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Anti-Russian Anticyclone – 2

Who ordered the deadly summer?

Nicolai Levashov’s interview for the newspaperThe President

Tatiana Aliokhina
Translation: Elena Lyubimova

The President Editors received an avalanche of comments on the "Anti-Russian anticyclone: Who ordered the deadly summer?" published on August 19, 2010. The readers expressed dramatically opposed points of view. Today we continue our conversation with Academician Nicolai Levashov to find out what happened after the climate and geophysical weapon had been destroyed.

The article evoked a fervent discussion. Some readers got a missing piece of the puzzle and understood the gravity of what had happened this summer. Others became indignant: "This is nonsense and rubbish!" and demanded proof of every word intending thereby to obscure the principle message of the article which was formulated with absolute clarity: the summer anomaly of 2010 was of artificial origin. You’re smiling, why?

– One should not pay attention to the provocative messages of so-called trolls and representatives of the Fifth Column. There are a lot of people whose work on the Web (which means they get money for that) is to divert the attention of readers away from important and serious subjects. They never present any proofs or arguments, but just jabber. Regrettably, there is another category of ignorant people who would do anything to get attention, even direct insults. From my point of view, answering such messages is waste of time. I distinguish two seemingly similar concepts: ignorance and lack of knowledge. The second one is a quite natural state. Man cannot know everything, it is normal and remediable; however, an ignorant person does not want to know, even having the opportunity to do so, which I consider a crime. In the case in question it was a crime too, because they did have the opportunity to get the information.

NASA issued a colourful map showing the summer anomaly in Russia, which I suppose was prepared long before the events actually occurred. As early as last year, the Internet was full of reports about the forthcoming summer being expected to be unusually hot. I wonder, as meteorologists are often unable to forecast the weather for the next three days, how can they know and confidently affirm what summer will be like next year?

"Russia has not been exposed to such a hot summer since the time of Rurik, in other words for more than 1,000 years. According to the head of the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia, Roman Vilfand, this kind of heat probably did not happen in 5,000 years". This may suggest a conclusion that such heat or a static anticyclone, nevertheless, did happen in the past.

– The head Russian climatologist gave us to understand that a phenomenon of this kind may happen once in 5,000 years! Even if we assume that is true, on what grounds can they announce that next summer will also be like that? Besides, this means that somebody is sure that 5,000 years ago something similar took place. Where did they get the data? As a modern science, meteorology is of observational character. Meteorologists acknowledge that the history of weather observing is about two hundred years old, at the very least! Where is the scientific logic? In like manner one may allege that the same thing happened one hundred thousand or million years ago. Isn’t it absurd?

Do you remember when weather forecasters declared that the temperature would certainly drop by December? And this is what they call scientific forecasts! Moreover, according to some slips of the tongue this heat-wave should have lasted for four months, but it lasted only one and a half! Where, I wonder, do they get that information?

There is another thing. Last time we discussed global warming as a complete absurdity, because there is no such thing and cannot be. I mentioned that some documents which proved that global warming is a hoax had been uncovered and brought to public attention. But for some reason, trolls do not read these kinds of documents.

(Editors’ remark: On the Internet the term "troll" designates a person who prevents the participants in online conversation from having a normal topical discussion or insults them. This kind of behaviour can be called hooliganism. Some do trolling to amuse themselves, others to attract attention. The trolls distinguish two types of trolling: "thick" and "thin". The first category consists of provocative behaviour and blunt insults. A "thin" troll knows all the rules perfectly well and goes as far as possible without breaking them directly. Trolling is also a weapon which specializes in information warfare to divert attention from relevant subjects and to convert a discussion into a skirmish by means of aggressive posting of slander, discreditable information, rumors, etc.)

In order to avoid another accusation of groundlessness, I shall give some additional proofs. 750 billion tons of carbon dioxide is thrown into the atmosphere of Earth every year, of which 3 billion tons fall to human activity, which makes only a 250-th part of what nature produces. In other words, it is one fourth of a percent. Thus, human activity does not exert any notable influence upon climate change! This data is official. Nobody is saying that the waste product of human activity being in the atmosphere is a good thing, but it has no role in climate change, at least at this stage of civilization’s development. I can repeat that all the fuss over global warming is to cover the application of the climate weapon. There is another thing.

In January 2004 Vladimir Putin required scientists, economists and officials to estimate whether the terms of the Kyoto Protocol were in compliance with the interests of the Russian Federation. In May 2004 the Council of scientists from the Russian Academy of Science issued a document on the subject which stated: first, the Kyoto Protocol does not have any scientific ground; second, it is ineffective from the point of view of influence on the climate; third, it brings substantial risks to Russia limiting its economic growth.

So, it is not just my personal opinion and all the facts I give have grounds.

The article in "The President" is not a scientific discourse where one should give all figures, charts and proofs. However, I prefer "to open the brackets" and give more detailed information for those who do not want to face the truth and acknowledge the obvious. By the way, not only computer hackers cracked the secret information which uncovered the hoax called global warming. There are other facts and proofs confirming the same thing: global warming caused by human activity does not exist! As for the events that happened this summer, I shall say again: the anticyclone was kept stationary over Russia for one and a half months until the reasons for this "immobility"– climatic and geophysical weapons–were destroyed!

Maybe the adherents of the natural character of the anticyclone could give their arguments to defend their point of view, like you did to defend yours?

– Well, I did give facts which spoke for themselves. Everything concerned with global warming is a cover in order to use the climate weapon, and not only that. Remember, it was the beginning of August when we spoke last time.

In the first ten-day period.

– And what did climatologists say then? They said that the heat would go on. But I said that the heat would disappear and never come back. We also discussed that when the anticyclone began to move, the moisture from the Atlantic cyclone which went toward Russia was forcedly "unloaded" over Europe. Heavy precipitation flooded Germany, Poland and other European countries. Then I said: "Don’t worry, another cyclone will come from North and bring moisture to Russia." Do you remember? And what happened?

Everything happened like you said.

– So, who knows better what will happen, the climatologists? But none of their long-term predictions came true! They just say what they are told to say. Naturally, the cyclone from North did not come to Russia accidentally. It should not have come at all at this time of year.

As for the "natural" character of this summer anomalous phenomena. Partly it is a "natural" phenomena because all these calamities did happen to nature: the forests, which are part of nature, burned, etc.

– Oddly enough, there were no fires when the anticyclone was kept static, although there was no rain, not a drop. Certainly, some fires were of natural origin, but most of them were the result of arson witnessed by many people. People saw fire-raisers throwing tyres or huge rubber things soaked in petrol into the woods or setting fire to dead-wood. People also saw how they came on their motorbikes, threw burning things and quickly rode away. There were many such cases. Not to mention the American unmanned space vehicle Õ-37Â which set fire to large forestlands at night.

The space ship equipped with a powerful laser weapon continues to fly. Some mass media sources briefly reported its launch: "The mission of the UAV X-37B is considered top secret, the duration of the flight is not communicated".

– We will come back to that later. But before we do that, I would like to dwell on the subject we did not touch upon in the previous interview, and it is very important. As I already said, the climate and geophysical weapon was destroyed on July 20 and 22. This fact was registered by magnetometers, the devices which measure the Earth’s magnetic-field. When this weapon was destroyed they registered jumps which exceeded normal characteristics by several times. They lasted approximately 40 minutes and then everything returned to normal again. When the climate weapon was destroyed, they indicated upward jumps, and when the geophysical one was destroyed, the jumps went down by amplitude three times higher than average. However, at that time, there was no increased Sun activity whatsoever! I do have these data, but I shall keep myself from giving more specific details, because there are certain rules of working with information of this kind and also the safety of the specialists which carry out this research to be considered. Besides, there is a lot of other information about which many people do not know. But someone is eager to represent the summer events in Russia as natural phenomena. By the way, when both weapons were destroyed, the space ship Õ-37Â disappeared from its orbit. Do you know about that?

No, I don’t. Can you tell more?

– The information that centres of arson were detected along the motion path of the Õ-37Â was published. On July 29 it suddenly disappeared from its orbit. Its absence was detected by Greg Robertson, an astronomer from Cape Town. It was only on August 14 that Õ-37Â was discovered on another orbit, 30 thousand metres higher. Why do you think that was? They were frightened that the space ship would suffer the same fate as the climate and geophysical weapons.

Did they decide to hide their expensive toy as far away as possible?

– Frankly, I do not quite understand the logic of this limited thinking. It makes no difference where it is! It could be destroyed anywhere, be it at 30 thousand metres or on the Moon! Switching it to another orbit would change nothing.

On August 18 or 19, when it was known for certain that the weapon was destroyed, the Major-General of the People’s Liberation Army of China Zhou Chengeo held a press-conference related to the Õ-37Â flights. As is generally known, China now has the most sophisticated monitoring service for space objects yielding only to the USA. It accused the USA of creating artificial earthquakes and heavy rain on their territory which had devastating consequences. In particular, a secret Pentagon’s military program entitled "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025" was mentioned at the press-conference. China accused the USA of the fatal sequences and took materials relating to the damage inflicted to the UN.

By the way, a lot of Chinese live in the USA, and they are the Chinese Fifth Column, because Chinese always remain Chinese no matter where they live. Motherland, even if a former one, is not just a mere word for them. They will always observe the interest of their country wherever they are.

Does the mass media have this information?

– I am not the only one who possesses this information. The Chinese general talked about this openly, at the press-conference. So, this information exists.

Have the USA issued any comment on the matter?

– As far as I know, they have not. There was no reaction whatsoever from the American side. They could either refute or confirm it, but they have done neither. Do you know that the notorious Alaskan "peaceful" and "scientific" station is located in a god-forsaken place, where there are no settlements within a radius of 300 kilometres and is better protected than the Pentagon? What can that mean? Are people really so small-minded that they do not notice the obvious?

By the way, the aim of the action in creating an anomalously hot summer in Russia was not just to ruin the crop and sell their GM-wheat. If the anticyclone had remained stationary for four months as planned, then, indeed, huge damage would have been inflicted on both nature and country. It would have been estimated in trillions, that’s dollars, not roubles.

Everything could have had a more tragic end...

– Well, the Fifth Column planned a very serious action which was to happen in the night of August 4 to 5. I will not give the sources of this information, but they undoubtedly exist. On August 4, Wednesday, near midnight, I received a call. I was told that that a great number of gas-cylinders with poison-gases were installed all over Moscow which were to be released this night. The Fifth Column just awaited an appropriate moment to carry out the operation which would come when the city was filled up with thick ash and the weather was absolutely windless. It was like in the famous song "Moscow Nights": "Not even a whisper is heard in the garden, everything has calmed down until dawn", just as everything calmed down in the night of August 4 to 5. Such "calmness" could have been the last thing millions of Muscovites experienced in their lives…

I remember that day. There was very strong smog in the city. It was hot and windless.

– Yes, the smog was incredibly thick and not a breath of wind at all. They had waited for exactly this kind of weather to carry out a terrorist action in Moscow and release the poison-gas which when combined with the smog becomes a deadly weapon. If the poison-gas had remained motionless in Moscow because of the absence of wind, several millions would have died. Imagine the scope of the catastrophe, if everything had gone according to their plan: several million dead bodies in Moscow; plague, illnesses, epidemics, etc.; ecological catastrophe and total quarantine.

Certainly, the Russian special services could not carry out an operation to detect the exact location of all cylinders and neutralize them very quickly. It was impossible to check all apartments, basements and houses in Moscow. The cylinders were installed quite some time ago and the scumbags just waited for the windless weather. All this means that they knew about the fires well beforehand, because this huge number of cylinders had to be transported into Moscow and disposed all over the city. That cannot be done in one day!

What does it mean? Had somebody planned a large-scale operation beforehand?

– Precisely. A very serious large-scale operation had been prepared for days. When I was asked, whether it was possible to do something about it, I answered that there were successful results before and I did not see any reason why it should fail now. The necessary work was carried out and, as you know, the morning of the next day, August 5, was absolutely clear. There was no smoke; the air in Moscow was clean during the whole day.

The physicists who live in cities near Moscow measured the radiation then and fixed harmful admixtures in the air in addition to combustion products. Did they plan to carry out terrorist action there too?

– No, the action was intended only for Moscow. Its consequences could be really horrific: overheating, intoxication, difficulty in breathing because of the deadly compounds in the air as a result of the chemical reaction between smog and gas which they planned to throw (and it was thrown!) into the windless hot atmosphere. I think that they prepared a large-scale state catastrophe with all the effluent consequences. It had to be a very complicated operation. They had been preparing it for a long time and quite carefully: they had to determine the perpetrators, give them instructions, prepare them, inform them about day X, etc. Certainly the carefully planned operation was divided into several stages. The ash and smog from burning peat bogs was an ideal cover for it.

As we know people will mostly die of intoxication. And in this case special poisons were used which decompose very quickly, react with the combustion products and create the deadly combination. People in the subway and indoors would be the first to be affected. The absence of wind would cause a huge motionless cloud which would increase the number of victims enormously! Even those who tried to leave Moscow in their cars could not have escaped the dreadful fate, because they would have needed to be away from Moscow at a distance of dozens of kilometres. They would have had no time for that. Certainly, certain people were warned about the actions and left the capital beforehand. As I said before, there is a powerful Fifth Column in Russia.

All this happened in the summer holiday season. By the way, mass media touched upon the subject of the absence of the majority of high officials from the burning regions which were in a state of emergency!

– I do not think that was a casual coincidence, because no high profile casualties can happen in such cases as this. For example, on September 11, when the WTC towers were blown up, the Mayor of San Francisco was meant to be there that day, but he was clearly told not to come!

There was this kind of comment on your previous interview: "Earth is our common home. What is the point of setting fire to a neighbour’s "apartment" with consequences on a planetary scale and making it rain in California?"

– As for "making it rain", they cannot do that except by dispersing aerosols over the moisture-bearing air masses. To make it rain, the air masses must come from the ocean and bring water with them. If there is no water in the air masses, you can do whatever you wish, but it will not rain, because they cannot control air masses over the ocean. They can provoke hurricanes and did it repeatedly, including over their own territory as a matter of experimentation. They do not care a damn about their people either. However, it is one thing to evoke hurricanes and another – to stop and control them.

Last time you mentioned 1972. More than 3,000 forest and peat fires were registered in the Moscow region then. The situation was repeated 20 years later, in 1992. In 2002 the summer was extremely dry too. What was the cause of the fires in peat bogs then?

– It is one thing when the cause of the fires is natural and another when it is provoked. By the way, the climate weapon has been used since 2000. As for 1972, it is highly likely that there was arson then too, but I cannot say that with 100% certainty. I did not study this question. A hot summer can cause fires in peat bogs, but this summer the heat and fires were artificially created. The soil was heated from within so that lakes and rivers suddenly disappeared through cracks on the bottom. This never happened before.

Soon after our last conversation I met people from Samara and asked them about the lakes that disappeared. I can add some details from what the eyewitnesses told me. Almost all small rivers had dried up in the Samara region by the middle of July; the amount of water in large rivers decreased by 50% and a terrible smell spread where the dried up reservoirs were, because the river fauna rotted. Many saw how the whole lake was absorbed by the earth within minutes.

These events were the only ones which local people discussed then, but the mass media reported them only once on local TV and radio. The heat was incredible. They reported the temperature to be 38-39° C. In fact it was from 45° C in the shade and nobody knew what the temperature in the sun was, because the thermometers could not endure and broke; the temperature of the soil was up to 70° C. The grass had burnt, the animals died. It was strange to watch the trees drying, turning yellow from below and remaining green on the top.

– I don’t see any oddity here. The roots of the trees go deeply into soil to reach water. If there was no water there, the trees started drying out from below. It is highly likely that the Samara region was at one of the epicentres where the geophysical weapon was used. The fact that the lakes disappeared through cracks in the bottom demonstrates that these cracks appeared as a result of heating of the upper part of the earth's crust. The fact that the air temperature was below that of the soil is understandable: soil always warms up stronger than the air, but the disappearance of the lakes underground proves the undeniable fact that the geophysical weapon was used! By the way, on September 8 the newspaper "Vedomosti" reported that, the Chairman of the Public chamber of Moscow region Nikita Chaplin said at a press-conference that 500 forest-guards were fired in the region at the beginning of July, right before the forest fires began…

For the sake of comparison: do you remember the universal hysteria about the swine flu?

Once we mention swine flu and winter is on the threshold, it’s high time for them to launch a couple of viruses. What do you think?

– They tried to create a swine flu pandemic in Russia, but failed. There were several cases, when people were infected, mainly, by those who had arrived from abroad and brought the virus to Russia. Also, people got infected through vaccination.

The winter approaches. The flu epidemics will begin and, as usual, people will have to resort to flu vaccines.

– The flu vaccine is a special and peculiar subject. The vaccines allegedly were to save people from the swine influenza, which never existed, but in reality infected people with the virus. They contained very strong reagents which could provoke serious pathologies. There are proofs of that. The plan is simple: first they produce hysteria to force people to vaccinate and then they offer "treatment". There were cases when people died after the vaccinations. Shortly after it was known that these vaccines contained very aggressive active reagents which could cause a number of serious diseases and which should not be there under any circumstances! So, who did yell hysterically about the danger of the swine flu all over the world? By the way, the hysteria about bird flu developed according to exactly the same scenario. People have already forgotten about it. So, the answer to the question is the following: the swine and bird flu campaign was organized by those who created and distributed all these viruses.

There was a mass Exodus from the foreign embassies in Moscow after August 5. Why then? Why did not they leave Moscow earlier? The heat and smog was much stronger in June.

– The planned catastrophe in Moscow was expected and known about beforehand. The evacuation was carried out beforehand too, but nothing terrible happened. Again, in order to organize evacuation, time and certain preparatory actions were needed.

Some Western mass-media reported the evacuation of foreign embassies from Moscow. In particular, the German newspaper "Die Welt" reported on August, 7 that the urgent evacuation of German diplomats from Russia was caused by radiation which approached Moscow. "Unofficially they were concerned about plague too, but foremost was the sharply increased level of radiation in the city because of the explosions of a-bombs, held in nuclear storage near Moscow, caused by fires. According to unofficial information, the stores of chemical and bacteriological weapons burned too". Hasty evacuation of the staff of foreign embassies which looked like a stampede began in Moscow. Many foreign embassies tried to hide the evacuation for political reasons (from an international press round-up by the Internet-newspaper "Poslezavtra", August 9, 2010).

– It turns out that the materials were ready and published by August 6 or 7. What is the shortest time to prepare materials for publishing? One day, isn’t it? Anyway, if the article appeared on August 7, then the materials must have been ready at least on August 6.

– Undoubtedly. There is a certain technological process of preparation and edition of a newspaper which takes time.

– But the horrible event which we discussed earlier should have happened in Moscow on August 5 and on August 6 the Western press began to trumpet all over the world that there was plague and radiation in Moscow and chemical and bacteriological weapons had burned. Isn’t it odd? Besides, no storages of that kind ever burnt near Moscow! Moreover, this kind of storage is usually built underground. There was another report in the western mass media: "The US State Department warned Americans that travelling to Russia may be mortally dangerous."

The Bureau of Consular Affairs of the US State Department issued the following notification on Friday (August, 6): "The US State Department warns American citizens about the risks involved in traveling to Russia due to wildfires there and their impact on safety, air quality, and transportation". It also stated that "This notification will remain in force till September 5 when according to prognoses the situation in Russia will become less tense in relation to fires, because there will be nothing left to burn. The situation will remain unpredictable regarding plague and radiation."

It turns out that according to the Americans the situation with heat and fires should have lasted four months!

– Only a press secretary and guardsmen were left from one and a half thousand employees of the US Embassy in Moscow by the morning of August 7! If we take into account their family members, more than five thousand persons had left Moscow by August 7. How was it possible to evacuate so many people in one day? In fact, there was no information about any additional international flights.

What is your version concerning the evacuation of the American embassy?

– I think they left Moscow gradually, stage-by-stage and in an organized manner. Time is needed in order to give all this information to the western mass-media, to prepare the notification of the US State Department, to evacuate employees, etc. What does it mean? It means that there was a well planned scenario according to which a poison-gas diversion would happen on August 4 or 5, whereupon Moscow would be swamped with millions of dead bodies. Naturally, the infernal heat should cause epidemics, including plague, with all effluent consequences.

You think that was why the western mass-media mentioned plague in their reports.

– Certainly.

But there was not a single case of plague.

– They were absolutely sure that plague would appear in this situation, because the US State Department officially said that after September 5 "The situation will remain unpredictable regarding plague and radiation"! But their plan failed which they certainly did not expect at all. The gas was released from the cylinders, but it was decomposed together with the smog!

And now all these official statements and publications in western mass-media confirm that the deadly operation was carefully planned and prepared beforehand. All this reminds me of a scenario from the Georgian campaign of 2008, when Russian troops began their military operation 18 hours after Georgia started bombing Ossetia. But the whole world began to yell from the first second of the conflict that Russia had attacked defenseless Georgia! Do you remember what an uproar they made out of that?

How they shouted that great big Russia had gone on the offensive against little Georgia? The worlds’ mass-media created certain opinions which certain customers needed. Tell me now; has anyone apologized to Russia for what was done then? No, they have not. No news agency apologized for producing that notorious slander. This means that Russia continues to be in isolation.

NATO then organized an urgent meeting to discuss the application of sanctions against Russia.

– Despite the fact that everybody there knew perfectly well what happened in reality. This summer they failed for the second time. They were absolutely sure that the poison-gas which they released in Moscow (and then wrote lies about burning chemical and bacteriological weapon stores being the reason for the ecological and humanitarian catastrophe) would work.

But nothing of the kind happened in reality!

– Of course. The stores did not burn and there was no plague! The only thing they needed for cover and for which they desperately waited was windless weather which turned up on the night of August 4th-5th when they released the poison-gas. The western mass-media began to trumpet the prepared news immediately, being absolutely sure that the gas would do the dirty business. However, they had to explain why several million people died in Moscow. Therefore, they reported that storage sites with chemical and bacteriological weapons had burned and a deadly pall of smog and radiation covered Moscow.

But that’s horrific! It is impossible to imagine what would have ensued if this catastrophe had happened, if Moscow had been filled up with millions of dead corpses! It would have been absolutely unimportant, whether these storages had burned or not.

– If this had happened, the collapse in Moscow would have been total and final. Western press even launched the phrase "doomed Russia".

Here it is: "Germany officially closed the embassy and evacuated the whole staff from doomed Russia. Austria, Poland and Canada evacuated almost all employees from Russia. Foreign embassies urged their citizens to leave the country as soon as possible".

– They reported about "doomed Russia" to their citizens, not to us! It means that, if their plan had worked, the country would have sunk into chaos and NATO would have brought the troops into Russia allegedly to protect the nuclear objects. Russia would have been torn to pieces. While Moscow struggled with the catastrophe, the heads of the federative formations would have declared independence and left the Russian Federation! In other words, a serious large-scale operation to seize the state had been planned!

"Early in the morning of August 7 the exodus of foreign diplomats from Russia became massive. It is highly likely that they knew something via the intelligence services of their countries that ordinary people did not yet know". "All foreign embassies without exception began to evacuate their employees from Moscow without announcing it for political reasons. The situation is very serious and, undoubtedly, the matter is not smog." (From various western mass-media).

– Even the mere fact that the US State Department has prepared papers and hurried up to issue the official appeals shows that they were 100% sure that the plan would work, but nothing happened! Not a single fact mentioned in the official documents happened, but they were ready and began to circulate. Everything was explained and prognosticated up to September 5! Do you remember this: "This notification will remain in force till September 5 when according to prognoses the situation in Russia will become less tense in relation to fires, because there will be nothing left to burn. The situation will remain unpredictable regarding plague and radiation."? It is a US State Department official document. These publications in western mass-media unmask a careful plan that the World Government prepared to take Russia. As usual, they wanted to do that the way they have always done this kind of thing, using lies and hypocrisy. They wanted to enter the country pretending to be its saviours. They prepared this operation so carefully, being sure that everything would work without a hitch, but they failed!

They will never win!

The USA has still made no comments about the climate weapon. They keep silence about the official statement of the Chinese general at the press conference. It should have been sensational material for journalists who always search for "hot" facts: a bus fell into a precipice, the smog in Moscow, fires in Russia, etc. And here we have: China making an official statement and the whole world press keeps mum! Tell me now that we don’t have a Fifth Column.

Lately the Fifth Channel aired the film "Russia on fire" where physicists and military analysts shared their opinion about climate wars and natural anomalies. After that a "group of experts" carried out a wide campaign to discredit the information, as a result of which the seriousness of the subject was reduced to zero. The discussion was converted into a Punch-and-Judy show. They probably do not realize that we and our families could have been in Moscow that dreadful August night, as could all these merry "commentators" who had so much fun on a television or radio station, and would not have woken up the next morning. Maybe then they would stop having fun on this occasion.

– Normal people will certainly react like that, but the "cheerful fellows" will say that all this is absurd and Levashov tells lies. They will again demand proof of every word. Regrettably, many people do not understand yet what happens in reality, or they do not want to understand. However, the fact that they are unaware of something does not mean that it is nonexistent. In order to understand something some people need to see it personally, which is not always possible or, when possible, it is too late! It is highly likely that 5 million dead bodies in Moscow after August 5 would be convincing proof for them. Should nobody do anything and just let the inevitable happen? Maybe, only then they would understand.

They want proofs and facts. I am ready to repeat some. It is a fact that the ozone layer over the East European plain decreased this summer by 43%. In 2003 a huge ionic hole appeared over Europe. This fact was reported in the press. English and French scientists discovered the fact that the jet stream kept static over Russia, which has never been observed. How many facts do they want to know? Do they really think that someone was going to share their plans beforehand? Are they so naive?

I drew my conclusions, based on happening events and by summarizing data and facts.

First. As soon as the climate and geophysical weapons were destroyed, the anticyclone over Russia, which had remained motionless for one and a half months, began to move.

Second. The weapon was destroyed on July 20 and 22 respectively. Exactly then devices registered a powerful magnetic radiation which was a consequence of the work conducted.

Third. On July 24 I reported the elimination of the weapons at the meeting with readers and announced that the anticyclone would begin to move, although then it had not yet moved, but it began to rain in some places. As you know there was not a drop for one and a half months!

Fourth. The cyclone from North brought moisture and the drop in temperature to Moscow.

What other proofs do they need?

The provocateurs, representatives of the Fifth Column in Russia, aim to mislead people by any means, but they cannot present any intelligible argument confirmed by facts and data, but only spiteful and boorish verbal attacks on those who openly tell the truth.

Maybe they do that because the operation failed and they have to work off their customer’s money?

– It seems so. They try to make some semblance of their "activity" to somehow justify the multi-billion losses spent on the operation.

Who declares that Russia goes from bad to worse? Russia is the richest and strongest state which would prosper even more, if it was not constantly robbed. The rouble is the only currency in the world which is really backed by gold unlike other currencies which are just unsecured banknotes. We talk about that unofficially, only because the international financial mafia prevents the rouble from being the strongest world currency. Today the USA is a bankrupt, not a prosperous state, as we have been so intensely convinced for such long time, and desperately tries to unleash a Third World War in order to get out of the crisis, robbing other countries. It seems to me it is not Russia that has huge problems, but somebody else! Russia can perfectly live and prosper independently. It has enough resources to do that. If Russia gets rid of social parasites and the Fifth Column, it will thrive like nobody can imagine. But exactly this the parasites cannot allow.

When will it happen? When will Russia begin to prosper?

– I hope it will happen very soon, because the situation has already been brought to the end of the line. Recently I gave an interview to the "New York Times" and said that Russia’s principle problem is the USA! Because what we have now is an embodiment of the economic reforms which the American specialists have written especially for Russia. Who were the consultants on all economic projects the fruits of which we reap now? They were CIA employees, the representatives of the financial mafia, etc. which developed the projects aimed at Russia’s robbery! They continued to do that. 75% of the world capital is formed from Russian money, from time immemorial, but this money was made to work for any country but Russia. Outrageous sums were taken out of Russia before 2000. The capital outflow sharply decreased, beginning in 2000, when Yeltsin got scared. Soon a financial crisis began in the USA. Do you think it’s a "coincidence"? The less money is taken from Russia, the deeper the financial crisis in the USA!

Regrettably, the native peoples of Russia have not the opportunity for self-expression yet, including the Russian people! We will see what happens when they independently decide their own fate.

But who would permit that? It is highly unlikely that such rights and opportunities will be given voluntarily.

– Of course. Therefore all these provocateurs from the Fifth Column go mad, because all their plans end in ignominious failure! They spent billions of dollars this summer, but the results did not justify the expenses! The climate and geophysical weapons destroyed this summer cost a considerable amount of money, and will be destroyed from now on again and again!

What do you think, is there a possibility of repeating this kind of thing in the future?

– I assume such possibility. But if they try again to use what they have used, the weapon will be destroyed again. Other attempts will be also cut short.

If the world has known about HAARP, satellites and unmanned space vehicles, why does it do nothing against that? What did the USA count on, when they decided upon such atrocities, assuming possible disclosure before the whole world? Where is logic and common sense?

– What could the world community do, when the USA publicly declared that all "grounds" for attacking Iraq were fabricated by special services? They in fact occupied a sovereign country without getting any approval from the UN. And what happened? Nobody showed any reaction to that. Then the parasites planned to unleash the Third World War too, counting on the whole Arabic world to rise to defend Iraq, but it did not happen. Not because the Islamic world was unwilling to do that, but because such a possibility was blocked.

The plan was simple. The USA thought that World War III would again help them to come out of the financial crisis, like they did in the past more than once. They planned to solve their problems at the expense of others. It did not work out. So, what do they have now? Now they have enormous debts which they could never pay back. The USA always lived on credit. It is a false, apparent prosperity, false brilliance and gloss! However, if a person has borrowed money and does not return the debt, the lender wouldn’t be happy about it, would he? Besides, a person who borrowed money and bought an expensive car and house cannot be considered and called prosperous.

Here is the main principle of the American way of life: everything is bought on credit and then the debts are paid during the whole life.

– The entire country lives on credit! According to different data, the external debt of the USA is from 150 to 200 trillion dollars! Even if they start giving everything they produce during the whole year, they will never be able to repay such an enormous debt. And they called it a prosperous country! People feel indignation when financial pyramids cheat and rob them and prosper at their expense. What do we call such "businessmen"? Exactly. The USA is a country which prospered, robbing others, although, now it does not prosper anymore.

You’re saying that they do not have any other way to manage the situation with debts, but organizing wars?

– They don’t. There is no other choice for them.

But still, is there any other way to come out of the crisis?

– I do not see any other way.

I mentioned the situation of 2008, because all still remember, how it happened then and how all slandered Russia! All the world mass-media accused Russia of attacking poor little defenseless Georgia. But who sat in this defenseless little Georgia? American military instructors, American military subdivisions were there; all military equipment was American! What other proof do you need? Those I mentioned are more than enough, but this is not the subject of our conversation now.

Yes, there are many problems in Russia, nobody denies that. There are home-bred betrayers and parasites, but the matter is not about them in this case. We should not lump everything together. They did not create the problem we’re talking about.

How could it happen that the researches of our scientists who worked in secret laboratories were used against their own country and the scientists found themselves abroad?

– I believe you should ask these questions of those who let the scientists leave the country. Almost all Russian state institutions were under the dominant influence of CIA agents in Yeltsin’s time which enticed our specialists. Regrettably, this state of affairs did not change. Here is an example. An inventor makes a serious invention and wants to patent it. Patenting is a procedure with the help of which one can trace serious inventions. The inventor gives the information to a patent bureau where usually there are agents who search for interesting developments. The inventor receives a notification that a similar invention came in several days before his.

The inventor is told that he can call the patent into question, but he has to pay, let’s say, 100,000 US dollars for the patent examination. Most inventors cannot pay such a sum to protect their creation. Then they are told: well, we are ready to pay the money, because we consider your invention interesting, but our conditions are the following: you move to a certain country, will work there and will get some money for the copyright. Some inventors agreed. I do not have the statistics for 2010, but as far as I know, 15,000 inventors abandoned Russia from 2006 to 2009. Those who did not agree for one or another reason or could not be bought were eliminated physically. If a discovery was very serious, they tried to take it for free.

I think you should ask the secret services which permitted the Soviet scientists who worked on development of a new weapon to go abroad for permanent residence. The scientists who worked for the defense industry had secret names and gave a written undertaking not to leave the country. Moreover, their names were constantly changed.

How then could they leave the country?

– Good question. It is also of interest as to how the west knew that this kind of research had been conducted and therefore to invite these scientists. So, it is not me you should ask these questions of. As for HAARP, one can find lots of information about it from different sources with facts, photos and exact data that show that an unusual military object has been built in Alaska. Or maybe provocateurs and the Fifth Column again will allege that such an object does not exist?

No, they do not say that. They assert that this station is of a purely scientific character.

– I see; people still do not understand that a very real war is carried out against Russia on all fronts, but the most ruthless war takes place for influencing people’s consciousness.

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