" and in my autobiography I have mentioned that in the beginning of February, 1992 I put en end to the drought in California, which had lasted for 6 years and by 1991 had reached its critical level which made then Gov. Pete Wilson declare a statewide drought.

After my intervention there have been no problems with water in California for 15 yeas (while I lived there): the reservoirs were always full, it rained throughout the year, which had never happened before, etc. I left California and the USA in Augusts 22, 2006 and … the drought returned. By the spring of 2008 it had reached the critical level.

"LOS ANGELES — Its reservoir levels receding and its grounds parched, California has fallen officially into drought, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Wednesday, warning that the state might be forced to ration water to cities and regions if conservation efforts did not improve.

The drought declaration — the first for the state since 1991 — includes orders to transfer water from less dry areas to those that are dangerously dry. Mr. Schwarzenegger also said he would ask the federal government for aid to farmers and press water districts, cities and local water agencies to accelerate conservation. Drought conditions have hampered farming, increased water rates throughout California and created potentially dangerous conditions in areas prone to wildfires.

The declaration comes after the driest California spring in 88 years, with runoff in river basins that feed most reservoirs at 41 percent of average levels. It stops short of a water emergency, which would probably include mandatory rationing.

Efforts to capture water have also been hampered by evaporation of some mountain snowpacks that provide water, an effect, state officials say, of global climate change.

A survey this year found that the state’s snowpack water content was 67 percent of average, and the Colorado River Basin, from which California draws some water, is coming off a record eight-year drought, contributing to the drop in reservoir storage." ("Governor Declares Drought in California")

An odd fact draws attention here: now The New York Times suddenly mentions "global climate change." Does this mean that there was no "global climate change" from February, 1992 to August 2006? Obviously, everything was all right with the climate, when I have lived in California for 15 years. No one even mentioned "global climate change," because there were enough water for everything, it frequently rained, snowpacks were perfectly “in order”. But the drought was before my arrival and appeared immediately after my departure.

"The drought declaration, made when reservoir levels are far higher than they were when Gov. Pete Wilson issued a similar statement in 1991 — is as much a political statement as a practical one. Mr. Schwarzenegger is pressing the Legislature to approve an $11.9 billion water bond as part of the state budget to pay for water storage and to fix the state’s aging water delivery systems."

California, the richest state in the USA, lacks for its own funds and asks for the additional $11.9 billion to combat the drought. Regrettably, even if California receives this money, almost nothing would change. This money is a drop in the bucket – they are unable to saturate the suffering dry land with water…

Nicolai Levashov, June 8, 2008.

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P.P.S. 2.

On June 8, 2008 I wrote the second addendum to my article «The Drought», where I informed my readers that on June 4, 2008 the Gov. of the state of California, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared state of emergency due to the drought which has already lasted for two years. It started right after my departure from the USA in August, 2006, and by May, 2008 has reached the critical level.

Unfortunately for California, the situation in this state did not improved in the beginning of June. Moreover, it became considerably worse. If in 2007 the raging fires in California began at the end of October, in 2008 devastating conflagrations already started in June! By June, 28, the area of forests engulfed in flame was 107 thousands of hectares!

In 2007 the representatives of high echelons of the US government appealed for help twice since I had left this country. The first appeal was at the end of August, 2007. Some top level officials of the Pentagon asked me not to dispose of the anti-hurricane wall which I created along the eastern coast of the USA in 2005.

For twenty years I have solved problems many of which might have become global catastrophes with all effluent consequences for our earth civilization. I succeeded in dealing with these problems and I never sought either glory here or gratitude for what I had done. I did what I did, because my soul and my conscience required this. When I succeeded in finding a "key" for the solution of one or another problem, and the latter disappeared as a result of my actions, the whole my being was filled with the endless gladness, because I succeeded in doing THIS! Certainly, I would not have minded, if someone had thanked me for what I had done, but when this did not happened, I was not upset. In fact, I did not do the work for the sake of gratitude and honours, but because of the call of my soul.

But to my surprise, those in power did not only show any gratitude for my actions, but they did their best in order to eliminate me and later my wife Svetlana, using all means they only could think of. In particular, the US powerful circles showed a striking ingenuity in this kind of "activity"—I will write about this in my autobiography. When they had failed in eliminating us physically, they began to play on us one dirty trick after another. Therefore, when I was asked not to remove my anti-hurricane wall, I had already had no illusions about who appeals to me, and I did not have the least desire to do the work for them for free. Therefore, I informed the interested side that they would have to pay for my anti-hurricane wall and conclude an official contract with me. The American side agreed to sign the contract, but informed that they were able to pay me only the half of the sum which I had inquired. I agreed to this, as well as to some other suggestions they had made which I considered to be reasonable. During these negotiations the restraining wall continued functioning. I even informed them that I succeeded in making some improvements to it.

It seemed that everything was all right, but… then the Americans began to play games. They informed me through their intermediary that they had a person "Õ" who was able to do what I did. It became clear for me that it was a bluff, because, if they had had such person in reality, they would have NEVER appealed to me.

Every day they invented new excuses in order to procrastinate the signing of the contract. Meanwhile, I knew that they were preparing a presentation of their “subject Õ” in the high governmental circles of the USA. Thus, my suspicions about their dishonesty were confirmed. They delayed the signing of the contract with me on purpose, in order to that on September 15, 2007 they could officially declare that it was their “subject Õ” called Sergey who had done the work!

If top echelons of the US government had made this kind of statement, it would have been very difficult for me to prove that it was exactly me who had done this work, in spite of the fact that I have given the information about this kind of phenomena via my site for already several years. But, how many people have read my articles!? Besides, many articles were not translated into English then and, therefore, most of the English-speaking world was unaware of my activity.

I have no doubts whatsoever that the special services read my articles and materials, but… people were taught that every more or less important event must be reflected in mass media, and if this is not so, then the person lies or is simply mad. This time they failed in discrediting me. I informed the American side that I gave them three days they signed the contract on neutral terms.

When they understood that they could not play games any longer, they declared that they did not need my services anymore and, moreover, blamed me for the unwillingness to meet their wishes! My answer to all this was the immediate disposal of the anti-hurricane wall. It happened on September 4, 2007, about which I informed them via my site. But, while they gained time and delayed signing of the contract, the dangerous part of the hurricane season had already passed and as a result they got from me what they had desired without paying. To put it straight, the Americans simply cheated me. But they failed in discrediting me, and at least this was positive. There was no presentation of the "subject Õ" in high circles.

The highest officials of the US government appealed for my help for the second time when devastating fires in southern California had come dramatically close to the nuclear objects, and the situation had become supercritical. This time the Americans appealed via the person who I respected and, in spite of the fact that everything took place at the highest level, they again acted in the same way as they did in case of the anti-hurricane wall, about which I have already written in the above article. I neutralized the fire; they wanted just this. Thus, the Americans cheated me twice.

But this also is not all. After they had got from me everything they wanted, they tried to discredit me, telling semi-officially that I was a swindler and everything that I had done was the work of another person, the "subject X" called Sergey who was charged to play my part. All this had another implication which does not have direct concern to the material I expound and, therefore, there is no sense to write about it now.

Conflagration in California, June, 2008 Wildfires in California, June, 2008

Actually, this kind of statement was intended for complete fools or for those who would benefit from it. How could I "steal" the biography of a person whom I had never saw in my life and who had not described his biography or his "creative development", either in a book or in articles? Moreover, I lived in the USA from 1992 to 2006, and the "subject Õ" arrived there only in 2007!

Thus, the American governmental circles not only cheated me twice, but also tried to vilify me. Why "tried to vilify", instead of "vilified"? As soon as they behaved themselves the way they did, I immediately stopped the action of the anti-hurricane wall as well as I removed all other systems of neutralization of natural elements. After that mass media began to report about unpleasant natural “surprises” almost every day. No "subject Õ" could do anything with the simplest problems which could be solved in five minutes.

I think that the Americans understand now that their “subject Õ” appeared to be a fraud. Who and why offered them this fraud is already their problem, I hope that they will be able to understand something. It turns out that sometimes a player is so carried with a game that he becomes a victim of his own game. Exactly this we observe today. In addition to that the drought have reigned already for the second year in California (and not only there), rains inundate other US states, mainly eastern ones; tornados and hurricanes rage in the middle states. And the hurricane season usually begins only in August.

Wildfires in California, June, 2008 Wildfires in California, June, 2008

This year the drought in California has reached its critical level already by the end of June! The president of the USA George Bush was forced to declare state of emergency in California on June 28, 2008! 107 thousand of hectares of forests are burning now, and this is not yet the end. The drought goes from bad to worse and I even do not want to think about what will be there in autumn, when the drought will reach its annual maximum. Certainly, I feel pity for nature and people who suffer from all this, but the American authorities which behavior was very far from the decent one bear the whole responsibility for what is going on.

After they treated me like this, I am not going to help them in solving problems which they must solve according to their status. They evidently become accustomed to dictate their terms to the whole world, states or people, but they cannot to dictate their terms to me! Whether they like it or not!

Exactly this is the reason why I do nothing in order to deal with the situation. And I will not do anything until they settle up with me for the work I had already done for them according to agreements, and reimburse me the moral damage they caused by their falsifications and lie. I will fix the sum of moral indemnification by myself. Only then I will talk to them about the fulfillment of a next contract, which will be executed only on my terms, considering my experience which I acquired as a result of this kind of "cooperation" with them!

If they reject this, they will be free to do whatever they wish and can use all their abilities to solve problems either with the help of Sergey the X or with someone else's! There is good Russian saying: "Don’t spit in a well, you may drink from it."

Nicolai Levashov, June 29, 2008.

Bush declares state of emergency for California wildfires

US President George W Bush has declared a state of emergency in California and ordered federal aid to help authorities battle more than 1,000 wildfires burning out of control.

"We have over 1,000 fires burning in northern California alone, our resources are stretched extremely thin," spokeswoman for the state's fire department - Calfire - Cheri Patterson said.

"Our biggest concern is we don't have any of the fires under control," she said, welcoming the federal resources ordered by Mr Bush.

Wildfires in California, June, 2008 Wildfires in California, June, 2008

Up to 12,000 firefighters have been battling the fires for more than a week, many of which were sparked by lightning from dry thunderstorms.

Ms Patterson said while they were making progress to contain some of the blazes, more thunderstorms were expected this weekend, including dry lightning later Saturday (local time) that risks provoking more fires.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger urged Mr Bush on Friday to declare the fires a federal emergency, saying they were "of such severity and magnitude that effective response is beyond the capabilities of the state".

Around 265,000 acres of tinder-dry forest and parkland have burnt across northern California since the fires erupted on June 20, his office said.

Mr Schwarzenegger warned that "federal assistance is necessary to save lives".

"The President today declared an emergency exists in the State of California and ordered federal aid to supplement state and local response efforts in the area struck by wildfires beginning on June 20, 2008, and continuing," the White House said in a statement.

US Forest Service spokesman Mark Savage says one fire in California's Big Sur area could take weeks to put out.

"Until we get a line physically cut around the perimeter of the fire, that is containment," he said.

"So we need 100 per cent containment and then we'll have the fire under control and then we'll have the fire out.

"And that's going to take, in this case, could take weeks."

California is frequently hit by scorching wildfires due to its dry climate, Santa Ana winds and recent housing booms which have seen housing spread rapidly into rural and densely forested areas.

Last October, devastating wildfires were among the worst in California's history, leaving eight people dead, destroying 2,000 homes, displacing 640,000 people and causing $US1 billion in damage.